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Expanded class mn

    broader class

          mn       fungi  [mycology]  ≈ DDC 579
          mnc            chytrids; chytridiomycota
          mnd            blastocladiomycota
          mne            neocallimastigomycetes; neocallimastigomycota
          mng            zygomycota; zygomycetes and trichomycetes including black bread mold, Rhizopus
          mnh            glomeromycota
          mnoWy            dikarya; deuteromycota; higher fungi
          mno            ascomycetes; ascomycota; sac fungi including morels, truffles, yeasts, cup fungi
          mnoU   [mnossssc]                Saccharomyces cerevisiae
          mnop                 pezizomycetes
          mnopp                      pezizales
          mnoppt                           tuberaceae
          mnopptt                                Tuber; truffles
          mnos                 saccharomycetes; hemiascomycetes; budding yeasts
          mnoss                      saccharomycetales
          mnosss                           saccharomycetaceae
          mnossss                                Saccharomyces
          mnossssc                                     Saccharomyces cerevisiae
          mns            basydiomicetes; basydiomycota; club fungi including puffballs
          mnscWf                 agaricomycotina; hymenomycetes
          mnsc                 tremellomycetes
          mnsd                 dacrymycetes
          mnsf                 agaricomycetes; homobasidiomycetes including mushrooms
          mnsfc                      agaricales; gilled mushrooms; euagarics
          mnsfcc                           agaricaceae
          mnsfccc                                Agaricus; common mushroom
          mnsfcm                           amanitaceae
          mnsfcmm                                Amanita
          mnsfp                      phallales
          mnsfpp                           phallaceae; stinkhorn mushrooms
          mnsgWr                 pucciniomycotina
          mnsg                 agaricostilbomycetes
          mnsi                 atractiellomycetes
          mnsɭ                 classiculomycetes
          mnsm                 cryptomycocolacomycetes
          mnsn                 cystobasidiomycetes
          mnso                 microbotryomycetes
          mnsp                 mixiomycetes
          mnsq                 pucciniomycetes; urediniomycetes
          mnssWx                 ustilaginomycotina
          mnss                 exobasidiomycetes
          mnst                 entorrhizomycetes
          mnsu                 ustilaginomycetes; true smut fungi
          mnsw                 malasseziomycetes
          mnsx                 moniliellomycetes
Connected classes:
                 m439nu                          fungal infection  ↞ mn 
                 mnoU  [mnossssc]                Saccharomyces cerevisiae
                 ntsɭ                lichens  ↞ lki mpbWc mn 
                 sbbu                edible fungi  ↞ mn 

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