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Expanded class r3

    broader class

          r3       by tool
          r31   [w1]           made in time
          r32   [uU]           made in place
          r33   [U]           made by producer
          r332   [u2]                made in production site
          r333   [U]                designed by; invented by designer; inventor
          r335   [uo]                produced by; in production unit; enterprise
          r35   [U]           controlled by; handled by; steered by; manoeuvred by manipulator; driver
          r36   [t7]           for user class; people
          r363   [x9]                 style; design  [decorative arts]
          r37             tool component; part; organ
          r370                 with component device; subsystem
          r37b                 gear; cog
          r37d                 rope
          r37f                 spring
          r37h                 wheels
          r37i                 axle
          r37k                 bearing
          r37ɭ                 belts
          r37n                 seal
          r37o                 roller chain
          r37r                 racks and pinions
          r37r3                      link chain
          r37t                 fastener
          r37ts                      screw
          r37v                 airfoil; aerofoil; fin
          r37va                      sail
          r37vb                      wing
          r37vd                      rudder
          r37vf                      flap
          r37vp                      propeller
          r3c            cutting implement
          r3ce                 axe
          r3ch                 sickle; bagging hook; reaping-hook
          r3ci                 scythe
          r3ck                 knife
          r3d            digging implement  ↞ nyo soils
          r3df                 fork; pitchfork; graip; garden fork; spading fork; digging fork
          r3dh                 hoe
          r3dp                 spade
          r3dr                 rake
          r3du                 plough; plow
          r3i            pot; vessel; container
          r3ig                 bag
          r3ik                 basket
          r3iɭ                 bottle
          r3io                 box
          r3ɭ            weaving implement; textile manufacturing implement
          r3ɭd                 needle
          r3ɭi                 spindle
          r3m            machinery; mechanical machine  [mechanical engineering]  ↞ r9y 
          r3mc                 mechanical device
          r3mg                 simple machine
          r3mgc                      inclined plane
          r3mgh                      wheels and axles
          r3mgɭ                      lever
          r3mgp                      pulley
          r3mgs                      wedge
          r3mk                 key; lock
          r3mn                 heat engine; thermal engine  ↞ g5h heat
          r3mneWi                      external combustion engine
          r3mne                      steam engine
          r3mni                      Stirling engine
          r3mnjWy                      internal combustion engine
          r3mnk                      reciprocating engine
          r3mnn                      Wankel engine
          r3mnt                      jet engine
          r3mnu                      rocket
          r3mnx                      gas turbine
          r3n            transducers  [electrical engineering]  
          r3nc                 electrochemical transducers
          r3ne                 electromechanical transducers
          r3ng                 electroacoustic transducers
          r3ngm                      microphones
          r3ngs                      loudspeakers
          r3nh                 photoelectric transducers including diodes
          r3nm                 electromagnetic transducers
          r3nr3                      Geiger-Müller tubes
          r3ns                 electrostatic transducers
          r3nt                 thermoelectric transducers
          r3o            electronic devices  [electronic engineering]
          r3oc                 semiconductors
          r3ocb                      transistors
          r3ocd                      diodes
          r3od                 capacitors; condensers; condensators
          r3oe                 resistors
          r3oi                 inductors
Connected classes:
                 s37  [r3]           using tool; equipment; device
                 sb3dtk                          table knives  ↞ r3ck 

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