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Expanded class px91

          px91n                      persons born in the 1st Millennium BCE
          px91njɭf912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 428 BC in Greece; Plato
          px91nkfj912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 384 BC in Greece; Aristotle
          px91pv                           persons born in 18th century
          px91pvux912dn90u                                     political scientists born in 1769 in Corsica; Napoleon
          px91pw                           persons born in 19th century
          px91pwxq   ⋄                                    persons born in 1892
          px91px                           persons born in 20th century
          px91pxqvvp912fdd90f   ⋄                                    chemists born on 15 November 1927 in MC of Turin; Ferdinando Vogliotti  
          px91qo                           persons born in 21th century
Connected classes:
                 U  [px91] persons by birth time generally typical class

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