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Expanded class p

    broader class

          p  consciousness; subjects  [psychology]  ↞ o agency mU human organisms   ≈ DDC 150
          p30            reacting to situation
          p4        mental disorder; disease; illness  [psychopathology]
          p40            avoiding disturbance
          p4bWp            neurosis
          p4d            mood disorders; pathological depression  ↞ pgd depression
          p4dc                 clinical depression
          p4dp                 bipolar disorder; manic-depression
          p4n            anxiety
          p4np                 panic disorder
          p4p            phobia
          p4u            hallucination
          p4x            delusion; delusional disorder
          p5       living experience
          p6       driven by desire; motivation; value  
          p66   [_]           looking for goal; sake
          p6c            tranquillity; safety  ↞ osc sheltering
          p6e            eating; food  ↞ osk feeding
          p6f            physical activity; exercise
          p6i            independence; individuality
          p6j            vengeance; competition
          p6ɭ            romance; sex; beauty  ↞ osm mating
          p6m            family; raising children  ↞ osp parental cares
          p6n            acceptance; approval
          p6o            honour; traditional values
          p6q            social contact; friends  ↞ oss social interactions
          p6s            social status; standing
          p6t            power; influence of will
          p6u            idealism; social justice
          p6v            saving; collecting
          p6x            order; organized; stable; predictable environments
          p6y            curiosity; learning  ↞ oal 
          p7   [X]       faculty; skill
          p72   [mq7nr]           located in brain region
          p8        arousal
          p88   [an8]            valence
          p88f                 very negative
          p88h                 negative
          p88o                 neutral
          p88u                 positive
          p88w                 very positive
          p8r            energized
          p8v            enervated
          p90            aware of; knowing object; phenomenon; content; representation; intentionality  ≈ DDC 120
          p91   [w1]           born on birth time
          p912   [jU]                born in birthplace
          p914   [w1]                dead on death time
          p9142   [jU]                     dead in deathplace
          p915   [w1]                living in; floruit in time
          p92   [uU]           living in; active in homeland
          p96   [t7]           of person class
          p968   [q388]                 wealth class
          p968f   ⋄                     poor
          p96Xx                      man
          p96Xy                      woman
          p96v                 old person
          p97   [mq]           of organism; animal
          p97vo                      birds
          pY       actual persons
          pYa            me; I; we; the first person
          pYb            we; you and me; inclusive we
          pYc            you; the second person
          pYd            he; the third person; neither sender nor addressee; she; it; they; them
          pc       perception; percepts; qualia  ↞ oas   ≈ DDC 152
          pe       emotions; feelings; affections  
          pe90                 of; towards object
          pec            fear
          pecf                 apprehension
          pecx                 terror
          ped            awe
          pef            surprise
          peff                 distraction
          pefx                 amazement
          peg            disapproval
          pei            sadness
          peif                 pensiveness
          peix                 grief
          pej            remorse
          peɭ            disgust
          peɭf                 boredom
          peɭx                 loathing
          pem            contempt
          peo            anger
          peof                 annoyance
          peox                 rage
          pep            aggressiveness
          per            anticipation
          perf                 interest
          perx                 vigilance
          pes            optimistic feeling
          peu            joy
          peuf                 serenity
          peux                 ecstasy
          pev            love
          pex            trust
          pexf                 acceptance
          pexx                 admiration
          pey            submission
          pg       moods; emotional states
          pgd            depression; negative mood
          pgp            happiness; gaiety; positive mood
          ph       personality; temperament  [personality psychology]
          phX            Big Five personality traits
          phe            neuroticism
          phg            agreeableness
          phk            extraversion
          pho            optimism
          phx            openness to experience
          pj       unconscious mind; subconscious  [psychoanalysis]
          pjd            id
          pjs            superego; conscience
                 awareness; consciousness levels  ≈ DDC 154
          pɭbWf            unconsciousness
          pɭb            persistent vegetative state
          pɭc            coma
          pɭf            fainting; syncope
          pɭh            sleep
          pɭhd                 dream  [oneirology]
          pɭi            trance; hypnosis
          pɭj            obtundation
          pɭk            somnolence
          pɭɭ            delirium; acute confusional state
          pɭn            confusion
          pɭr            regular wakefulness
          pɭt            excitement; excitation
          pɭw            clear awareness; advanced awareness
          pɭy            enlightenment
          po       cognition; intelligence; faculties; abilities  [cognitive science; epistemology; philosophy PP]  ≈ DDC 153
          pod            attention; focalization; data selection
          podf                 focused attention
          podi                 sustained attention; vigilance; concentration
          podɭ                 selective attention
          podr                 alternating attention
          podv                 divided attention
          poe            memory; remembering
          poe7g                      recognition
          poe7ɭ                      recall; recollection
          poec                 sensory memory
          poecc                      iconic memory
          poech                      echoic memory
          poecp                      haptic memory
          poeh                 short-term memory; STM; primary; active memory
          poehe                      rehearsal
          poehn                      chunking
          poeɭ                 long-term memory; LTM
          poeɭd                      explicit memory; declarative memory
          poeɭde                           episodic memory
          poeɭdm                           semantic memory
          poeɭdu                           autobiographical memory
          poeɭp                      implicit memory; procedural memory
          poi            imagination; imagining
          pom            mimesis; imitation; representation
          por            reason; reasoning; intellect; rationality; judgment; abstract thought; reflection
          pord                 deductive reasoning
          pori                 inductive reasoning
          pork                 abductive reasoning
          porn                 analogical reasoning
          pot            evaluation; opinion; belief
          pou            moral consciousness  ↞ u6    
          poud                 punishment and obedience orientation
          poug                 instrumental exchange
          pouj                 pleasing expectations; good boy-nice girl orientation
          poum                 law and order orientation
          poup                 youthful protest; "anything goes"
          pous                 utilitarian orientation; relativistic social contract
          pouv                 universal ethical principle orientation
          pov            intention; representation of purposes
          pow            will; willpower; volition; decision
          powh                 habits; wonts
          ps       self; self-hood; self-consciousness; personhood; souls; human-level consciousness
          pss            introspection; self-contemplation
          px       persons; individuals  ≈ DDC 920
          px304                      agents
          px5            living life  [biography]
          px90                  specialty; profession; occupation; subject
          px90a                      mathematicians  ≈ DDC 925
          px90d                      physicists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90f                      chemists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90h                      astronomers  ≈ DDC 925
          px90i                      geologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90k                      geneticians  ≈ DDC 925
          px90ɭ                      biologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90m                      naturalists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90o                      ethologists  ≈ DDC 925
          px90p                      psychologists  ≈ DDC 921
          px90q                      linguists  ≈ DDC 924
          px90r                      anthropologists; spiritual leaders  ≈ DDC 922
          px90s                      sociologists  ≈ DDC 923
          px90t                      political scientists  ≈ DDC 923
          px90u                      lawyers  ≈ DDC 923
          px90v                      technicians  ≈ DDC 926
          px90vu                           physicians; doctors
          px90vx   ⋄                          LIS people
          px90w                      engineers  ≈ DDC 926
          px90x                      artists; persons dealing with artworks  ≈ DDC 927 928
          px90xm                           musicians
          px90y                      intellectuals; persons dealing with knowledge
          px90ysh                                philosophers  ≈ DDC 921
          px91n                      persons born in the 1st Millennium BCE
          px91njɭf912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 428 BC in Greece; Plato
          px91nkfj912fzq90ysh                                     philosophers born in 384 BC in Greece; Aristotle
          px91pv                           persons born in 18th century
          px91pvux912dn90u                                     political scientists born in 1769 in Corsica; Napoleon
          px91pw                           persons born in 19th century
          px91pwxq   ⋄                                    persons born in 1892
          px91px                           persons born in 20th century
          px91pxqvvp912fdd90f   ⋄                                    chemists born on 15 November 1927 in MC of Turin; Ferdinando Vogliotti  
          px91qo                           persons born in 21th century
          px92p   ⋄                     Pilipino persons
          px93   [U]                born from; descendant of ancestor  [genealogy]
          px933   [U]                     grandson of; nephew of grandparent
          px9337   [U]                          grandson of grandfather; grandpa
          px9338   [U]                          grandson of grandmother; grandma
          px937   [U]                     niece of uncle
          px9377   [U]                          niece of male uncle
          px9378   [U]                          niece of aunt
          px938   [U]                     son of; daughter of parent
          px9387   [U]                          son of father
          px9388   [U]                          son of mother
          px93pxquig                                     descendants of people born on 21-4-1926; of queen Elizabeth II
          px96Xx                           men
          px96Xy                           women
          px96Xy90y   ⋄                                    intellectual women
          px96e                      babies
          px96i                      children
          px96ɭ                      adolescents
          px96p                      adults
          px96v                      old persons
          uUdi(91px)p                                     Poitou-Charentes
          uUdm(91px)p                                     Picardie
Connected classes:
                 U  [px91] persons by birth time generally typical class
                 mq46  [p4]                implying mental consequence; life quality
                 p4d           mood disorders; pathological depression  ↞ pgd 
                 q language  [linguistics]  ↞ ou p mU 
                 q7gx  [pe]                facial expression
                 r5b           manual work; human work  ↞ px 
                 shy           mental health care; psychotherapy  [psychiatry; applied psychology]  ↞ p4 
                 shy6Dh                          hypnotherapy  ↞ pli 
                 shy94D  [p4]                          against mental disorder
                 st6r                private transportation  ↞ px 
                 t6       precept; value; virtue; convention; code; moral behaviour; mores  ↞ p6 
                 t6o           altruism; charity; generosity; goodness  ↞ pev 
                 tb      citizens; individuals; private sphere  ↞ px 
                 u66  [p6]           promoting principle; policy; programme; mission; agenda; plan
                 v legal entities; legal persons; juridical persons; companies; owners  [law]  ↞ p6 s 
                 v35  ⋄           run by businessman  ↞ px 
                 v66  [p6]           having right
                 v7b           labour; labor; producers; workers; human resources  ↞ px 
                 wp      religious practices; spirituality  ↞ ped 
                 wri           spiritualism; idealism  ↞ w6 p 
                 wrw           rationalism  ↞ por 
                 wt3           practiced by; professed by adherent; prophet  ↞ px 
                       literature  [philology; literary theory; literary criticism]  ↞ poi q 
                 y scholarship; public knowledge; common knowledge; learning; sciences; episteme  ↞ su sw po 
                 y5cj                interview  ↞ px 
                 y6s           scientifical; rational enquiry  ↞ por 
                 yoc           concepts; notions  [concept theory]  ↞ po qo 
                 ysth                psychology  ↞ p 

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