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Expanded class mpwnl

    broader class

          mpwnɭ                      violales
          mpwnɭb                           flacourtiaceae
          mpwnɭc                           peridiscaceae
          mpwnɭd                           bixaceae
          mpwnɭe                           cistaceae
          mpwnɭf                           huaceae
          mpwnɭg                           lacistemataceae
          mpwnɭh                           scyphostegiaceae
          mpwnɭi                           stachyuraceae
          mpwnɭj                           violaceae
          mpwnɭjv                                violets; pansies; heartsease; Viola
          mpwnɭk                           tamaricaceae tamarind family
          mpwnɭɭ                           frankeniaceae
          mpwnɭm                           dioncophyllaceae
          mpwnɭn                           ancistrocladaceae
          mpwnɭo                           turneraceae
          mpwnɭp                           malesherbiaceae
          mpwnɭq                           passifloraceae
          mpwnɭr                           achariaceae
          mpwnɭs                           caricaceae
          mpwnɭt                           fouquieriaceae
          mpwnɭu                           hoplestigmataceae
          mpwnɭv                           cucurbitaceae; melons; gourds; cucurbits
          mpwnɭvc                                Cucumis
          mpwnɭvcc                                     cucumbers; Cucumis sativus
          mpwnɭvcm                                     melons; Cucumis melo
          mpwnɭvi                                Citrullus including watermelons
          mpwnɭvs                                squashes; marrows; Cucurbita including pumpkins, zucchini
          mpwnɭw                           datiscaceae
          mpwnɭx                           begoniaceae
          mpwnɭy                           loasaceae
Connected classes:
                 sbbm                cucurbits  ↞ mpwnlv 
                 sbbmp                     pumpkins; squashes; marrows; zucchini; courgettes; gourds  ↞ mpwnlvs 

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