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Expanded class px

    broader class

          px       persons; individuals  ≈ DDC 920
          px304                      agents
          px5            living life  [biography]
          px90                  specialty; profession; occupation; subject
          px90a                      mathematicians  ≈ DDC 925
          px90d                      physicists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90f                      chemists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90h                      astronomers  ≈ DDC 925
          px90i                      geologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90k                      geneticians  ≈ DDC 925
          px90ɭ                      biologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90m                      naturalists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90o                      ethologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90p                      psychologists  ≈ DDC 921
          px90q                      linguists  ≈ DDC 924
          px90r                      anthropologists; spiritual leaders  ≈ DDC 922
          px90s                      sociologists  ≈ DDC 923
          px90t                      political scientists  ≈ DDC 923
          px90u                      lawyers  ≈ DDC 923
          px90v                      technicians  ≈ DDC 926
          px90vu                           physicians; doctors
          px90vx   ⋄                          LIS people
          px90w                      engineers  ≈ DDC 926
          px90x                      artists; persons dealing with artworks  ≈ DDC 927 928
          px90xm                           musicians
          px90y                      intellectuals; persons dealing with knowledge
          px90ysh                                philosophers  ≈ DDC 921
          px91n                      persons born in the 1st Millennium BCE
          px91njɭf912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 428 BC in Greece; Plato
          px91nkfj912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 384 BC in Greece; Aristotle
          px91pv                           persons born in 18th century
          px91pvux912dn90u                                     political scientists born in 1769 in Corsica; Napoleon
          px91pw                           persons born in 19th century
          px91pwxq   ⋄                                    persons born in 1892
          px91px                           persons born in 20th century
          px91pxqvvp912fdd90f   ⋄                                    chemists born on 15 November 1927 in MC of Turin; Ferdinando Vogliotti  
          px91qo                           persons born in 21th century
          px92p   ⋄                     Pilipino persons
          px93   [U]                born from; descendant of ancestor  [genealogy]
          px933   [U]                     grandson of; nephew of grandparent
          px9337   [U]                          grandson of grandfather; grandpa
          px9338   [U]                          grandson of grandmother; grandma
          px937   [U]                     niece of uncle
          px9377   [U]                          niece of male uncle
          px9378   [U]                          niece of aunt
          px938   [U]                     son of; daughter of parent
          px9387   [U]                          son of father
          px9388   [U]                          son of mother
          px93pxquig                                     descendants of people born on 21-4-1926; of queen Elizabeth II
          px96Xx                           men
          px96Xy                           women
          px96Xy90y   ⋄                                    intellectual women
          px96e                      babies
          px96i                      children
          px96ɭ                      adolescents
          px96p                      adults
          px96v                      old persons
Connected classes:
                 U  [px91] persons by birth time generally typical class
                 r5b           manual work; human work  ↞ px 
                 st6r                private transportation  ↞ px 
                 tb      citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px 
                 v35  ⋄           run by businessman  ↞ px 
                 v7b           labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px 
                 wt3           practiced by; professed by adherent; prophet  ↞ px 
                 y5cj                interview  ↞ px 

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