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Expanded class mpwnd

    broader class

          mpwnd                      theales
          mpwndb                           ochnaceae
          mpwndc                           sphaerosepalaceae
          mpwndd                           sarcolaenaceae
          mpwnde                           dipterocarpaceae
          mpwndf                           caryocaraceae
          mpwndh                           theaceae
          mpwndhc                                Camellia
          mpwndhcs                                     tea plant; Camellia sinensis
          mpwndi                           actinidiaceae
          mpwndj                           scytopetalaceae
          mpwndk                           pentaphylacaceae
          mpwndɭ                           tetrameristaceae
          mpwndm                           pellicieraceae
          mpwndo                           oncothecaceae
          mpwndp                           marcgraviaceae
          mpwndq                           quiinaceae
          mpwndr                           elatinaceae
          mpwnds                           paracryphiaceae
          mpwndt                           medusagynaceae
          mpwndu                           clusiaceae
Connected classes:
                 sbvse                     tea  ↞ mpwndhcs 

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