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Expanded class mpwd

    broader class

          mpwdWy                 dicotyledons; dicots; magnoliopsida  
          mpwd                 magnoliidae mostly basal dicots
          mpwdb                      magnoliales
          mpwdbb                           winteraceae
          mpwdbd                           degeneriaceae
          mpwdbh                           himantandraceae
          mpwdbj                           eupomatiaceae
          mpwdbk                           austrobaileyaceae
          mpwdbm                           magnoliaceae magnolia family
          mpwdbo                           lactoridaceae
          mpwdbq                           annonaceae
          mpwdbs                           myristicaceae
          mpwdbu                           canellaceae
          mpwdc                      laurales
          mpwdcb                           amborellaceae
          mpwdcc                           trimeniaceae
          mpwdce                           monimiaceae
          mpwdcg                           gomortegaceae
          mpwdci                           calycanthaceae
          mpwdck                           idiospermaceae
          mpwdcɭ                           lauraceae laurel family
          mpwdcɭc                                Cinnamomum including cinnamon, cassia, camphor laurel
          mpwdcɭɭ                                bay laurels; Laurus
          mpwdcɭn                                spicebushes; Lindera
          mpwdcɭp                                avocados; Persea
          mpwdcɭs                                Sassafras
          mpwdcn                           hernandiaceae
          mpwde                      piperales
          mpwdec                           chloranthaceae
          mpwdej                           saururaceae
          mpwdep                           piperaceae
          mpwdepp                                pepper; Piper
          mpwdh                      aristolochiales
          mpwdhh                           aristolochiaceae
          mpwdɭ                      illiciales
          mpwdɭi                           illiciaceae
          mpwdɭs                           schisandraceae
          mpwdn                      nymphaeales
          mpwdne                           nelumbonaceae
          mpwdnm                           nymphaeaceae
          mpwdnmw                                water-lilies; waterlilies; Nymphaea
          mpwdnq                           barclayaceae
          mpwdnu                           cabombaceae
          mpwdny                           ceratophyllaceae
          mpwdr                      ranunculales
          mpwdrb                           ranunculaceae
          mpwdrc                           circaeasteraceae
          mpwdre                           berberidaceae
          mpwdrg                           sargentodoxaceae
          mpwdrɭ                           lardizabalaceae
          mpwdrm                           menispermaceae
          mpwdro                           coriariaceae
          mpwdrs                           sabiaceae
          mpwdv                      papaverales
          mpwdvp                           papaveraceae
          mpwdvu                           fumariaceae
Connected classes:
                 sbsɭ                bay laurel; sweet bay; Grecian laurel  ↞ mpwdcll 

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