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Expanded class nyo

    broader class

          nyo            soils; pedosphere  [soil science; pedology; edaphology]  ↞ l cells m organisms   
          nyo6D                       paedogenetic regime
          nyo6Dg                           gleization
          nyo6Di                           calcification
          nyo6Dɭ                           laterization
          nyo6Dp                           podzolitation
          nyo7D                       soil horizon
          nyo7Dc                           O horizon; organic matter
          nyo7Dh                           P horizon; peat; humus
          nyo7Dj                           A horizon; topsoil
          nyo7Dɭ                           E horizon; eluvium
          nyo7Dn                           B horizon; subsoil
          nyo7Dp                           C horizon; parent rock
          nyo7Ds                           D horizon
          nyo7Du                           R horizon; bedrock
          nyo7Dx                           L horizon; limnic
          nyoc                 permafrost and stony soils
          nyocc                      cryosols; ice-affected soils; CR
          nyocɭ                      leptosols; shallow or extremely gravelly soils; LP
          nyoe                 soils influenced by water
          nyoee                      vertisols; alternating wet-dry conditions; rich in swelling clays; VR
          nyoef                      fluvisols; floodplains; tidal marshes; FL
          nyoen                      solonetz; alkaline soils; SN
          nyoes                      solonchaks; salt enrichment upon evaporation; SC
          nyoey                      gleysols; groundwater affected soils; GL
          nyof                 soils set by Fe/Al chemistry
          nyofb                      andosols; allophanes or Al-humus complexes; AN
          nyofd                      podzols; cheluviation and chilluviation; PZ
          nyofi                      plinthosols; PT; accumulation of Fe under hydromorphic conditions
          nyofn                      nitisols; low-activity clay; P fixation; strongly structured; NT
          nyofr                      ferralsols; dominance of kaolinite and sesquioxides; FR
          nyoi                 soils with stagnating water
          nyoip                      planosols; abrupt textural discontinuity; PL
          nyois                      stagnosols; structural or moderate textural discontinuity; ST
          nyoo                 organic high base soils
          nyooc                      chernozems; typically mollic; CH
          nyook                      kastanozems; transition to drier climate; KS
          nyoop                      phaeozems; transition to more humid climate; PH
          nyos                 less soluble salts and non-saline soils
          nyosg                      gypsisols; gypsum soils; GY
          nyosi                      durisols; silica soils; DU
          nyosɭ                      calcisols; calcium carbonate soils; CL
          nyot                 clay-enriched soils
          nyotb                      retisols; albeluvisols; albeluvic tonguing; AB; RT
          nyotɭ                      alisols; low base status; high-activity clay soils; AL
          nyotr                      acrisols; low base status; low-activity clay soils; AC
          nyotv                      luvisols; high base status; high-activity clay soils; LV
          nyotx                      lixisols; high base status; low-activity clay soils; LX
          nyov                 young and little profile soils
          nyovb                      umbrisols; soils with an acidic dark topsoil; UM
          nyove                      arenosols; sandy soils; AR
          nyovm                      cambisols; moderately developed soils; CM
          nyovr                      regosols; soils with no significant profile development; RG
          nyox                 histosols; soils with thick organic layers; HS
          nyoy                 soils with strong human influence
          nyoyn                      anthrosols; soils with long and intensive agricultural use; AT
          nyoyt                      technosols; soils containing many artefacts; TC
Connected classes:
                 mp23  [nyo]                growing on soil substratum
                 r3d           digging implement  ↞ nyo 
                 r5os                soil technology  ↞ nyo 

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