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Expanded class mpwrbt

    broader class

          mpwrbt                           rosaceae; rose family
          mpwrbtb                                roses; Rosa
          mpwrbtd                                Rubus including blackberries, raspberries
          mpwrbtf                                strawberries; Fragaria
          mpwrbtm                                apples; Malus including crabapples
          mpwrbtp                                pears; Pyrus
          mpwrbtr                                Prunus
          mpwrbtrb                                     almonds; Prunus dulcis; Prunus amygdalus; Amygdalus communis; Amygdalus dulcis
          mpwrbtrc                                     peaches; Prunus persica
          mpwrbtre                                     apricots; Prunus armeniaca; Armeniaca vulgaris
          mpwrbtrg                                     plums; gages; prunes; Prunus domestica
          mpwrbtrh                                     cherries; Prunus cerasus
Connected classes:
                 sbccm                     apples  ↞ mpwrbtm 
                 sbccp                     pears  ↞ mpwrbtp 
                 sbcd                stone fruits; drupes  ↞ mpwrbtr 
                 sbcdc                     peaches; nectarines  ↞ mpwrbtrc 
                 sbcde                     apricots  ↞ mpwrbtre 
                 sbcdg                     plums  ↞ mpwrbtrg 
                 sbcdh                     cherries  ↞ mpwrbtrh 
                 sbcsb                     bramble fruits  ↞ mpwrbtd 
                 sbcss                     strawberries  ↞ mpwrbtf 
                 sbcum                     almonds  ↞ mpwrbtrb 

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