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Expanded class r37

    broader class

          r37             tool component; part; organ
          r370                 with component device; subsystem
          r37b                 gear; cog
          r37d                 rope
          r37f                 spring
          r37h                 wheels
          r37i                 axle
          r37k                 bearing
          r37ɭ                 belts
          r37n                 seal
          r37o                 roller chain
          r37r                 racks and pinions
          r37r3                      link chain
          r37t                 fastener
          r37ts                      screw
          r37v                 airfoil; aerofoil; fin
          r37va                      sail
          r37vb                      wing
          r37vd                      rudder
          r37vf                      flap
          r37vp                      propeller
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