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Expanded class mpwnf

    broader class

          mpwnf                      malvales
          mpwnfe                           elaeocarpaceae
          mpwnfi                           tiliaceae
          mpwnfk                           sterculiaceae
          mpwnfkk                                kola nuts; Cola
          mpwnfkt                                Theobroma
          mpwnfktc                                     cacao; cocoa plants; Theobroma cacao
          mpwnfo                           bombacaceae
          mpwnfv                           malvaceae including mallow
          mpwnfvb                                baobabs; Adansonia
          mpwnfvc                                cotton plants; Gossypium
          mpwnfvh                                Hibiscus
          mpwnfvhk                                     kenaf; Hibiscus cannabinus
          mpwnfvo                                Abelmoschus
          mpwnfvok                                     okra; Abelmoschus esculentus
          mpwnfvt                                lime trees; linden; basswood; Tilia
Connected classes:
                 r9ic                cotton fiber  ↞ mpwnfvc 
                 r9if                bast fibre; phloem fibre; skin fibre  ↞ mp79vb mpwnfvt 
                 sbvsɭ                     cola  ↞ mpwnfkk 

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