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Expanded class mqr

    broader class

          mqr            arthropoda  ≈ DDC 595
          mqrb                 trilobita
          mqrc                 pycnogonida; pantopoda
          mqrd                 arachnids; arachnida
          mqrdcWi                      mites; acari; acarina
          mqrdo                      scorpions; scorpiones
          mqrds                      spiders; araneae
          mqrh                 crustaceans
          mqri                 insects; insecta; hexapoda  [entomology]
          mqribWbz            apterygota
          mqrib                      bristletails; archaeognatha
          mqribzi                      silverfish; thysanura
          mqribzm                      monura
          mqricWy                      pterygota
          mqric                      mayflies; ephemeroptera
          mqriczd                      palaeodictyoptera
          mqriczg                      megasecoptera
          mqriczh                      archodonata
          mqriczn                      diaphanopterodea
          mqriczp                      protodonata
          mqrid                      odonata; dragonflies and damselflies
          mqrieWp                      exopterygota
          mqrie                      gladiators; mantophasmatodea
          mqriezc                      caloneurodea
          mqriezg                      ice-crawlers; grylloblattodea
          mqriezi                      titanoptera
          mqriezp                      protorthoptera
          mqrif                      stoneflies; plecoptera
          mqrifze                      webspinners; embioptera
          mqrifzy                      angel insects; zoraptera
          mqrig                      earwigs; dermaptera
          mqrih                      orthoptera including grasshoppers, crickets
          mqrii                      stick insects; phasmatodea
          mqrij                      cockroaches; blattodea
          mqrik                      termites; isoptera
          mqriɭ                      mantids; mantodea
          mqrim                      booklice and barklice; psocoptera
          mqrin                      thrips; thysanoptera
          mqrio                      lice; phthiraptera
          mqrip                      true bugs; hemiptera
          mqriqWy                      endopterygota
          mqriq                      hymenoptera including ants, bees
          mqriqm                           ants; formicidae  [myrmecology]
          mqriqp                           vespidae including some wasps, jellowjackets
          mqriqpv                                hornets; Vespa
          mqriqx                           bees; apidae
          mqriqxu                                bumblebees; bumble bees; humble-bees; Bombus
          mqriqxx                                honey bees; Apis
          mqrir                      beetles; coleoptera
          mqris                      twisted-winged parasites; strepsiptera
          mqrit                      net-veined insects; neuroptera
          mqritzm                      megaloptera; include alderflies
          mqritzr                      snakeflies; raphidioptera
          mqriu                      mecoptera; include scorpionflies
          mqriv                      fleas; siphonaptera
          mqrivzp                      protodiptera
          mqriw                      flies; true flies; diptera
          mqrix                      caddisflies; trichoptera
          mqriy                      lepidoptera; butterflies and moths
          mqriyzg                      glosselytrodea
          mqriyzm                      miomoptera
          mqrk                 centipedes; chilopoda
          mqrm                 millipedes; diplopoda
          mqrp                 pauropoda
          mqrs                 symphyla
          mqrzp            pentastomida; linguatulida
          mqrzt            tardigrada
Connected classes:
                 mqUb  [mqriqxx]                honey bees
                 r9is                silk  ↞ mqriy 
                 sbh           honey  ↞ mqriqxx 
                 sbmf                seafood; fish and shellfish s.l.  ↞ mqm mqrh mqveWi ri 
                 sbmfb                     lobster  ↞ mqrh 
                 sbmfc                     crayfish; prawns; shrimps  ↞ mqrh 
                 sbmi                insect food  ↞ mqr 

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