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Expanded class mpr

    broader class

          mprWt            gymnospermae
          mpr            conifers; pinophyta; coniferophyta  ≈ DDC 585
          mprU   [mprppb]                pinaceae; pine family
          mprUb                      pines; Pinus
          mprUc                      spruces; Picea
          mprUh                      Cahtaya
          mprUɭ                      larches; Larix
          mprUm                      Douglas firs; Pseudotsuga
          mprUo                      golden larches; Pseudolarix
          mprUq                      firs; Abies
          mprUr                      cedars; Cedrus
          mprUt                      Keteleeria
          mprUu                      Nothotsuga
          mprUx                      hemlocks; Tsuga
          mprp                 pinopsida
          mprpc                      cordaitales
          mprpp                      pinales
          mprppb                           pinaceae
          mprppc                           araucariaceae; araucaria family; monkey puzzle trees
          mprppe                           podocarpaceae; yellow-wood family
          mprppp                           sciadopityaceae; umbrella-pine family
          mprppr                           cupressaceae; cypress family
          mprppt                           cephalotaxaceae; plum-yew family
          mprppy                           taxaceae; yew family
          mprps                      vojnovskyales
          mprpv                      voltziales
Connected classes:
                 mprU  [mprppb]                pinaceae; pine family
                 sbcp                podocarps  ↞ mprppe 

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