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Expanded class mpwrl

    broader class

          mpwrɭ                      celastrales
          mpwrɭb                           geissolomataceae
          mpwrɭc                           celastraceae
          mpwrɭh                           hippocrateaceae
          mpwrɭk                           stackhousiaceae
          mpwrɭɭ                           salvadoraceae
          mpwrɭo                           aquifoliaceae
          mpwrɭq                           icacinaceae
          mpwrɭs                           aextoxicaceae
          mpwrɭt                           cardiopteridaceae
          mpwrɭv                           corynocarpaceae
          mpwrɭw                           dichapetalaceae
          mpwrɭy                           tepuianthaceae
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