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Expanded class mpwh

    broader class

          mpwh                 hamamelidae; hamamelididae
          mpwhb                      trochodendrales
          mpwhbe                           tetracentraceae
          mpwhbr                           trochodendraceae
          mpwhc                      hamamelidales
          mpwhcc                           cercidiphyllaceae
          mpwhce                           eupteleaceae
          mpwhcp                           platanaceae
          mpwhct                           hamamelidaceae
          mpwhcy                           myrothamnaceae
          mpwhd                      daphniphyllales
          mpwhdd                           daphniphyllaceae
          mpwhf                      didymelales
          mpwhfd                           didymelaceae
          mpwhg                      eucommiales
          mpwhge                           eucommiaceae
          mpwhi                      urticales
          mpwhib                           barbeyaceae
          mpwhie                           ulmaceae
          mpwhieu                                elms; Ulmus
          mpwhii                           cannabaceae
          mpwhiic                                hemps; Cannabis
          mpwhiie                                hackberries; Celtis
          mpwhiig                                Gironniera
          mpwhiih                                hops; Humulus
          mpwhiip                                Parasponia
          mpwhiir                                Pteroceltis
          mpwhiit                                tremas; Trema
          mpwhim                           moraceae
          mpwhir                           cecropiaceae
          mpwhiu                           urticaceae
          mpwhiuu                                nettles; Urtica
          mpwhɭ                      leitneriales
          mpwhɭɭ                           leitneriaceae
          mpwho                      juglandales
          mpwhoh                           rhoipteleaceae
          mpwhoj                           juglandaceae
          mpwhojb                                Alfaroa
          mpwhojc                                Carya including hickory, pecan
          mpwhojd                                wheel wingnuts; Cyclocarya
          mpwhoje                                cheos; Engelhardia
          mpwhojj                                walnuts; Juglans
          mpwhojo                                Oreomunnea
          mpwhojp                                Platycarya
          mpwhojw                                wingnuts; Pterocarya
          mpwhr                      myricales
          mpwhrm                           myricaceae
          mpwhu                      fagales
          mpwhub                           balanopaceae
          mpwhud                           ticodendraceae
          mpwhuf                           fagaceae
          mpwhufc                                chestnuts; Castanea
          mpwhufd                                chinquapins; chinkapins; Castanopsis
          mpwhufe                                golden chinkapins; Chrysolepis
          mpwhufg                                Colombobalanus
          mpwhufh                                beeches; Fagus
          mpwhufm                                Formanodendron
          mpwhufo                                tanoaks; stone oaks; Lithocarpus
          mpwhufq                                oaks; Quercus
          mpwhuft                                Trigonobalanus
          mpwhun                           nothofagaceae
          mpwhuu                           betulaceae
          mpwhuub                                birches; Betula
          mpwhuuc                                hornbeams; Carpinus
          mpwhuud                                alders; Alder
          mpwhuuh                                hazels; Corylus
          mpwhuuo                                hop-hornbeams; Ostrya
          mpwhuur                                hazel-hornbeams; Ostryopsis
          mpwhy                      casuarinales
          mpwhyc                           casuarinaceae
Connected classes:
                 sbcuc                     chestnuts  ↞ mpwhufc 
                 sbcuh                     hazelnuts  ↞ mpwhuuh 
                 sbcuɭ                     walnuts  ↞ mpwhojj 

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