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Expanded class mpwto

    broader class

          mpwto                      scrophulariales
          mpwtob                           buddlejaceae
          mpwtoe                           oleaceae olive family
          mpwtoef                                ashes; Fraxinus
          mpwtoej                                jasmines; Jasminus
          mpwtoeɭ                                lylacs; Syringa
          mpwtoeo                                olive trees; Olea
          mpwtoh                           scrophulariaceae
          mpwtok                           globulariaceae
          mpwtom                           myoporaceae
          mpwtoo                           orobanchaceae
          mpwtoq                           gesneriaceae
          mpwtos                           acanthaceae
          mpwtou                           pedaliaceae
          mpwtov                           bignoniaceae
          mpwtox                           mendonciaceae
          mpwtoy                           lentibulariaceae
Connected classes:
                 sbbv                table olives  ↞ mpwtoeo 
                 sboo                olive oil  ↞ mpwtoeo 

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