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Expanded class mq4

    broader class

          mq4             animal disease; illness; disability; disorder; syndrome  [animal pathology; nosology; epidemiology; medical ]  ≈ DDC 616
          mq430                      acquired from pathogen
          mq433   [sb]                     sensitive to food pathogen
          mq433ib   ⋄                               milk
          mq45                  pathogenesis; pathological mechanism
          mq46   [p4]                implying mental consequence; life quality
          mq46n   ⋄                     anxiety
          mq47                 with complication
          mq48                  outcome; prognosis; course
          mq4b                 state of balance; homeostasis
          mq4d                 growth/differentiation disorders; morphogenesis disorders
          mq4db                      atrophy  
          mq4do                      hypertrophy  
          mq4ds                      hyperplasia  
          mq4dt                      metaplasia  
          mq4e                 cellular diseases
          mq4en                      necrosis  
          mq4ep                      apoptosis  
          mq4f                 lesion; tissue damage or change
          mq4g                 metabolic disorders
          mq4h                 haemodynamic disorders
          mq4hh                      haemorrhage
          mq4hh7nr                                     haemorrhagic strokes
          mq4hi                      ischaemia
          mq4hi7ih                                     heart attacks
          mq4hi7nr                                     ischaemic strokes
          mq4hs                      shocks
          mq4i                 immunological disorders
          mq4id                      immunodeficiency
          mq4idn                           HIV/AIDS; human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome
          mq4ip                      hypersensitivity; intolerance
          mq4ipɭ                           allergy; allergic disease  [allergology]
          mq4ipɭ430                                     caused by allergene
          mq4ipɭ430mqriq                                     hymenoptera
          mq4ipɭ430sb                                     food
          mq4ipɭ430sbccm   ⋄                                    apples
          mq4ipɭ430sh(7)                                     drug
          mq4ipɭ430sh(7tbi)                                     antibiotic
          mq4ipɭd                                atopic dermatitis; atopic eczema
          mq4ipɭe                                hay fever
          mq4ipɭx                                anaphylaxis
          mq4ipu                           autoimmunity
          mq4ɭ                 inflammation
          mq4ɭc                      acute inflammation
          mq4ɭcc                           cold
          mq4ɭh                      chronic inflammation
          mq4ɭhs                           asthma  ↞ mq7e respiratory organs
          mq4ɭht                           tuberculosis
          mq4n                 neoplasia; carcinogenesis
          mq4nb                      bening tumor
          mq4ni                      carcinoma in situ; pre-malignant tumor
          mq4nr                      cancer; malignant neoplasm
          mq4nr7j                                lymphoma
          mq4nr7jb                                     leukaemia
Connected classes:
                 rj43  [mq4]                against disease  [veterinary medicine]
                 sh94  [mq4]                healing condition; disease; infirmity
                 sh942  [mq4]                     with concurrent concomitant condition
                 sh947  [mq4]                     complicated by complication; sequela; secondary effect

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