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Expanded class ou

    broader class

          ou       communication; biocommunication; expression; signs; signals  [semiotics; zoosemiotics]
          ou36                 to addressee; receiver
          ou40                 disturbed by noise
          ou5             channel
          ou5e25c                                underwater acoustic
          ou5ed                      display; visual
          ou5ee                      electric
          ou5ef                      chemical
          ou5efs                           olfactory
          ou5eh                      acoustic  [bioacoustics]
          ou6Ch                      honest signals  [Zahavi's handicap theory]
          ou6Cm                      manipulative signals
          ou77db   ⋄                          mouth
          ou90                 representing; of referent; meaning  [semantics]
          ou97                 by sender species; utterer  
          ou98                 expressing function; expected effect  [pragmatics]
          ou98e                      alarm
          ou98g                      threat
          ou98i                      localisation
          ou98m                      courtship; mating
          ou98r                      individual recognition; identity
          ou98s                      social contact
          oub            natural signs  
          ouc            mimicry; crypsis
          ouc36                      to dupe; signal-receiver
          ouc90                      similar to; imitating model
          ouc97                      of mimic
          oucc                 camouflage
          ouce                 mimesis
          oucm                 mimicry SS
          oucmb                      Batesian mimicry
          oucmm                      Müllerian mimicry
          oucms                      Emsleyan mimicry; Mertensian mimicry
          oucmv                      Vavilovian mimicry
          oucmw                      Wasmannian mimicry
          oun            indices; indexes; indexicals  
          ouu            icons; iconicity; likeness; semblance
          ouy            symbols
Connected classes:
                 q language  [linguistics]  ↞ ou p mU 
                 q7       transmission system; channel  ↞ ou5 
                 su      communication; information exchange; media  ↞ ou 
                 w7       symbol; sacred object  ↞ ouy 
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 

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