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Expanded class mpwr

    broader class

          mpwr                 rosidae
          mpwrb                      rosales
          mpwrbb                           brunelliaceae
          mpwrbc                           connaraceae
          mpwrbd                           eucryphiaceae
          mpwrbe                           cunoniaceae
          mpwrbf                           davidsoniaceae
          mpwrbg                           dialypetalanthaceae
          mpwrbh                           pittosporaceae
          mpwrbi                           byblidaceae
          mpwrbj                           hydrangeaceae
          mpwrbk                           columelliaceae
          mpwrbɭ                           grossulariaceae
          mpwrbɭr                                Ribes including currants, gooseberries
          mpwrbm                           greyiaceae
          mpwrbn                           bruniaceae
          mpwrbo                           anisophylleaceae
          mpwrbp                           alseuosmiaceae
          mpwrbq                           crassulaceae
          mpwrbr                           cephalotaceae
          mpwrbs                           saxifragaceae
          mpwrbt                           rosaceae; rose family
          mpwrbtb                                roses; Rosa
          mpwrbtd                                Rubus including blackberries, raspberries
          mpwrbtf                                strawberries; Fragaria
          mpwrbtm                                apples; Malus including crabapples
          mpwrbtp                                pears; Pyrus
          mpwrbtr                                Prunus
          mpwrbtrb                                     almonds; Prunus dulcis; Prunus amygdalus; Amygdalus communis; Amygdalus dulcis
          mpwrbtrc                                     peaches; Prunus persica
          mpwrbtre                                     apricots; Prunus armeniaca; Armeniaca vulgaris
          mpwrbtrg                                     plums; gages; prunes; Prunus domestica
          mpwrbtrh                                     cherries; Prunus cerasus
          mpwrbu                           neuradaceae
          mpwrbv                           crossosomataceae
          mpwrbw                           chrysobalanaceae
          mpwrbx                           surianaceae
          mpwrby                           rhabdodendraceae
          mpwrc                      fabales
          mpwrcb                           mimosaceae; mimosa family
          mpwrcc                           caesalpiniaceae
          mpwrcf                           fabaceae
          mpwrcfc                                acacias; thorntrees; wattles; Acacia
          mpwrcff                                Glycine
          mpwrcffx                                     soybean; Glycine max
          mpwrcfg                                Glycyrrhiza
          mpwrcfgɭ                                     liquorice plant; licorice; Glycyrrhiza glabra
          mpwrcfp                                beans; Phaseolus
          mpwrcfq                                Pisum
          mpwrcfqp                                     peas; Pisum sativum
          mpwrcfr                                Arachis
          mpwrcfrp                                     peanut; Arachis hypogaea
          mpwrcfs                                Cicer including chick pea
          mpwrd                      proteales
          mpwrdn                           nelumbonaceae
          mpwrdnɭ                                lotus; Nelumbo
          mpwrdp                           plane trees; platanaceae
          mpwrdt                           proteaceae
          mpwre                      podostemales
          mpwrep                           podostemaceae
          mpwrf                      haloragales
          mpwrfh                           haloragaceae
          mpwrfu                           gunneraceae
          mpwrg                      myrtales
          mpwrgb                           sonneratiaceae
          mpwrgc                           lythraceae
          mpwrgd                           penaeaceae
          mpwrge                           crypteroniaceae
          mpwrgg                           thymelaeaceae
          mpwrgh                           trapaceae
          mpwrgj                           myrtaceae
          mpwrgk                           punicaceae
          mpwrgm                           onagraceae
          mpwrgo                           oliniaceae
          mpwrgq                           melastomataceae
          mpwrgs                           combretaceae
          mpwrgu                           alzateaceae
          mpwrgw                           memecylaceae
          mpwrgy                           rhyncocalycaceae
          mpwrh                      rhizophorales
          mpwrhr                           rhizophoraceae
          mpwri                      cornales
          mpwriɭ                           alangiaceae
          mpwrin                           nyssaceae
          mpwrir                           cornaceae
          mpwriy                           garryaceae
          mpwrj                      santalales
          mpwrjb                           medusandraceae
          mpwrjd                           dipentodontaceae
          mpwrjf                           olacaceae
          mpwrji                           opiliaceae
          mpwrjn                           santalaceae
          mpwrjo                           misodendraceae
          mpwrjr                           loranthaceae
          mpwrjv                           viscaceae
          mpwrjw                           eremolepidaceae
          mpwrjy                           balanophoraceae
          mpwrk                      rafflesiales
          mpwrkh                           hydnoraceae
          mpwrkm                           mitrastemonaceae
          mpwrkr                           rafflesiaceae
          mpwrɭ                      celastrales
          mpwrɭb                           geissolomataceae
          mpwrɭc                           celastraceae
          mpwrɭh                           hippocrateaceae
          mpwrɭk                           stackhousiaceae
          mpwrɭɭ                           salvadoraceae
          mpwrɭo                           aquifoliaceae
          mpwrɭq                           icacinaceae
          mpwrɭs                           aextoxicaceae
          mpwrɭt                           cardiopteridaceae
          mpwrɭv                           corynocarpaceae
          mpwrɭw                           dichapetalaceae
          mpwrɭy                           tepuianthaceae
          mpwro                      euphorbiales
          mpwrob                           buxaceae
          mpwrom                           simmondsiaceae
          mpwrop                           pandaceae
          mpwrou                           euphorbiaceae
          mpwrous                                spurges; Euphorbia
          mpwrousm                                     Manihot
          mpwrousms                                     cassava; manioc; yuca; macaxeira; mandioca; aipim; Brazilian arrowroot; Manihot esculenta
          mpwrr                      rhamnales
          mpwrrh                           rhamnaceae
          mpwrrɭ                           leeaceae
          mpwrrv                           vitaceae
          mpwrrvv                                grapes; grapevines; Vitis
          mpwrs                      linales
          mpwrse                           erythroxylaceae
          mpwrsh                           humiriaceae
          mpwrsi                           ixonanthaceae
          mpwrsk                           hugoniaceae
          mpwrsɭ                           linaceae
          mpwrsɭɭ                                Linum
          mpwrsɭɭf                                     flax; linseed; Linum usitatissimum
          mpwrt                      polygalales
          mpwrte                           malpighiaceae
          mpwrth                           vochysiaceae
          mpwrti                           trigoniaceae
          mpwrtm                           tremandraceae
          mpwrtp                           polygalaceae
          mpwrtx                           xanthophyllaceae
          mpwrty                           krameriaceae
          mpwru                      sapindales
          mpwrub                           staphyleaceae
          mpwrud                           melianthaceae
          mpwruf                           bretschneideraceae
          mpwruh                           akaniaceae
          mpwrui                           sapindaceae
          mpwruk                           hippocastanaceae
          mpwrukh                                Aesculus including buckeyes, horse-chestnuts
          mpwrum                           aceraceae
          mpwrumm                                maples; Acer
          mpwruo                           burseraceae
          mpwrup                           anacardiaceae
          mpwrupc                                Anacardium
          mpwrupco                                     cashew; Anacardium occidentale
          mpwrupm                                mango; Mangifera
          mpwrupp                                Pistacia
          mpwruppɭ                                     lentisk; mastic; Pistacia lentiscus
          mpwruppv                                     pistachio; Pistacia vera
          mpwrur                           julianiaceae
          mpwrus                           simaroubaceae
          mpwruu                           cneoraceae
          mpwruv                           meliaceae
          mpwrux                           rutaceae
          mpwruxc                                Citrus
          mpwruxcɭ                                     lemon trees; Citrus limon
          mpwruxcm                                     mandarin orange trees; Citrus reticulata
          mpwruxco                                     sweet orange trees; Citrus x sinensis
          mpwruxcp                                     grapefruit trees; Citrus x paradisi
          mpwruy                           zygophyllaceae
          mpwrw                      geraniales
          mpwrwd                           oxalidaceae
          mpwrwg                           geraniaceae
          mpwrwɭ                           limnanthaceae
          mpwrwo                           tropaeolaceae
          mpwrws                           balsaminaceae
          mpwrx                      apiales
          mpwrxɭ                           araliaceae
          mpwrxɭi                                ivies; Hedera
          mpwrxp                           apiaceae; umbelliferae; umbellifers
          mpwrxpd                                Daucus
          mpwrxpdc                                     carrot; Daucus carota
Connected classes:
                 r9ib                flax fiber  ↞ mpwrsllf 
                 sbbg                legumes  ↞ mpwrcf 
                 sbbgb                     beans  ↞ mpwrcfp 
                 sbbgp                     peas  ↞ mpwrcfqp 
                 sbbgs                     chickpeas; chick peas  ↞ mpwrcfs 
                 sbbrc                     carrots  ↞ mpwrxpdc 
                 sbbrm                     maniocs; cassavas; yucas  ↞ mpwrousms 
                 sbccm                     apples  ↞ mpwrbtm 
                 sbccp                     pears  ↞ mpwrbtp 
                 sbcd                stone fruits; drupes  ↞ mpwrbtr 
                 sbcdc                     peaches; nectarines  ↞ mpwrbtrc 
                 sbcde                     apricots  ↞ mpwrbtre 
                 sbcdg                     plums  ↞ mpwrbtrg 
                 sbcdh                     cherries  ↞ mpwrbtrh 
                 sbcdm                     mangoes  ↞ mpwrupm 
                 sbcg                grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv 
                 sbci                citrus fruits  ↞ mpwruxc 
                 sbciɭ                     lemons  ↞ mpwruxcl 
                 sbcim                     mandarin oranges  ↞ mpwruxcm 
                 sbcio                     oranges  ↞ mpwruxco 
                 sbcip                     grapefruits  ↞ mpwruxcp 
                 sbcsb                     bramble fruits  ↞ mpwrbtd 
                 sbcss                     strawberries  ↞ mpwrbtf 
                 sbcui                     pistachio  ↞ mpwruppv 
                 sbcum                     almonds  ↞ mpwrbtrb 
                 sbcup                     peanuts; groundnuts; goobers; monkey nuts  ↞ mpwrcfrp 
                 sbcus                     cashew nuts  ↞ mpwrupco 
                 sbcvg                     dried grapes  ↞ mpwrrvv 
                 sbog                peanut oil; groundnut oil; arachis oil  ↞ mpwrcfrp 
                 sbos                soybean oil  ↞ mpwrcffx 
                 sbvhi                     wines  ↞ mpwrrvv 

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