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Expanded class mqvo

    broader class

          mqvo                 birds; aves  [ornithology]  ≈ DDC 598
          mqvob                      archaeornites; Archaeopterix
          mqvobzhWc                      odontognathae
          mqvobzh                      hesperornithiformes
          mqvoc                      ichthyornithiformes
          mqvoczn                      tinamiformes
          mqvoczr                      rheiformes
          mqvoczs                      struthioniformes
          mqvoczu                      casuariiformes
          mqvoczv                      aepyornithiformes
          mqvoczw                      dinornithiformes including moas, kiwis
          mqvod                      podicipediformes including Podiceps
          mqvoe                      anseriformes including geese, ducks, swans
          mqvoezc                      ciconiiformes
          mqvoezp                      phoenicopteriformes
          mqvof                      falconiformes; diurnal raptors
          mqvog                      galliformes including chickens, pheasants, Perdix
          mqvogs                           phasianidae
          mqvogsɭ                                junglefowl; Gallus
          mqvogsɭg                                     chickens; red junglefowls; Gallus gallus
          mqvoh                      gruiformes; ralliformes including Rallus, Fulica, Grus, Otis, Tetras
          mqvoi                      charadriiformes including gulls, Scolopax, Vanellus, Sterna
          mqvoj                      columbiformes including pigeons
          mqvok                      psittaciformes including parrots
          mqvoɭ                      cuculiformes
          mqvom                      caprimulgiformes
          mqvon                      strigiformes; nocturnal raptors
          mqvoo                      apodiformes including Apus, humming-birds
          mqvoq                      coliiformes
          mqvor                      trogoniformes
          mqvot                      coraciiformes including kingfishers, Upupa
          mqvou                      piciformes
          mqvov                      passeriformes including sparrows and most small birds, Corvidae
          mqvow                      gaviiformes; colymbiformes
          mqvox                      penguins; sphenisciformes
          mqvoy                      procellariiformes
          mqvoyzp                      pelecaniformes including Pelecanus, Phalacrocorax, Sula, Fregata
Connected classes:
                 mqUc  [mqvogslg]                chickens
                 r9k           down feather  ↞ mq7x mqvo 
                 sbj           eggs  ↞ mqvo 
                 sbj77qUc                                    chicken eggs  ↞ mqvogslg 
                 sbmp                poultry  ↞ mqvo 
                 sbmpc                     chicken  ↞ mqvogslg 

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