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Expanded class mU4

    broader class

          mU4            affected by human disease  [nosology; health science]
          mU48   [an89]                 severity; seriousness; prognosis
          mU488   [an]                      APACHE scoring system
          mU488oo                                APACHE 0  
          mU488vp                                APACHE 71  
          mU48f                      not serious
          mU48m                      serious
          mU48u                      very serious
          mU48v                      extremely serious
          mU48y                      fatal
          mU49                 with feature; symptom; sign
          mU49b                      pain
          mU49bc                           acute pain
          mU49bh                           chronic pain
          mU49c                      cough
          mU49e                      vomiting; emesis; throwing up
          mU49f                      fever; pyrexia
          mU49o                      disorders of form
          mU49oc                           increase in size
          mU49oce                                edema; oedema; fluid retention; dropsy; hydropsy; swelling
          mU49od                           decrease in size
          mU49oh                           change in shape
          mU49oɭ                           appearance of lumps
          mU49on                           change of appearance
          mU49onc                                change of colour
          mU49u                      disorders of function
          mU49uc                           increase in function
          mU49ud                           decrease in function
          mU49uɭ                           alteration in function
Connected classes:
                 sh      healthcare; health services; healing; medical treatments; assistance; therapies  [medicine]  ↞ mU4 
                 sh946  [mU49]                     showing symptom; clinical or laboratory finding
                 sh98  [mU48]                 severity
                 sh988  [mU488]                      APACHE scoring system

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