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Expanded class mqvl

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          mqvɭ                 reptiles; reptilia  [herpetology (partim)]  ≈ DDC 597
          mqvɭbWc                      anapsida
          mqvɭb                      cotylosauria
          mqvɭc                      chelonia; testudinata including tortoises, turtles
          mqvɭdWf                      synapsida
          mqvɭd                      mesosauria
          mqvɭe                      pelycosauria
          mqvɭf                      therapsida
          mqvɭgWh                      euryapsida
          mqvɭg                      araeoscelidia; protorosauria
          mqvɭh                      sauropterigia including plesiosauri
          mqvɭiWɭ                      lepidosauria
          mqvɭi                      ichthyosauria; ichthyopterygia
          mqvɭj                      eosuchia
          mqvɭk                      rhynchocephalia
          mqvɭɭ                      squamata including lizards, snakes
          mqvɭnWt                      archosauria
          mqvɭn                      thecodontia
          mqvɭo                      crocodilia
          mqvɭqWt                      dynosaurs
          mqvɭq                      saurischia including Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus
          mqvɭr                      ornithischia including Iguanodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops
          mqvɭt                      pterosauria including Pteranodon
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