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Expanded class o

    broader class

          oWp  mind
          o  agency; autonomy; animated beings; instincts; action patterns; behavioural modules; animal behaviour  [ethology; neurosciences]  ↞ mqaon n populations   ≈ DDC 156 591.5
          o1        behavioural phase
          o1b            latency; quiescence
          o1d            motivation
          o1i            appetition
          o1m            empty action
          o1n            substitution
          o1s            consummation; consummatory action; final action
          o25   [ny]           in environment
          o3        learning
          o30            reacting to; sparked off by; triggered by; driven by stimulus
          o31   [o]           evolved from; ritualized from ancestral instinct
          o36   [mq]           interacting with species
          o366   [mq6]                interacting with animal sex
          o366x                      male
          o366y                      female
          o367   [m8]                to addressee of age class
          o36v   ⋄                vertebrate
          o38   [o]           reacting to other behaviour
          o3b            innate knowledge; unconditioned; endogenous
          o3c            facilitation
          o3e            habituation; stimulus specific fatigue
          o3g            classic conditioning
          o3i            instrumental conditioning
          o3m            imprinting
          o3p            playing
          o3t            imitation
          o3u            cultural learning
          o3x            insight
          o3xt                 tool use
          o4       inhibited by block
          o5        behavioural mechanism
          o5e            senses; perceptive faculties  [sensory neuroscience]
          o5ed                 sight; vision  ↞ d5ll visible light mqaooe 
          o5edb                      perception of brightness
          o5edc                      perception of colour; color
          o5ee                 electroception; electroreception  ↞ d5l electromagnetic radiation
          o5ef                 chemical perception  ↞ f molecules
          o5efs                      smell; olfaction  ↞ mqaoon 
          o5eft                      taste; gustation  ↞ mqaodbo 
          o5eg                 touch; tactition  ↞ g783 
          o5eh                 hearing; audition  ↞ g785 mqaooh 
          o5ej                 echolocation; biosonar; biological sonar including bats and dolphin clicks
          o5eɭ                 pressure detection; by lateral line  ↞ g783 
          o5em                 magnetoception; magnetoreception
          o5en                 nociception; perception of pain
          o5enc                      cutaneous nociception
          o5ens                      somatic nociception
          o5env                      visceral nociception
          o5eo                 thermoception; heat perception  ↞ g5h heat
          o5ep                 proprioception; kinesthetic sense; body awareness
          o5eq                 equilibrioception; vestibular sense; perception of balance
          o5i            input; perception; afferent signal
          o5if                 filtration
          o5ik                 key stimulus
          o5is                 gestalt perception
          o5ɭ            elaboration; processing
          o5o            output; effectors; efferent signal
          o77   [mq7]           with organ
          o77ɭ                 hormones  [ethoendocrinology]
          o77n                 nervous system  [neuroethology]
          o81   [an]           lasting s; seconds duration
          o848   [an89]                 redundancy
          o848f                      lowly redundant
          o848u                      highly redundant
          o88   [an]           of bits information content
          o9       of species
          o90            perceiving object
          o96   [m9]           of sex
          o961   [m8]                by sender of age class
          o97   [m]           of species
          o97U                 human  [human ethology]
          o98   [os]           for function
          oc       autonomous activities; rhythmic activities  [neurophysiology]
          of       reflexes; refexive movements
          oh       hereditary coordinations; modal action patterns; instinctive movements
          ohp            postures; positions
          ok       taxes and tropisms
          om       locomotion
          omb            benthic locomotion  ↞ nyb benthic zones
          omc            swimming; diving  ↞ nyc oceanic zones
          omc4Dd                           drowning
          omc4De                           stranding
          ome            locomotion on water surface  ↞ js fresh water systems
          omk            terrestrial locomotion
          omke                 peristalsis
          omkj                 jumping
          omkɭ                 sliding; sledding
          omkr                 brachiation; climbing
          omkt                 gaits
          omktɭ                      walking
          omktr                      running
          omkw                 powered cartwheeling
          oms            subterranean locomotion
          omy            flying; aerial locomotion
          omyc                 active flight
          omyg                 gliding
          omys                 soaring
          omyu                 ballooning
          op       fixed action patterns; FAPs
          os       behavioural sequences; chains; functional cycles; instinctive actions; impulse actions
          osb            resting
          osbs                 sleeping
          osc            sheltering
          ose            vigilance; watching
          osf            flight; escape
          osg            aggressivity
          osge                 threat
          osgi                 fight
          osgk                 kill; cause death  ↞ m5x death
          osi            moving; displacement  ↞ om locomotion
          osk            feeding
          oskg                 grazing
          oskh                 hunting
          osm            mating; sexuality  ↞ mafrl 
          osmd                 rutting
          osmh                 courtship
          osmo                 coitus
          oso            giving birth  ↞ m5e birth
          osoɭ                 egg laying; spawning
          osop                 parturition
          osp            parental cares
          ospc                 covering; pouting
          ospn                 nursing
          osr            aggregating  ↞ ne colonies
          oss            social interactions; sociality  ↞ osr aggregating
          ossj                 subjection; obedience
          ossm                 dominance
          ossq                 alliance
          osst                 tricks; jests; pranks
          ou       communication; biocommunication; expression; signs; signals  [semiotics; zoosemiotics]
          ou36                 to addressee; receiver
          ou40                 disturbed by noise
          ou5             channel
          ou5e25c                                underwater acoustic
          ou5ed                      display; visual
          ou5ee                      electric
          ou5ef                      chemical
          ou5efs                           olfactory
          ou5eh                      acoustic  [bioacoustics]
          ou6Ch                      honest signals  [Zahavi's handicap theory]
          ou6Cm                      manipulative signals
          ou77db   ⋄                          mouth
          ou90                 representing; of referent; meaning  [semantics]
          ou97                 by sender species; utterer  
          ou98                 expressing function; expected effect  [pragmatics]
          ou98e                      alarm
          ou98g                      threat
          ou98i                      localisation
          ou98m                      courtship; mating
          ou98r                      individual recognition; identity
          ou98s                      social contact
          oub            natural signs  
          ouc            mimicry; crypsis
          ouc36                      to dupe; signal-receiver
          ouc90                      similar to; imitating model
          ouc97                      of mimic
          oucc                 camouflage
          ouce                 mimesis
          oucm                 mimicry SS
          oucmb                      Batesian mimicry
          oucmm                      Müllerian mimicry
          oucms                      Emsleyan mimicry; Mertensian mimicry
          oucmv                      Vavilovian mimicry
          oucmw                      Wasmannian mimicry
          oun            indices; indexes; indexicals  
          ouu            icons; iconicity; likeness; semblance
          ouy            symbols
          oy       life habits; strategies  [behavioural ecology; natural history]  ↞ ny ecosystems
          oyh            home range
          oyhm                 periodical migration  ↞ nam 
          oyht                 territoriality
          oyk            feeding strategies  ↞ osk feeding
          oym            sexual systems  ↞ osm mating
          oymc                 polygamy
          oymg                 polygyny
          oymn                 polyandry
          oymy                 monogamy
          oys            social structures  [sociobiology]  ↞ oss social interactions
Connected classes:
                 085  [os]           as narrated in story; plot
                 58  [os]      through; by activity; mechanism; dynamics  ↞ ag 
                 m5e           birth  ↞ oso 
                 o31  [o]           evolved from; ritualized from ancestral instinct
                 o38  [o]           reacting to other behaviour
                 o98  [os]           for function
                 osi           moving; displacement  ↞ om 
                 oss           social interactions; sociality  ↞ osr 
                 oyk           feeding strategies  ↞ osk 
                 oym           sexual systems  ↞ osm 
                 oys           social structures  [sociobiology]  ↞ oss 
                 p consciousness; subjects  [psychology]  ↞ o mU 
                 p6c           tranquillity; safety  ↞ osc 
                 p6e           eating; food  ↞ osk 
                 p6ɭ           romance; sex; beauty  ↞ osm 
                 p6m           family; raising children  ↞ osp 
                 p6q           social contact; friends  ↞ oss 
                 p6y           curiosity; learning  ↞ oal 
                 pc      perception; percepts; qualia  ↞ oas 
                 q language  [linguistics]  ↞ ou p mU 
                 q7       transmission system; channel  ↞ ou5 
                 q98  [os]            message; linguistic function; poetic function
                 rh      hunting  ↞ oskh 
                 rɭrg                gleaning  ↞ mp oskg 
                 sb      food and drink; prepared food; dishes  [gastronomy]  ↞ osk 
                 sd      lodging; dwellings; settlements; localities; populated places  [civil engineering; architecture; town planning]  ↞ osc 
                 sf      clothing; attire; personal adornment  ↞ oss 
                 sgx           sexual services  ↞ osm 
                 sheik                     walking  ↞ omk 
                 sm3           weapons; arms; armaments  ↞ osgi 
                 st      logistics; transportation; vehicles  ↞ osi 
                 su      communication; information exchange; media  ↞ ou 
                 t communities; civil society; complex society; institutions; groups; people  [sociology]  ↞ q oss 
                 t6d           devotion to family  ↞ osp 
                 t6k           chastity  ↞ osm 
                 t6pm                locomotion rules  ↞ omkt 
                 tf      families  ↞ osm osp 
                 u49y                capital punishment  ↞ osgk 
                 u4d           murder; criminal homicide; voluntary manslaughter  ↞ osgk 
                 u4f           rape  ↞ osm 
                 w7       symbol; sacred object  ↞ ouy 
                 wmmm                marriage; matrimony; wedlock  ↞ osm 
                 wrf           phallism; sexual worship  ↞ osm 
                 x creative arts; art works; aesthetic expressions   [aesthetics; art criticism]  ↞ u6u ouu g 
                 x63  [o]           set after antecedents; prior event
                 x65  [o]           narrating plot; quest
                 x68  [o]           aiming at mission; objective
                 xeWi      visual arts  ↞ o5ed 
                 yssɭ                biology  ↞ k l m n o 
                 yssɭy                     ethology  ↞ o 
                 yssɭys                          bioacoustics  ↞ osu g5n 

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