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Expanded class mqvh

    broader class

          mqvhWi                 bony fish; osteichtyes
          mqvh                 ray-finned fish; actinopterygii  ≈ DDC 597
          mqvhbWbzp            chondrostei
          mqvhb                      polypteriformes including bichirs, reedfish
          mqvhbzp                      acipenseriformes including sturgeons, paddlefish
          mqvhcWczy            holostei
          mqvhcWy                      neopterygii
          mqvhc                      gars; lepisosteiformes
          mqvhczb                      bowfins; amiiformes
          mqvhdWdzy            osteoglossomorpha
          mqvhdWy                      teleosts; teleostei
          mqvhd                      bony-tongued fishes; osteoglossiformes
          mqvhdze                      hiodontiformes including mooneye and goldeye
          mqvheWgzy            elopomorpha
          mqvhe                      elopiformes including ladyfishes and tarpon
          mqvhfzs                      notacanthiformes including halosaurs, spiny eels
          mqvhg                      eels and gulpers; anguilliformes
          mqvhgzs                      saccopharyngiformes including gulper eel
          mqvhh                      clupeiformes; clupeomorpha including herrings, anchovies
          mqvhiWizy            ostariophysi
          mqvhi                      cypriniformes including barbs, carp, danios, goldfish, loaches
          mqvhizc                      characiformes including characins, pencilfish, hatchetfish
          mqvhizg                      gymnotiformes including electric eels, knifefish
          mqvhizm                      gonorynchiformes including milkfish
          mqvhizs                      catfishes; siluriformes
          mqvhjWkzy            protacanthopterygii
          mqvhj                      salmoniformes including salmons, trouts
          mqvhk                      esociformes including pikes
          mqvhkzo                      osmeriformes including smelts, galaxiids
          mqvhɭWɭzy            stenopterygii
          mqvhɭ                      ateleopodiformes including jellynose fish
          mqvhɭzs                      stomiiformes including bristlemouths, marine hatchetfish
          mqvhm                      aulopiformes; cyclosquamata including Bombay duck, lancetfish
          mqvhn                      myctophiformes; scopelomorpha including lanternfish
          mqvho                      lampriformes; lampridiomorpha including oarfish, opah, ribbonfish
          mqvhp                      beardfishes; polymixiiformes; polymyxiomorpha
          mqvhqWqzy            paracanthopterygii
          mqvhq                      percopsiformes including cavefishes, trout-perches
          mqvhqzb                      toadfishes; batrachoidiformes
          mqvhqze                      lophiiformes including anglerfish
          mqvhqzg                      gadiformes including cods
          mqvhqzo                      ophidiiformes
          mqvhrWy                      acanthopterygii including pearlfish
          mqvhs                      mullets; mugiliformes
          mqvhszh                      atheriniformes including silversides, rainbowfish
          mqvhszn                      beloniformes including flyingfish
          mqvht                      whalefishes; cetomimiformes
          mqvhtzc                      cyprinodontiformes including livebearers, killifish
          mqvhtzs                      stephanoberyciformes including ridgeheads
          mqvhtzy                      beryciformes including fangtooths, pineconefish
          mqvhu                      zeiformes including dories
          mqvhuzc                      clingfishes; gobiesociformes
          mqvhv                      gasterosteiformes including sticklebacks
          mqvhvzs                      syngnathiformes including seahorses, pipefish
          mqvhw                      synbranchiformes including swamp eels
          mqvhx                      tetraodontiformes including filefishes, pufferfish
          mqvhxzf                      flatfishes; pleuronectiformes
          mqvhxzs                      scorpaeniformes including scorpionfishes, weaver fish
          mqvhy                      perciformes including anabantids, bass, cichlids, gobies, gour
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