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Expanded class mqvtni

    broader class

          mqvtni                           dolphins; delphinidae
          mqvtnic                                Cephalorhynchus
          mqvtnice                                     Chilean dolphins; Cephalorhyncus eutropia
          mqvtnich                                     Heaviside's dolphins; Cephalorhyncus heavisidii
          mqvtnict                                     Hector's dolphins; Cephalorhyncus hectori
          mqvtnid                                Delphinus
          mqvtnidc                                     long-beaked common dolphins; Delphinus capensis
          mqvtnidd                                     short-beaked common dolphins; Delphinus delphis
          mqvtnidt                                     Arabian common dolphins; Delphinus tropicalis  
          mqvtnif                                Feresa
          mqvtnifp                                     pygmy killer whales; Feresa attenuata
          mqvtnig                                Globicephala
          mqvtnigc                                     short-finned pilot whales; Globicephala macrorhyncus
          mqvtnigɭ                                     long-finned pilot whales; Globicephala melas
          mqvtnih                                Grampus
          mqvtnihg                                     Risso's dolphins; Grampus griseus
          mqvtnii                                Lagenodelphis
          mqvtniic                                     Commerson's dolphins; Cephalorhyncus commersonii
          mqvtniif                                     Fraser's dolphins; Lagenodelphis hosei
          mqvtnik                                Lagenorhynchus
          mqvtnikb                                     Atlantic white-sided dolphins; Lagenorhynchus acutus
          mqvtnikc                                     white-beaked dolphins; Lagenorhynchus albirostris
          mqvtnike                                     Peale's dolphins; Lagenorhynchus australis
          mqvtnikh                                     hourglass dolphins; Lagenorhynchus cruciger
          mqvtnikp                                     Pacific white-sided dolphins; Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
          mqvtniks                                     dusky dolphins; Lagenorhynchus obscurus
          mqvtnikt                                     tropical dusky dolphins
          mqvtniɭ                                Lissodelphis
          mqvtniɭb                                     northern right whale dolphins; Lissodelphis borealis
          mqvtniɭp                                     southern right whale dolphins; Lissodelphis peronii
          mqvtnim                                Orcaella
          mqvtnimi                                     Irrawaddy dolphins; Orcaella brevirostris
          mqvtnims                                     Australian snubfin dolphins; Orcaella heinsohni  
          mqvtnio                                Orcinus
          mqvtniok                                     killer whales; Orcinus orca
          mqvtnip                                Peponocephala
          mqvtnipe                                     melon-headed whales; Peponocephala electra
          mqvtniq                                Pseudorca
          mqvtniqk                                     false killer whales; Pseudorca crassidens
          mqvtnir                                Sotalia
          mqvtnirt                                     tucuxis; Sotalia fluviatilis
          mqvtnis                                Stenella
          mqvtnisb                                     pantropical spotted dolphins; Stenella attenuata
          mqvtnise                                     striped dolphins; Stenella coeruleoalba
          mqvtnisf                                     Atlantic spotted dolphins; Stenella frontalis
          mqvtnisɭ                                     spinner dolphins; Stenella longirostris
          mqvtnisy                                     clymene dolphins; Stenella clymene
          mqvtnit                                Steno
          mqvtnits                                     rough-toothed dolphins; Steno bredanensis
          mqvtniu                                Tursiops  
          mqvtniui                                     Indian ocean bottlenose dolphins; Tursiops aduncus
          mqvtniut                                     common bottlenose dolphins; Tursiops truncatus
          mqvtnix                                Sousa
          mqvtnixc                                     Pacific humpback dolphins; Sousa chinensis
          mqvtnixp                                     Indian humpback dolphins; Sousa plumbea
          mqvtnixt                                     Atlantic humpback dolphins; Sousa teuszii
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