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Expanded class mqvto

    broader class

          mqvto                      carnivora
          mqvtocWy                           fissipedia
          mqvtoc                           canids; canidae
          mqvtocc                                Canis
          mqvtoccd                                     domestic dogs; Canis familiaris
          mqvtoccg                                     gray wolves; Canis lupus
          mqvtocci                                     coyotes; Canis latrans
          mqvtoccj                                     African golden wolves; Canis anthus
          mqvtocck                                     Ethiopian wolves; Canis simensis
          mqvtoccɭ                                     golden jackals; Canis aureus
          mqvtoccs                                     black-backed jackals; Canis mesomelas
          mqvtoccu                                     side-striped jackals; Canis adustus
          mqvtocd                                dholes; Asiatic wild dogs; Cuon
          mqvtoce                                African wild dogs; Lycaon
          mqvtocg                                bush dogs; Speothos
          mqvtoch                                maned wolves; Chrysocyon
          mqvtocɭ                                Lycalopex
          mqvtocm                                crab-eating foxes; Cerdocyon
          mqvtocn                                short-eared dogs; Atelocynus
          mqvtoco                                bat-eared foxes; Otocyon
          mqvtocr                                raccoon dogs; Nyctereutes
          mqvtocv                                foxes; Vulpes
          mqvtocw                                Urocyon
          mqvtod                           bears; ursidae
          mqvtodb                                Ursus
          mqvtodbp                                     polar bears; Ursus maritimus
          mqvtodbw                                     brown bears; Ursus arctos
          mqvtodp                                pandas; Ailuropoda
          mqvtodpp                                     giant pandas; Aiuropoda melanoleuca
          mqvtof                           felidae including lions, tigers, leopards, cats
          mqvtofb                                Panthera
          mqvtofbg                                     tigers; Panthera tigris
          mqvtofbi                                     lions; Panthera leo
          mqvtofbj                                     jaguars; Panthera onca
          mqvtofbp                                     leopards; Panthera pardus
          mqvtofbs                                     snow leopards; Panthera uncia; Uncia uncia
          mqvtoh                           procyonidae
          mqvtoi                           ailuridae
          mqvtom                           mustelidae including weasels, martens, otters
          mqvtome                                badgers; genus Meles
          mqvtomem                                     European badger; Meles meles
          mqvtomemYd   ⋄                                    Dachsi  
          mqvtor                           viverridae
          mqvtot                           hyenidae
          mqvtovWy                           pinnipeds; pinnipedia
          mqvtow                           walruses; odobenidae including only Odobenus rosmarus
          mqvtowo                                walruses; Odobenus
          mqvtowor                                     walruses; Odobenus rosmarus
          mqvtox                           eared seals; otariidae including sea lions, fur seals
          mqvtoxb                                Arctocephalus
          mqvtoxbb                                     Antarctic fur seals; Arctocephalus gazella
          mqvtoxbd                                     Guadalupe fur seal; Arctocephalus townsendi
          mqvtoxbf                                     Juan Fernandez fur seal; Arctocephalus philippii
          mqvtoxbg                                     Galapagos fur seal; Arctocephalus galapagoensis
          mqvtoxbk                                     Cape fur seal; Australian fur seal; Arctocephalus pusillus
          mqvtoxbn                                     New Zealand fur seal; Arctocephalus forsteri
          mqvtoxbt                                     subantarctic fur seal; Arctocephalus tropicalis
          mqvtoxbu                                     South American fur seal; Arctocephalus australis
          mqvtoxc                                northern fur seals; Callorhinus
          mqvtoxcu                                     northern fur seals; Callorhinus ursinus
          mqvtoxe                                Steller sea lions; Eumetopias
          mqvtoxej                                     Steller sea lions; Eumetopias jubatus
          mqvtoxn                                Australian sea lions; Neophoca
          mqvtoxnc                                     Australian sea lions; Neophoca cinerea
          mqvtoxo                                southern sea lions; south American sea lions; Otaria
          mqvtoxof                                     southern sea lions; south American sea lions; Otaria flavescens; Otaria bryonia
          mqvtoxp                                New Zealand sea lions; Hooker's sea lions; Phocarctos
          mqvtoxph                                     New Zealand sea lions; Hooker's sea lions; Phocarctos hookeri
          mqvtoxs                                California sea lions; Zalophus
          mqvtoxsc                                     California sea lions; Zalophus californianus
          mqvtoy                           earless seals; true seals; crawling seals; phocidae
          mqvtoyc                                monk seals; Monachus
          mqvtoye                                elephant seals; Mirounga
          mqvtoyg                                crabeater seals; Lobodon
          mqvtoyj                                Leptonychotes
          mqvtoyjw                                     Weddell seals; Leptonychotes weddelli
          mqvtoyɭ                                leopard seals; Hydrurga
          mqvtoyo                                Ommatophoca
          mqvtoyq                                bearded seals; Erignathus
          mqvtoys                                Phoca
          mqvtoyu                                Pusa
          mqvtoyw                                grey seals; Halichoerus
          mqvtoyy                                hooded seals; Cystophora
Connected classes:
                 mqUd  [mqvtoccd]                dogs

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