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Expanded class p6

    broader class

          p6       driven by desire; motivation; value  
          p66   [_]           looking for goal; sake
          p6c            tranquillity; safety  ↞ osc sheltering
          p6e            eating; food  ↞ osk feeding
          p6f            physical activity; exercise
          p6i            independence; individuality
          p6j            vengeance; competition
          p6ɭ            romance; sex; beauty  ↞ osm mating
          p6m            family; raising children  ↞ osp parental cares
          p6n            acceptance; approval
          p6o            honour; traditional values
          p6q            social contact; friends  ↞ oss social interactions
          p6s            social status; standing
          p6t            power; influence of will
          p6u            idealism; social justice
          p6v            saving; collecting
          p6x            order; organized; stable; predictable environments
          p6y            curiosity; learning  ↞ oal 
Connected classes:
                 t6       precept; value; virtue; convention; code; moral behaviour; mores  ↞ p6 
                 u66  [p6]           promoting principle; policy; programme; mission; agenda; plan
                 v legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 s 
                 v66  [p6]           having right

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