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Expanded class mqvtuv

    broader class

          mqvtuv                           bovids; bovidae
          mqvtuvb                                Bos
          mqvtuvbt                                     cattle; domestic cattle; Bos primigenius
          mqvtuvbtc                                     aurochs; Bos primigenius primigenius
          mqvtuvbti                                     zebu; Bos primigenius indicus
          mqvtuvbtt                                     taurine cattle; Bos primigenius taurus
          mqvtuvbu                                     gaur; Bos gaurus; Bibos gauris
          mqvtuvbv                                     banteng; tembadau; Bos javanicus
          mqvtuvby                                     yak; Bos grunniens
          mqvtuvr                                Capra
          mqvtuvrc                                     Spanish ibex; Capra pyrenaicais
          mqvtuvre                                     Alpine ibex; Capra ibex
          mqvtuvri                                     Siberian ibex; Capra sibirica
          mqvtuvrɭ                                     Walia ibex; Capra walie
          mqvtuvrs                                     West Caucasian tur; Capra caucasica
          mqvtuvrt                                     East Caucasian tur; Capra cylindricornis
          mqvtuvru                                     Nubian ibex; Capra nubiana
          mqvtuvrw                                     wild goat; Capra aegagrus
          mqvtuvry                                     markhor; Capra falconeri
          mqvtuvs                                sheep; Ovis
          mqvtuvsb                                     argali; Ovis ammon
          mqvtuvsd                                     domestic sheep; mouflon; Ovis orientalis
          mqvtuvsh                                     bighorn sheep; Ovis canadensis
          mqvtuvsɭ                                     dall sheep; Ovis dallis
          mqvtuvss                                     snow sheep; Ovis nivicola
Connected classes:
                 mqUo  [mqvtuvbt]                cattle; cows
                 mqUr  [mqvtuvr]                goats
                 mqUs  [mqvtuvsd]                sheep
                 sbmtb                     beef; bovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvbt 
                 sbmto                     sheep; ovine meat  ↞ mqvtuvsd 

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