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Expanded class mpwbt

    broader class

          mpwbt                      poales including grasses, bromeliads, sedges
          mpwbtc                           cyperaceae
          mpwbtcc                                Cyperus
          mpwbtccp                                     papyrus sedge; paper reed; Cyperus papyrus
          mpwbtg                           grasses; poaceae; gramineae
          mpwbtgb                                bamboos
          mpwbtgc                                sugar cane
          mpwbtge                                rice
          mpwbtgf                                wheat
          mpwbtgh                                barley
          mpwbtgj                                oat
          mpwbtgɭ                                rye
          mpwbtgm                                maize
          mpwbtgo                                millet
Connected classes:
                 mpwU  [mpwbtg]                grasses
                 rb9d                cereal grains  ↞ mpwbtg 
                 rb9de                     rice  ↞ mpwbtge 
                 rb9dm                     maize  ↞ mpwbtgm 
                 rb9e                breads  ↞ mpwbtg 
                 rb9vhb                          beers  ↞ mpwbtg 
                 rb9vhik                               sake  ↞ mpwbtge 

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