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Expanded class mpwhu

    broader class

          mpwhu                      fagales
          mpwhub                           balanopaceae
          mpwhud                           ticodendraceae
          mpwhuf                           fagaceae
          mpwhufc                                chestnuts; Castanea
          mpwhufd                                chinquapins; chinkapins; Castanopsis
          mpwhufe                                golden chinkapins; Chrysolepis
          mpwhufg                                Colombobalanus
          mpwhufh                                beeches; Fagus
          mpwhufm                                Formanodendron
          mpwhufo                                tanoaks; stone oaks; Lithocarpus
          mpwhufq                                oaks; Quercus
          mpwhuft                                Trigonobalanus
          mpwhun                           nothofagaceae
          mpwhuu                           betulaceae
          mpwhuub                                birches; Betula
          mpwhuuc                                hornbeams; Carpinus
          mpwhuud                                alders; Alder
          mpwhuuh                                hazels; Corylus
          mpwhuuo                                hop-hornbeams; Ostrya
          mpwhuur                                hazel-hornbeams; Ostryopsis
Connected classes:
                 sbcuc                     chestnuts  ↞ mpwhufc 
                 sbcuh                     hazelnuts  ↞ mpwhuuh 

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