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Expanded class r

    broader class

          rWs  enterprises; businesses; industries  [economics; applied sciences]
          rWv  organizations
          r  production; extraction; primary and secondary sectors  [technology]  ↞ q language m organisms g bulk matter
          r1        technical development; innovation; change; new technology; technical progress
          r1e            invention
          r1f            diffusion; spreading
          r1i            innovation
          r1s            integration
          r2       in production place
          r253   [j3]                with weather factor
          r253i                      rain
          r253is                           showers
          r253j                      snow
          r253ɭ                      hail
          r253n                      wind
          r256   [j39]                in climate
          r256q   ⋄                     tropical climate
          r27   [uU]           in region
          r2b            the wild
          r2e            enclosure; captivity
          r2f            field
          r2h            household
          r2k            workshop
          r2ɭ            laboratory
          r2p            industrial plant; factory
          r3       by tool
          r31   [w1]           made in time
          r32   [uU]           made in place
          r33   [U]           made by producer
          r332   [u2]                made in production site
          r333   [U]                designed by; invented by designer; inventor
          r335   [uo]                produced by; in production unit; enterprise
          r35   [U]           controlled by; handled by; steered by; manoeuvred by manipulator; driver
          r36   [t7]           for user class; people
          r363   [x9]                 style; design  [decorative arts]
          r37             tool component; part; organ
          r370                 with component device; subsystem
          r37b                 gear; cog
          r37d                 rope
          r37f                 spring
          r37h                 wheels
          r37i                 axle
          r37k                 bearing
          r37ɭ                 belts
          r37n                 seal
          r37o                 roller chain
          r37r                 racks and pinions
          r37r3                      link chain
          r37t                 fastener
          r37ts                      screw
          r37v                 airfoil; aerofoil; fin
          r37va                      sail
          r37vb                      wing
          r37vd                      rudder
          r37vf                      flap
          r37vp                      propeller
          r3c            cutting implement
          r3ce                 axe
          r3ch                 sickle; bagging hook; reaping-hook
          r3ci                 scythe
          r3ck                 knife
          r3d            digging implement  ↞ nyo soils
          r3df                 fork; pitchfork; graip; garden fork; spading fork; digging fork
          r3dh                 hoe
          r3dp                 spade
          r3dr                 rake
          r3du                 plough; plow
          r3i            pot; vessel; container
          r3ig                 bag
          r3ik                 basket
          r3iɭ                 bottle
          r3io                 box
          r3ɭ            weaving implement; textile manufacturing implement
          r3ɭd                 needle
          r3ɭi                 spindle
          r3m            machinery; mechanical machine  [mechanical engineering]  ↞ r9y 
          r3mc                 mechanical device
          r3mg                 simple machine
          r3mgc                      inclined plane
          r3mgh                      wheels and axles
          r3mgɭ                      lever
          r3mgp                      pulley
          r3mgs                      wedge
          r3mk                 key; lock
          r3mn                 heat engine; thermal engine  ↞ g5h heat
          r3mneWi                      external combustion engine
          r3mne                      steam engine
          r3mni                      Stirling engine
          r3mnjWy                      internal combustion engine
          r3mnk                      reciprocating engine
          r3mnn                      Wankel engine
          r3mnt                      jet engine
          r3mnu                      rocket
          r3mnx                      gas turbine
          r3n            transducers  [electrical engineering]  
          r3nc                 electrochemical transducers
          r3ne                 electromechanical transducers
          r3ng                 electroacoustic transducers
          r3ngm                      microphones
          r3ngs                      loudspeakers
          r3nh                 photoelectric transducers including diodes
          r3nm                 electromagnetic transducers
          r3nr3                      Geiger-Müller tubes
          r3ns                 electrostatic transducers
          r3nt                 thermoelectric transducers
          r3o            electronic devices  [electronic engineering]
          r3oc                 semiconductors
          r3ocb                      transistors
          r3ocd                      diodes
          r3od                 capacitors; condensers; condensators
          r3oe                 resistors
          r3oi                 inductors
          r4       suffering; subject to failure; defect; flaw; breakdown; malfunctioning; damage
          r43   [X]           damaged by pest
          r4f            wear; usury
          r4i            strain
          r4r            break
          r4s            crash
          r4t            technical fault
          r5       by technology; technique
          r59   [X]            special operation
          r5b            manual work; human work  ↞ px persons
          r5c            controlled fire; cooking  ↞ f5ic combustion
          r5f            lithic technology; Stone Age  ↞ ii single rocks vdb 
          r5fe                 eolithic technology  
          r5fgWɭ                 palaeolithic technology
          r5fg                 ancient palaeolithic technology; Early Stone Age  
          r5fi                 middle palaeolithic technology; Middle Stone Age  
          r5fɭ                 recent palaeolithic technology; Late Stone Age  
          r5fm                 mesolithic technology; Middle Stone Age  
          r5fn                 neolithic technology; New Stone Age  
          r5gWi            metallurgy
          r5g            copper technology; Copper Age; chalcolithic  ↞ eel copper
          r5h            bronze technology; Bronze Age  ↞ eel copper efo tin
          r5i            iron technology; Iron Age; steel  ↞ eei iron
          r5k            animal traction  ↞ mqvtt perissodactyla mqvtu artiodactyla
          r5m            mechanical technology  ↞ g bulk matter w customs
          r5md                 hydraulic technology  ↞ js fresh water systems
          r5mi                 wind technology  ↞ j3n winds
          r5mp                 pneumatic engineering
          r5mu                 vacuum technology
          r5o            geotechnical technology  ↞ j landforms
          r5os                 soil technology  ↞ nyo soils
          r5r            electrical technology  ↞ d6l electric energy
          r5t            electronic technology  ↞ dte electrons
          r5ti                 digital
          r5u            nuclear technology  ↞ dv hadrons
          r5v            solar technology  ↞ hlU the Sun
          r6        production form
          r69   [X]            production approach
          r6f            private; homely; family
          r6m            market
          r6p            public
          r6v            voluntary
          r7        division; compartment; branch
          r76   [X]           exploiting part
          r77   [X]           from; exploiting resource
          r79            powered by energy source
          r79e                 water
          r79i                 wind
          r79ɭ                 fuel
          r79ɭc                      coal
          r79ɭg                      gas
          r79ɭo                      oil
          r79t                 electricity
          r7c            supply; acquisition
          r7d            design; project; plan
          r7f            manufacturing; production
          r7fp                 processing
          r7i            maintenance
          r7ir                 repair
          r7ɭ            consulting
          r7m            management; administration
          r7mc                 accounting
          r7mh                 human resources administration; staff management
          r7mhet                           recruit training
          r7ms                 strategy
          r7n            advertising
          r7p            packaging
          r7r            delivery
          r7s            store; warehouse
          r7t            exposition
          r7u            distribution
          r7w            customer service
          r82   [an89]            size
          r82e                 extremely small; nano  [nanotechnology]
          r82f                 small scale
          r82u                 big scale
          r8fɭ                 lime product
          r9       of commodity; raw material; feedstock; artefact  [materials science]
          r90            for; producing artefact for function; purpose; activity
          r91   [ty]           used in historical civilization
          r913   [w1]                introduced in time
          r92   [uU]           typical of region; country
          r9b            bone  ↞ mq7q skeleton
          r9d            lumber; timber; wood; wooden  ↞ mp7g stem
          r9e            stone  ↞ ii single rocks
          r9f            nonmetallic mineral product  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks
          r9fa                 aggregate
          r9fb                 bricks; clay units
          r9fc                 cement
          r9fg                 glass  ↞ gscs silicates  
          r9h            metal; metallic  ↞ eU metals
          r9hg                 copper  ↞ eel copper
          r9hi                 iron; steel  ↞ eei iron
          r9hn                 tin  ↞ efo tin
          r9i            fibers; fibres  ↞ mp plants
          r9ib                 flax fiber  ↞ mpwrsllf flax
          r9ic                 cotton fiber  ↞ mpwnfvc cotton plants
          r9if                 bast fibre; phloem fibre; skin fibre  ↞ mp79vb phloem mpwnfvt lime trees
          r9io                 wool  ↞ mq7x skin mqvt mammals
          r9is                 silk  ↞ mqriy lepidoptera
          r9it                 asbestos fiber  ↞ gscs silicates
          r9k            down feather  ↞ mq7x skin mqvo birds
          r9ɭ            leather  ↞ mq7x skin mqvt mammals
          r9m            fur  ↞ mq7x skin mqvt mammals
          r9n            salt  ↞ ff salts
          r9o            oil; fat  ↞ mq79c connective tissue
          r9p            fossil fuel; mineral oil  ≈ DDC 665
          r9pc                 coal  ↞ iiso coal
          r9pcg                      lignite; brown coal
          r9pch                      sub-bituminous coal
          r9pci                      bituminous coal
          r9pcn                      anthracite coal; hard coal; black coal
          r9pe                 petroleum; crude oil  ↞ gscxc mineral hydrocarbons
          r9pg                 gasoline
          r9pk                 kerosene
          r9pɭ                 lubricant
          r9pp                 paraffin wax
          r9pt                 tar
          r9pw                 petrochemicals
          r9py                 natural gas  ↞ gg gases
          r9q            dyes and paints  ↞ f molecules
          r9r            paper  ↞ mp plants
          r9t            plastic  ↞ f molecules
          r9te                 PET; PETE; polyethylene terephthalate
          r9th                 HDPE; PE-HD; high-density polyethylene
          r9ti                 PVC; V; polyvinyl chloride
          r9tɭ                 LDPE; PE-LD; low-density polyethylene
          r9tp                 PP; polypropylene
          r9ts                 PS; polystyrene
          r9tu                 PUR; polyurethanes
          r9tv                 PP&A fibres
          rbWe       foraging; hunting and harvesting  ≈ DDC 639
          rbWq       primary sector
          rc       gathering; collecting
          rc7             wildlands; wilderness
          rc90sbc                                fruit berrypicking  ↞ mpw flowering plants
          rc9d                 wood
          rf       logging; managed forests; woods  [forestry]  ↞ nyr forests   ≈ DDC 634
          rf76   [mp7]                of plant part
          rf76gc                           trunks
          rf76gr                           branches
          rf77   [mp]                of trees
          rf77rUb                                pines
          rf77rUq                                firs
          rf77w                      flowering plants
          rf77whufc                                     chestnut
          rf77wnnsp                                     poplars
          rf77wqhufh                                     beeches
          rf77wqrbtrh                                     cherry trees
          rf9d                 lumber
          rh       hunting  ↞ oskh hunting
          rh77   [mqv]                 wildlife; game; quarry
          rh77o                      birds fowling
          rh77ogs   ⋄                               phasianidae
          ri       fisheries  ↞ js fresh water systems jy seas nyd intertidal zones vc 
          ri59                  fishery operation
          ri59c                      fishing  ≈ DDC 639
          ri59cg                           seafood gathering by hand
          ri59cj                           spearing
          ri59cn                           netting
          ri59cq                           angling
          ri59ct                           fish trapping
          ri77   [mq]                exploiting aquatic animals
          ri77fh                           crustaceans
          ri77vh                           ray-finned fish
          ri77vmn                                whales whaling
          ric            wild fisheries; capture fisheries
          rih            fish hatcheries; stocked water bodies
          ris            fish farms; fish ponds  [pisciculture; aquaculture; aquafarming]
          rj       pastoralism; breeding; stockbreeding; rearing  [animal husbandry; animal science]  ≈ DDC 636  
          rj43   [mq4]                against disease  [veterinary medicine]
          rj77   [mq]                of livestock; tame species
          rj77Ud                           dogs
          rj77Uh                           horses
          rj77Uɭ                           cattle; cows
          rj77Up                           pigs
          rj77Ur                           goats
          rj77Us                           sheep
          rj77mg                           snails  [heliciculture]
          rj77ng                           earthworms  [vermiculture]
          rj77vtuɭ                                     camels
          rj90                 for function
          rj90r                      labor
          rj90sb                           food
          rj90sbi                                dairy products
          rj90sbib                                     milk
          rj90sbj                                eggs
          rj90sbm                                meat and fish
          rj90t                      pets; companion; household animals
          rj90wg                           sport
          rj90y                      testing; research; laboratory animals
          rjd            nomadic pastoralism
          rjh            transhumance  
          rjr            ranches; ranching; animal farming
                 farms; farming; agriculture  [agronomy]  ≈ DDC 630
          rɭ43   [mp4]                controlling; managing pest; plant disease
          rɭ59                  agriculture operation
          rɭ59eWn                      cultivation
          rɭ59e                      sowing  ↞ mp7s seeds
          rɭ59f                      fertilization
          rɭ59i                      irrigation  ↞ fU water js fresh water systems
          rɭ59k                      pest control  ↞ mp4 afftected by
          rɭ59n                      harvesting
          rɭ59p                      grazing; pasturing
          rɭ59v                      captivity
          rɭ6             agriculture type
          rɭ69                  agricultural method; system
          rɭ69g                      organic; biological
          rɭ69i                      integrated
          rɭ6d                 subsistence
          rɭ6h                 shifting fields
          rɭ6x                 intensive; exploitation; plantation; latifundium
          rɭ76   [mp7]                of vegetable part
          rɭ76f                      roots
          rɭ76g                      stems
          rɭ76gr                           branches
          rɭ76ɭ                      leaves
          rɭ76q                      flowers  [floriculture]  ≈ DDC 635
          rɭ76s                      seeds
          rɭ76sp                           fruits
          rɭ77   [X]                exploiting crop; species
          rɭ9i                 textile fibers
          rɭh            market gardens; huertas; orti  [horticulture]
          rɭi            ornamental gardens  [gardening]  ≈ DDC 635
          rɭi77   [mpw]                     of species
          rɭi77rbtb                                     roses
          rɭo            orchards  [pomology]  ↞ uo76up   ≈ DDC 634
          rɭo77   [mpw]                     of fruit trees
          rɭo77hufc                                     chestnuts
          rɭo77rrv                                     grape
          rɭo77toeo                                     olive
          rɭr            grass crops; herbaceous crops; field crops  ≈ DDC 633
          rɭr77   [mpw]                     of plant species
          rɭr77U                           cereals
          rɭr77Ue                                rice
          rɭr77Ue76g43X27n167m   ⋄                                    rice stem pest control in India in summer  
          rɭr77Uf                                wheat
          rɭr77Uh                                barley
          rɭr77Uj                                oats
          rɭr77Um                                maize; corn
          rɭr77Uo                                millet
          rɭr77ndhcs                                     tea
          rɭr77nfvc                                     cotton
          rɭr77rcffx                                     soybean; soya bean
          rɭr77tdht                                     tobacco  ≈ DDC 679
          rɭr77trrc                                     coffee
          rɭrg                 gleaning  ↞ mp plants oskg grazing
          rm       managed landscape  [landscape architecture]
          rm59c                      conservation  [applied ecology]
          rq       mines; quarries; extraction plants   [mining]  ↞ i rocks   ≈ DDC 622
          rq77   [i]                extracting mineral or rock
          rq77bbi                                iron
          rq77hg                           copper
          rq9            extracting ore
          rq9b                 stone
          rq9h                 metals
          rq9n                 salt
          rq9p                 fossil fuel
          rq9pc                      coal
          rq9pe                      petroleum
          rq9py                      natural gas
          rt       factories; manufacturing plants; production plants  [engineering]  ≈ DDC 621 660 670 680
          rt59                  manufacturing technology
          rt59u                      factory automation
          rt59uu                           automata; robots
          rt77   [r9]                working material
          rt77b                      stone  [stonemasonry]  ↞ uahf 
          rt77d                      wood  [woodworking]
          rt77h                      metals  ≈ DDC 671 672 673 682
          rt77hg                           copper; braziers  [coppersmithing]
          rt77hi                           iron  [blacksmithing]
          rt77hn                           tin  [tinsmithing]
          rt77i                      fiber and textiles  ↞ smc3i 
          rt77ɭ                      leather  [leatherwork]  ≈ DDC 675
          rt77r                      paper  ↞ smc3s   ≈ DDC 676
          rt9            producing; manufacturing artifact; implement; device; appliance  ≈ DDC 620  
          rt90                 for function; service
          rt90sb                           food and beverage; food processing; manufacturing; technology  ≈ DDC 663 664
          rt90sbi                                dairy products dairies; dairy farms
          rt90sc                           recreational drugs
          rt90sd                           home appliances
          rt90sf                           clothes
          rt90sm                           weapons
          rt90st                           vehicles
          rt90su                           information and communication devices ICT
          rt9g                 nonmetallic mineral products
          rt9h                 metal  ≈ DDC 669
          rt9i                 fiber textile mill  ≈ DDC 677
          rtcWy            secondary sector
          rtc            workshops; crafts; handicraft; trades
          rtc33   ⋄                     by artisan; craftsperson; craftsman
          rtc90r(3i)   ⋄                                    pots  [pottery]
          rtc90r(3ik)   ⋄                                    baskets  [basketry; basketmaking; basket weaving]
          rtc90sdd   ⋄                                    buildings  [carpentry]
          rtc90sfes   ⋄                                    shoes  [shoe making]
          rtc90xm   ⋄                               music  [lutherie]
          rtcg                 ceramics and glass crafts  ↞ iis sedimentary rocks   ≈ DDC 666
          rtcgp                      porcelain making
          rth            chemical manufacturing  ↞ f molecules   ≈ DDC 661
          rth9t                      plastics  ≈ DDC 668
          uUdf(91px)r                                     Rhône-Alpes
Connected classes:
                 r3m           machinery; mechanical machine  [mechanical engineering]  ↞ r9y 
                 rt77  [r9]                working material
                 s37  [r3]           using tool; equipment; device
                 s55  [r5]           working by technology
                 s75  [r7]            division; compartment; branch
                 sb3dtk                          table knives  ↞ r3ck 
                 sbi           dairy products; milk products; lacticinia  [dairy science]  ↞ mqvt rj 
                 sbm           meat and fish  ↞ mqv rh ri rj 
                 sbmf                seafood; fish and shellfish s.l.  ↞ mqm mqrh mqveWi ri 
                 scmt                smoking  ↞ rlr77tdht 
                 sf77  [r9]                made of textile; fabric; cloth; material
                 tyw           modern Western civilization; Occidental culture; Modern Era  [modern history]  ↞ jUj rt 
                 tywni                     Industrial Revolution ~1760-1870  ↞ rt 
                 u5xuo                     economic diplomacy  ↞ r 
                 v6nr                industrial design rights  ↞ rt 
                 v7id                land; arable land; land control  ↞ j rl 
                 v7ip                plants  ↞ r 
                 v7iq                equipments  ↞ r 
                 wgon                sport fishing  ↞ ri 
                 wgoo                sport hunting  ↞ rh 
                 x90r(3i)                          art ceramics; pottery  ↞ rtcg 
                 yssu                economics  ↞ r s v 
                 yst           applied sciences  ↞ yss r s 
                 ystu                agronomy  ↞ rl 
                 ystw                engineering  ↞ r 

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