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Expanded class mq7

    broader class

          mq7             animal organ; system; apparatus  [comparative anatomy]  ↞ laf   ≈ DDC 573
          mq79                  animal tissue
          mq79c                      connective tissue  ↞ mq88m 
          mq79e                      epithelial tissue
          mq79m                      muscle tissue
          mq79mi                           visceral muscle; smooth muscle
          mq79ms                           skeletal muscle
          mq79mx                           cardiac muscle
          mq79n                      nervous tissue
          mq7d                 digestive organs
          mq7d5                      digestion
          mq7d54                           digestive diseases
          mq7db                      mouth
          mq7dbb                           beak
          mq7dbo                           tongue
          mq7dbt                           teeth
          mq7de                      esophagus; oesophagus; gullet; throat
          mq7dec                           crop; croup
          mq7do                      stomach
          mq7dt                      intestine
          mq7dx                      anus
          mq7e                 respiratory organs
          mq7e5                      respiration
          mq7e54                           respiratory diseases
          mq7i                 circulatory organs
          mq7i5                      circulation
          mq7i54                           circulatory diseases
          mq7ih                      heart  ↞ mq89mx 
          mq7j                 blood, immune and lymphatic systems
          mq7jb                      blood
          mq7jb54                                blood diseases including blood-forming organs
          mq7ji                      immune system
          mq7jɭ                      lymphatic system
          mq7jɭ54                                lymphatic diseases
          mq7ɭ                 glands; endocrine system  [endocrinology]
          mq7ɭ5                      hormone transmission
          mq7ɭ54                           endocrine diseases
          mq7n                 nervous system  [neurology]
          mq7n5                      neural transmission
          mq7n54                           nervous diseases
          mq7nr                      brain
          mq7o                 sense organs
          mq7o54                           eye and ear diseases
          mq7oe                      eyes; sight; vision
          mq7oh                      ears; hearing; audition
          mq7on                      nose; smell; olfaction
          mq7q                 skeleton; bones
          mq7r                 muscles; muscular; motor system  ↞ mq89m 
          mq7r54                           musculoskeletal connective diseases
          mq7sWu54                 genitourinary disease
          mq7s                 reproductive organs; sex organs
          mq7u                 urinary organs; excretory system  [nephrology]
          mq7u5                      excretion
          mq7x                 skin; integumentary system includings hair and nails
          mq7x4                      skin diseases
Connected classes:
                 mq4ɭhs                          asthma  ↞ mq7e 
                 mq97  [mq7]                with qualifying organ
                 mq974  [mq7]                     without; lacking missing organ
                 o77  [mq7]           with organ
                 p72  [mq7nr]           located in brain region
                 r9b           bone  ↞ mq7q 
                 r9io                wool  ↞ mq7x mqvt 
                 r9k           down feather  ↞ mq7x mqvo 
                 r9ɭ           leather  ↞ mq7x mqvt 
                 r9m           fur  ↞ mq7x mqvt 
                 r9o           oil; fat  ↞ mq79c 
                 sh7d                alimentary and metabolic drugs  ↞ mq7d 
                 sh7e                respiratory drugs  ↞ mq7e 
                 sh7i                cardiovascular drugs  ↞ mq7i 
                 sh7j                blood drugs  ↞ mq7j 
                 sh7ɭ                systemic hormonal preparations  ↞ mq7l 
                 sh7n                neurological drugs  ↞ mq7n 
                 sh7o                sensory drugs  ↞ mq7o 
                 sh7r                musculo-skeletal drugs  ↞ mq7q mq7r 
                 sh7s                genito-urinary drugs  ↞ mq7s mq7u 
                 sh7x                dermatological drugs  ↞ mq7x 

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