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Expanded class r3m

    broader class

          r3m            machinery; mechanical machine  [mechanical engineering]  ↞ r9y 
          r3mc                 mechanical device
          r3mg                 simple machine
          r3mgc                      inclined plane
          r3mgh                      wheels and axles
          r3mgɭ                      lever
          r3mgp                      pulley
          r3mgs                      wedge
          r3mk                 key; lock
          r3mn                 heat engine; thermal engine  ↞ g5h heat
          r3mneWi                      external combustion engine
          r3mne                      steam engine
          r3mni                      Stirling engine
          r3mnjWy                      internal combustion engine
          r3mnk                      reciprocating engine
          r3mnn                      Wankel engine
          r3mnt                      jet engine
          r3mnu                      rocket
          r3mnx                      gas turbine
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