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Expanded class mU7d

    broader class

          mU7d                 human digestive organs; gastrointestinal tract; GIT; digestive tract; alimentary canal; digestion tract
          mU7dbWq                      upper gastrointestinal tract
          mU7db                      human mouth
          mU7dbb                           lips
          mU7dbɭ                           palate
          mU7dbo                           human tongue
          mU7dbt                           human teeth
          mU7dbt(81d)                                     deciduous teeth; primary teeth; baby teeth; milk teeth  ↞ mU8i children
          mU7dbt(81p)                                     permanent teeth
          mU7dbtXXXc                                     pulp chamber
          mU7dbtXXXd                                     dentin
          mU7dbtXXXe                                     enamel
          mU7dbtXXXg                                     gums; gingivas
          mU7dbtXXXm                                     cementum
          mU7dbtXXɭ                                     left
          mU7dbtXXr                                     right
          mU7dbti                                incisors
          mU7dbtii                                     maxillary central incisors
          mU7dbtiiɭ   ⋄                                    left maxillary central incisor
          mU7dbtiir   ⋄                                    right maxillary central incisor
          mU7dbtiɭ                                     maxillary lateral incisors
          mU7dbtin                                     mandibular central incisors
          mU7dbtir                                     mandibular lateral incisors
          mU7dbtn                                canines
          mU7dbtni                                     maxillary canins
          mU7dbtnn                                     mandibular canins
          mU7dbtp                                premolars; bicuspids
          mU7dbtpi                                     maxillary first premolars
          mU7dbtpɭ                                     maxillary second premolars
          mU7dbtpn                                     mandibular first premolars
          mU7dbtpr                                     mandibular second premolars
          mU7dbtr                                molars
          mU7dbtrXd   ⋄                                    molar dentin
          mU7dbtri                                     maxillary first molars
          mU7dbtrɭ                                     maxillary second molars
          mU7dbtrm                                     maxillary third molars
          mU7dbtrn                                     mandibular first molars
          mU7dbtrr                                     mandibular second molars
          mU7dbtrt                                     mandibular third molars
          mU7dd                      pharynx
          mU7de                      esophagus
          mU7dh                      stomach
          mU7dɭ                      liver
          mU7do                      gallbladder; gall bladder; cholecyst
          mU7dp                      pancreas
          mU7dtWy                      lower gastrointestinal tract
          mU7dt                      intestines; bowel; gut
          mU7dtcWj                           small intestine; small bowel
          mU7dtd                           duodenus
          mU7dte                           jejunum
          mU7dti                           ileum
          mU7dtmWx                           large intestine; large bowel
          mU7dtm                           cecum; caecum
          mU7dto                           colon
          mU7dtoc                                ascending colon
          mU7dtoe                                transverse colon
          mU7dton                                descending colon
          mU7dtos                                sigmoid colon
          mU7dtr                           rectum
          mU7dtw                           anal canal
          mU7dx                      anus
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