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Expanded class m

    broader class

          m  organisms; eukaryote organisms; eukarya  ↞ l cells k genes   ≈ DDC 570  
          m076                 as applied to
          m076u   ⋄                     health care
          m09x                 cladistics; phylogenetic taxonomy
          m25   [ny]           in habitat
          m25b                 benthos
          m25c                 plankton and nekton
          m30k                 expressing gene
          m37   [X]            symbiont; fertilizer
          m4   [X]      affected by disease; pest  [pathology]
          m42            correlated with risk factor; determinant
          m439                 acquired from pathogen; cause  [aethiology; etiology; aetiology; aitiology]  
          m439b                      congenital abnormality  ↞ k genes
          m439c                      perinatal condition  ↞ m5e birth
          m439dWy                      environmental cause
          m439d                      exposure to radiation  ↞ d5 emitting
          m439h                      chemical exposure  ↞ f molecules
          m439j                      poisoning; toxic substance  [toxicology]
          m439n                      infection; germs
          m439ni                           viral infection  ↞ kv viruses
          m439nt                           bacterial infection  ↞ l cells
          m439nu                           fungal infection  ↞ mn fungi
          m439p                      parasites  ↞ m organisms
          m439t                      trauma; injury  ↞ g bulk matter
          m439tb                           blunt trauma
          m439ts                           sharp trauma
          m45   [_]            pathogenesis; mechanism  
          m47   [m4]           with complication; sequela; secondary effect
          m48   [an89]            outcome; prognosis; course
          m49   [X]           showing; feeling; reflected by; manifested as symptom; sign  [symptomatology]
          m5        function; physiological process  [physiology]  ≈ DDC 571
          m58   [l5]            metabolic process
          m5e            birth  ↞ oso giving birth
          m5g            growth
          m5m            metamorphosis
          m5r            reproduction
          m5ra                 asexual reproduction
          m5rɭ                 allogamy
          m5ru                 autogamy; self-fertilization
          m5w            ageing
          m5x            death; dying
          m5x30o                           kill
          m6   [X]       trait; character  [morphology]
          m7   [X]       organ; viscus; organ system; body system  [anatomy]
          m78   [lu]            cell type
          m79   [X]            tissue  [histology]
          m8        growth stage; developmental stage  [ontogeny; embryology]  ↞ 51 developed through
          m81   [an89]           aged years age
          m827   [an89]                 length; height
          m83   [an89]            weight
          m838   [an]                 weighing g
          m83f                 light
          m83u                 heavy
          m88   [an]            quantity
          m8a            conception
          m8b            zygote
          m8c            embryo
          m8d            fetus; foetus
          m8d5x                      abortion
          m8d5x30p                                     induced abortion
          m8f            newborn; neonate; infant
          m8g            larva
          m8h            metamorphosis
          m8i            very young
          m8ɭ            adolescent; puberty
          m8n            young; youth
          m8p            adult
          m8u            old; ageing
          m8x            dead; corpse
          m8y            fossil  ≈ DDC 560
          m9        sex; gender
          m91   [i1]           lived in; existed in era  [palaeontology]
          m92   [jU]           distributed in range  [biogeography]
          m93   [m]           descendant of ancestor taxon; lineage  [phylogeny]
          m9304   [m]                     ancestor of descendant
          m938   [m]                son of parent
          m93804   [m]                          parent of son
          m97   [X]           with qualifying organ
          m974   [X]                without; lacking missing organ
          m9i            indeterminate gender; androgynous
          m9x            male
          m9xy                 male born as female
          m9y            female
          m9yx                 female born as male
          mA       all organisms; biosphere
          mAa   ⋄           organisms in themselves
          mU   [mqvtguos]      human organisms; men  [biological anthropology]
          mU4            affected by human disease  [nosology; health science]
          mU48   [an89]                 severity; seriousness; prognosis
          mU488   [an]                      APACHE scoring system
          mU488oo                                APACHE 0  
          mU488vp                                APACHE 71  
          mU48f                      not serious
          mU48m                      serious
          mU48u                      very serious
          mU48v                      extremely serious
          mU48y                      fatal
          mU49                 with feature; symptom; sign
          mU49b                      pain
          mU49bc                           acute pain
          mU49bh                           chronic pain
          mU49c                      cough
          mU49e                      vomiting; emesis; throwing up
          mU49f                      fever; pyrexia
          mU49o                      disorders of form
          mU49oc                           increase in size
          mU49oce                                edema; oedema; fluid retention; dropsy; hydropsy; swelling
          mU49od                           decrease in size
          mU49oh                           change in shape
          mU49oɭ                           appearance of lumps
          mU49on                           change of appearance
          mU49onc                                change of colour
          mU49u                      disorders of function
          mU49uc                           increase in function
          mU49ud                           decrease in function
          mU49uɭ                           alteration in function
          mU6             sex
          mU689                       skin colour; tone  
          mU689a                           pale white skin; Monk A
          mU689b                           white skin; Monk B
          mU689d                           golden honey skin; Monk D
          mU689e                           light olive skin; Monk E
          mU689f                           olive skin; Monk F
          mU689g                           light brown skin; Monk G
          mU689h                           moderate brown skin; Monk H
          mU689i                           dark brown skin; Monk I
          mU689j                           black skin; Monk J
          mU6x                 male men
          mU6y                 female women
          mU7            human organs  [human anatomy]  ≈ DDC 611 612
          mU7d                 human digestive organs; gastrointestinal tract; GIT; digestive tract; alimentary canal; digestion tract
          mU7dbWq                      upper gastrointestinal tract
          mU7db                      human mouth
          mU7dbb                           lips
          mU7dbɭ                           palate
          mU7dbo                           human tongue
          mU7dbt                           human teeth
          mU7dbt(81d)                                     deciduous teeth; primary teeth; baby teeth; milk teeth  ↞ mU8i children
          mU7dbt(81p)                                     permanent teeth
          mU7dbtXXXc                                     pulp chamber
          mU7dbtXXXd                                     dentin
          mU7dbtXXXe                                     enamel
          mU7dbtXXXg                                     gums; gingivas
          mU7dbtXXXm                                     cementum
          mU7dbtXXɭ                                     left
          mU7dbtXXr                                     right
          mU7dbti                                incisors
          mU7dbtii                                     maxillary central incisors
          mU7dbtiiɭ   ⋄                                    left maxillary central incisor
          mU7dbtiir   ⋄                                    right maxillary central incisor
          mU7dbtiɭ                                     maxillary lateral incisors
          mU7dbtin                                     mandibular central incisors
          mU7dbtir                                     mandibular lateral incisors
          mU7dbtn                                canines
          mU7dbtni                                     maxillary canins
          mU7dbtnn                                     mandibular canins
          mU7dbtp                                premolars; bicuspids
          mU7dbtpi                                     maxillary first premolars
          mU7dbtpɭ                                     maxillary second premolars
          mU7dbtpn                                     mandibular first premolars
          mU7dbtpr                                     mandibular second premolars
          mU7dbtr                                molars
          mU7dbtrXd   ⋄                                    molar dentin
          mU7dbtri                                     maxillary first molars
          mU7dbtrɭ                                     maxillary second molars
          mU7dbtrm                                     maxillary third molars
          mU7dbtrn                                     mandibular first molars
          mU7dbtrr                                     mandibular second molars
          mU7dbtrt                                     mandibular third molars
          mU7dd                      pharynx
          mU7de                      esophagus
          mU7dh                      stomach
          mU7dɭ                      liver
          mU7do                      gallbladder; gall bladder; cholecyst
          mU7dp                      pancreas
          mU7dtWy                      lower gastrointestinal tract
          mU7dt                      intestines; bowel; gut
          mU7dtcWj                           small intestine; small bowel
          mU7dtd                           duodenus
          mU7dte                           jejunum
          mU7dti                           ileum
          mU7dtmWx                           large intestine; large bowel
          mU7dtm                           cecum; caecum
          mU7dto                           colon
          mU7dtoc                                ascending colon
          mU7dtoe                                transverse colon
          mU7dton                                descending colon
          mU7dtos                                sigmoid colon
          mU7dtr                           rectum
          mU7dtw                           anal canal
          mU7dx                      anus
          mU7e                 human respiratory organs
          mU7ec                      paranasal sinuses
          mU7ee                      nose
          mU7eɭ                      larynx
          mU7em                      vocal folds
          mU7eq                      trachea
          mU7er                      bronchi
          mU7eu                      lungs
          mU7ex                      diaphragm
          mU7i                 human circulatory organs
          mU7ih                      human heart
          mU7ihf                           left atrium
          mU7ihh                           right atrium
          mU7ihɭ                           left ventricle
          mU7ihn                           right ventricle
          mU7ihp                           perdicardium; pericardial sac
          mU7iɭ                      blood vessels
          mU7iɭe                           arteries
          mU7iɭɭ                           capillaries
          mU7iɭv                           veins
          mU7io                      human blood
          mU7io49uc                                     hyperemia; increased blood flow
          mU7j                 immune and lymphatic systems
          mU7jb                      innate immune system; nonspecific immune system
          mU7jd                      adaptive immune system; acquired immune system
          mU7jɭ                      lymphatic vessels
          mU7jn                      lymph nodes; lymph glands
          mU7jt                      thymus
          mU7jw                      bone marrow
          mU7jy                      lymph
          mU7ɭ                 human glands
          mU7n                 human nervous system
          mU7nbWk                      central nervous system; CNS
          mU7nb                      human brain
          mU7nbc                           cerebellum
          mU7nbe                           brainstem
          mU7nbed                                midbrain
          mU7nben                                pons
          mU7nbeo                                medulla oblongata
          mU7nbr                           cerebrum; telencephalon; endbrain
          mU7nbrh                                hippocampus
          mU7nbrɭ                                basal ganglia
          mU7nbro                                olfactory bulb
          mU7nbrx                                cerebral cortex; cerebral mantle
          mU7nbrxe                                     longitudinal fissure
          mU7nbrxf                                     frontal lobes
          mU7nbrxi                                     parietal lobes
          mU7nbrxo                                     occipital lobes
          mU7nbrxt                                     temporal lobes
          mU7nc                      spinal cord
          mU7nɭWy                      peripheral nervous system; PNS
          mU7nn                      nerves
          mU7o                 human sense organs
          mU7oe                      human eyes
          mU7oec                           cornea
          mU7oei                           iris
          mU7oeɭ                           pupil
          mU7oen                           crystalline lens
          mU7oer                           retina
          mU7oh                      human ears
          mU7ohbWc                           outer ear
          mU7ohb                           pinna
          mU7ohc                           ear canal
          mU7ohhWo                           medium ear
          mU7ohm                           tympanic cavity
          mU7oho                           ossicles
          mU7ohpWy                           inner ear
          mU7ohq                           bony labyrinth
          mU7ohs                           semicircular canals
          mU7ohu                           utricle
          mU7ohv                           saccule
          mU7ohx                           cochlea
          mU7q                 human skeleton
          mU7qbWg                      axial skeleton
          mU7qcWd                      skull; cranium s.l.
          mU7qc                      cranium; neurocranium
          mU7qd                      mandible; viscerocranium; facial skeleton
          mU7qe                      vertebral column; backbone; spine
          mU7qebWh                           cervical vertebrae; cervical spine
          mU7qeiWrzq                 thoracic vertebrae; thoracic spine
          mU7qei                           first thoracic vertebra; T1
          mU7qer                           tenth toracic vertebra; T10
          mU7qerzp                           eleventh thoracic vertebra; T11
          mU7qerzq                           twelfth thoracic vertebra; T12
          mU7qesWw                           lumbar vertebrae; lumbar spine
          mU7qex                           sacrum
          mU7qey                           coccyx
          mU7qg                      rib cage; thoracic cage
          mU7qgr                           ribs
          mU7qgrb                                1st left rib
          mU7qgrc                                1st right rib
          mU7qgry                                12th right rib
          mU7qgs                           sternum
          mU7qiWy                      appendicular skeleton
          mU7qi                      pectoral girdles
          mU7qɭ                      upper limbs
          mU7qɭe                           humerus
          mU7qɭr                           radius
          mU7qɭu                           ulna
          mU7qɭw                           wrist; carpus; carpal bones
          mU7qɭx                           metacarpus; metacarpal bones
          mU7qɭy                           phalanges; digital bones
          mU7qp                      pelvis; pelvic girdle
          mU7qw                      lower limbs
          mU7qwf                           femur
          mU7qwh                           patella; kneecap
          mU7qwi                           tibia
          mU7qwɭ                           fibula
          mU7qwr                           tarsus
          mU7qws                           metatarsus
          mU7qwy                           phalanges; toe bones
          mU7r                 human muscles
          mU7s                 human reproductive organs
          mU7u                 human urinary organs; escretory system
          mU7uk                      kidneys
          mU7x                 human skin
          mU7x49oce                                     angioedema
          mU7x4ɭ                           dermatitis; eczema
          mU7x7io49uc                                     erythema
          mU7xh                      human hair
          mU7xn                      human nails
          mU827   [ann]                      height meters
          mU827pvo   ⋄                                    1,70 m
          mU82f                      small
          mU82u                      big
          mU838   [an]                     weighing Kg
          mU84   [an89]                 humanity
          mU84b                      non human
          mU84g                      quasi-human; humanoid
          mU8c                 foetus
          mU8e                 human infant
          mU8i                 children
          mU8ɭ                 kids
          mU8n                 young humans
          mU8p                 adult humans
          mU8v                 old humans
          mX       kingdoms
          mXA   ⋄           some organisms
          mXX            phyla; divisions; types
          mXXX                 classes
          mXXXX                      orders
          mXXXXX                           genera
          mXXXXXX                                species
          mXXXXXXX                                     varieties; races
          mY        individuals; specimens
          meWɭ       protists; protista; unicellular eukaryotes
          me       excavates; excavata including Euglena, Tripanosoma, Trichomonas  ≈ DDC 579
          mg       rhizaria
          mgc            cercozoa
          mgf            forams; foraminifera
          mgr            radiolarians; radiolaria
          mh       chromalveolata  ≈ DDC 579
          mhe            heterokontophyta
          mheo                 oomycetes; oomycota; water molds
          mhh            haptophyta
          mhk            cryptophyta
          mhm            apicomplexa
          mho            chromerida
          mhq            ciliates; ciliophora
          mht            dinoflagellates; dinoflagellata
          mj       amoebozoa including Amoeba  ≈ DDC 579
          mn       fungi  [mycology]  ≈ DDC 579
          mnc            chytrids; chytridiomycota
          mnd            blastocladiomycota
          mne            neocallimastigomycetes; neocallimastigomycota
          mng            zygomycota; zygomycetes and trichomycetes including black bread mold, Rhizopus
          mnh            glomeromycota
          mnoWy            dikarya; deuteromycota; higher fungi
          mno            ascomycetes; ascomycota; sac fungi including morels, truffles, yeasts, cup fungi
          mnoU   [mnossssc]                Saccharomyces cerevisiae
          mnop                 pezizomycetes
          mnopp                      pezizales
          mnoppt                           tuberaceae
          mnopptt                                Tuber; truffles
          mnos                 saccharomycetes; hemiascomycetes; budding yeasts
          mnoss                      saccharomycetales
          mnosss                           saccharomycetaceae
          mnossss                                Saccharomyces
          mnossssc                                     Saccharomyces cerevisiae
          mns            basydiomicetes; basydiomycota; club fungi including puffballs
          mnscWf                 agaricomycotina; hymenomycetes
          mnsc                 tremellomycetes
          mnsd                 dacrymycetes
          mnsf                 agaricomycetes; homobasidiomycetes including mushrooms
          mnsfc                      agaricales; gilled mushrooms; euagarics
          mnsfcc                           agaricaceae
          mnsfccc                                Agaricus; common mushroom
          mnsfcm                           amanitaceae
          mnsfcmm                                Amanita
          mnsfp                      phallales
          mnsfpp                           phallaceae; stinkhorn mushrooms
          mnsgWr                 pucciniomycotina
          mnsg                 agaricostilbomycetes
          mnsi                 atractiellomycetes
          mnsɭ                 classiculomycetes
          mnsm                 cryptomycocolacomycetes
          mnsn                 cystobasidiomycetes
          mnso                 microbotryomycetes
          mnsp                 mixiomycetes
          mnsq                 pucciniomycetes; urediniomycetes
          mnssWx                 ustilaginomycotina
          mnss                 exobasidiomycetes
          mnst                 entorrhizomycetes
          mnsu                 ustilaginomycetes; true smut fungi
          mnsw                 malasseziomycetes
          mnsx                 moniliellomycetes
          mo       red algae; rhodophyta  ≈ DDC 579
          mp       plants  [botany SS]  ↞ lup differentiated plant cells   ≈ DDC 580
          mp076                        [applied botany]
          mp23   [nyo]                growing on soil substratum
          mp37   [mq]                pollinated by pollinator
          mp370j(5kn)                                     wind
          mp37ri                           insects
          mp37vo                           birds
          mp4            afftected by plant disease; pest  [plant pathology; phytopathology]
          mp4c                 rusts
          mp4g                 smuts
          mp4i                 blight
          mp4ɭ                 leaf spots
          mp4n                 canker
          mp4q                 wilt
          mp4t                 downy mildews
          mp4w                 prowdery mildew
          mp4x                 anthracnoses
          mp6             bearing
          mp6r                 herb; herbaceous
          mp6s                 shrub; bushes
          mp6t                 tree; arboreous; arboreal plants
          mp7             plant organ; functional system  [plant morphology]  ≈ DDC 575
          mp79                  plant tissue  [plant anatomy; phytotomy]
          mp79e                      epidermis
          mp79g                      ground tissue
          mp79v                      vascular tissue
          mp79vb                           phloem; bast; liber
          mp79vm                           meristem
          mp79vmc                                vascular cambium
          mp79vmk                                cork cambium
          mp79vx                           xylem
          mp7f                 roots
          mp7g                 stem
          mp7gc                      trunk
          mp7gr                      branches; rami
          mp7grb                           boughs
          mp7grt                           twigs
          mp7ɭ                 leaves
          mp7s                 seeds; fruits
          mp7so                      ovules
          mp7sp                      pericarp
          mp7st                      accessory fruits
          mp7w                 flowers
          mp7wa                      calyx
          mp7wc                      corolla
          mp7wp                      pistil; carpels; gynoecium
          mp7wpo                           ovary
          mp7wpq                           style
          mp7wps                           stigma
          mp7ws                      stamen; stamina; androecium
          mp9             sex
          mpbWc            green algae
          mpb            chlorophytes; chlorophyta
          mpc            charophytes; charophyta
          mpeWj            bryophytes
          mpe            liverworts; marchantiophyta
          mph            hornworts; anthocerotophyta
          mpj            mosses; bryophyta  [bryology]  ≈ DDC 588
          mpɭWn            pteridophytes
          mpɭ            club mosses; lycopodiophyta
          mpnWy            seed plants
          mpn            ferns; pteridophytae; filicophyta; polypodiophyta; polypodiopsida  [pteridology]  ≈ DDC 587
          mpo            cycads; cycadophyta
          mpq            ginkgos; ginkgophyta
          mprWt            gymnospermae
          mpr            conifers; pinophyta; coniferophyta  ≈ DDC 585
          mprU   [mprppb]                pinaceae; pine family
          mprUb                      pines; Pinus
          mprUc                      spruces; Picea
          mprUh                      Cahtaya
          mprUɭ                      larches; Larix
          mprUm                      Douglas firs; Pseudotsuga
          mprUo                      golden larches; Pseudolarix
          mprUq                      firs; Abies
          mprUr                      cedars; Cedrus
          mprUt                      Keteleeria
          mprUu                      Nothotsuga
          mprUx                      hemlocks; Tsuga
          mprp                 pinopsida
          mprpc                      cordaitales
          mprpp                      pinales
          mprppb                           pinaceae
          mprppc                           araucariaceae; araucaria family; monkey puzzle trees
          mprppe                           podocarpaceae; yellow-wood family
          mprppp                           sciadopityaceae; umbrella-pine family
          mprppr                           cupressaceae; cypress family
          mprppt                           cephalotaxaceae; plum-yew family
          mprppy                           taxaceae; yew family
          mprps                      vojnovskyales
          mprpv                      voltziales
          mpt            gnetophytes; gnetophyta including Gnetum, Ephedra, Welwitschia
          mpw            flowering plants; angiospermae; magnoliophyta
          mpwU   [mpwbtg]                grasses
          mpwb                 monocotyledons; monocots; monocotyledoneae; monocotyledones; liliopsida; liliidae
          mpwbb                      acorales
          mpwbc                      alismatales
          mpwbe                      asparagales
          mpwber                           amaryllidaceae
          mpwberɭ                                Allium
          mpwberɭg                                     garlic; Allium sativum
          mpwberɭo                                     onions; Allium cepa
          mpwbg                      dioscoreales
          mpwbɭ                      liliales
          mpwbn                      pandanales
          mpwbp                      palmae; arecales
          mpwbr                      commelinales
          mpwbt                      poales including grasses, bromeliads, sedges
          mpwbtc                           cyperaceae
          mpwbtcc                                Cyperus
          mpwbtccp                                     papyrus sedge; paper reed; Cyperus papyrus
          mpwbtg                           grasses; poaceae; gramineae
          mpwbtgb                                bamboos
          mpwbtgc                                sugar cane
          mpwbtge                                rice
          mpwbtgf                                wheat
          mpwbtgh                                barley
          mpwbtgj                                oat
          mpwbtgɭ                                rye
          mpwbtgm                                maize
          mpwbtgo                                millet
          mpwby                      zingiberales
          mpwbym                           musaceae
          mpwbymk                                Musa; bananas and plantains
          mpwdWy                 dicotyledons; dicots; magnoliopsida  
          mpwd                 magnoliidae mostly basal dicots
          mpwdb                      magnoliales
          mpwdbb                           winteraceae
          mpwdbd                           degeneriaceae
          mpwdbh                           himantandraceae
          mpwdbj                           eupomatiaceae
          mpwdbk                           austrobaileyaceae
          mpwdbm                           magnoliaceae magnolia family
          mpwdbo                           lactoridaceae
          mpwdbq                           annonaceae
          mpwdbs                           myristicaceae
          mpwdbu                           canellaceae
          mpwdc                      laurales
          mpwdcb                           amborellaceae
          mpwdcc                           trimeniaceae
          mpwdce                           monimiaceae
          mpwdcg                           gomortegaceae
          mpwdci                           calycanthaceae
          mpwdck                           idiospermaceae
          mpwdcɭ                           lauraceae laurel family
          mpwdcɭc                                Cinnamomum including cinnamon, cassia, camphor laurel
          mpwdcɭɭ                                bay laurels; Laurus
          mpwdcɭn                                spicebushes; Lindera
          mpwdcɭp                                avocados; Persea
          mpwdcɭs                                Sassafras
          mpwdcn                           hernandiaceae
          mpwde                      piperales
          mpwdec                           chloranthaceae
          mpwdej                           saururaceae
          mpwdep                           piperaceae
          mpwdepp                                pepper; Piper
          mpwdh                      aristolochiales
          mpwdhh                           aristolochiaceae
          mpwdɭ                      illiciales
          mpwdɭi                           illiciaceae
          mpwdɭs                           schisandraceae
          mpwdn                      nymphaeales
          mpwdne                           nelumbonaceae
          mpwdnm                           nymphaeaceae
          mpwdnmw                                water-lilies; waterlilies; Nymphaea
          mpwdnq                           barclayaceae
          mpwdnu                           cabombaceae
          mpwdny                           ceratophyllaceae
          mpwdr                      ranunculales
          mpwdrb                           ranunculaceae
          mpwdrc                           circaeasteraceae
          mpwdre                           berberidaceae
          mpwdrg                           sargentodoxaceae
          mpwdrɭ                           lardizabalaceae
          mpwdrm                           menispermaceae
          mpwdro                           coriariaceae
          mpwdrs                           sabiaceae
          mpwdv                      papaverales
          mpwdvp                           papaveraceae
          mpwdvu                           fumariaceae
          mpwh                 hamamelidae; hamamelididae
          mpwhb                      trochodendrales
          mpwhbe                           tetracentraceae
          mpwhbr                           trochodendraceae
          mpwhc                      hamamelidales
          mpwhcc                           cercidiphyllaceae
          mpwhce                           eupteleaceae
          mpwhcp                           platanaceae
          mpwhct                           hamamelidaceae
          mpwhcy                           myrothamnaceae
          mpwhd                      daphniphyllales
          mpwhdd                           daphniphyllaceae
          mpwhf                      didymelales
          mpwhfd                           didymelaceae
          mpwhg                      eucommiales
          mpwhge                           eucommiaceae
          mpwhi                      urticales
          mpwhib                           barbeyaceae
          mpwhie                           ulmaceae
          mpwhieu                                elms; Ulmus
          mpwhii                           cannabaceae
          mpwhiic                                hemps; Cannabis
          mpwhiie                                hackberries; Celtis
          mpwhiig                                Gironniera
          mpwhiih                                hops; Humulus
          mpwhiip                                Parasponia
          mpwhiir                                Pteroceltis
          mpwhiit                                tremas; Trema
          mpwhim                           moraceae
          mpwhir                           cecropiaceae
          mpwhiu                           urticaceae
          mpwhiuu                                nettles; Urtica
          mpwhɭ                      leitneriales
          mpwhɭɭ                           leitneriaceae
          mpwho                      juglandales
          mpwhoh                           rhoipteleaceae
          mpwhoj                           juglandaceae
          mpwhojb                                Alfaroa
          mpwhojc                                Carya including hickory, pecan
          mpwhojd                                wheel wingnuts; Cyclocarya
          mpwhoje                                cheos; Engelhardia
          mpwhojj                                walnuts; Juglans
          mpwhojo                                Oreomunnea
          mpwhojp                                Platycarya
          mpwhojw                                wingnuts; Pterocarya
          mpwhr                      myricales
          mpwhrm                           myricaceae
          mpwhu                      fagales
          mpwhub                           balanopaceae
          mpwhud                           ticodendraceae
          mpwhuf                           fagaceae
          mpwhufc                                chestnuts; Castanea
          mpwhufd                                chinquapins; chinkapins; Castanopsis
          mpwhufe                                golden chinkapins; Chrysolepis
          mpwhufg                                Colombobalanus
          mpwhufh                                beeches; Fagus
          mpwhufm                                Formanodendron
          mpwhufo                                tanoaks; stone oaks; Lithocarpus
          mpwhufq                                oaks; Quercus
          mpwhuft                                Trigonobalanus
          mpwhun                           nothofagaceae
          mpwhuu                           betulaceae
          mpwhuub                                birches; Betula
          mpwhuuc                                hornbeams; Carpinus
          mpwhuud                                alders; Alder
          mpwhuuh                                hazels; Corylus
          mpwhuuo                                hop-hornbeams; Ostrya
          mpwhuur                                hazel-hornbeams; Ostryopsis
          mpwhy                      casuarinales
          mpwhyc                           casuarinaceae
          mpwk                 caryophyllidae
          mpwkc                      caryophyllales
          mpwkcb                           phytolaccaceae
          mpwkcd                           achatocarpaceae
          mpwkcf                           nyctaginaceae
          mpwkch                           aizoaceae
          mpwkcj                           didiereaceae
          mpwkcɭ                           cactaceae cactus family
          mpwkcn                           chenopodiaceae
          mpwkcp                           amaranthaceae
          mpwkcps                                Spinacia
          mpwkcpss                                     spinach; Spinacia oleracea
          mpwkcr                           portulacaceae
          mpwkct                           basellaceae
          mpwkcv                           molluginaceae
          mpwkcx                           caryophyllaceae
          mpwkcxd                                Dianthus
          mpwkp                      polygonales
          mpwkpp                           polygonaceae
          mpwkppb                                buckwheat; Fagopyrum
          mpwkppr                                rhubarb; Rheum
          mpwku                      plumbaginales
          mpwkup                           plumbaginaceae
          mpwn                 dilleniidae
          mpwnb                      dilleniales
          mpwnbd                           dilleniaceae
          mpwnbp                           paeoniaceae
          mpwnd                      theales
          mpwndb                           ochnaceae
          mpwndc                           sphaerosepalaceae
          mpwndd                           sarcolaenaceae
          mpwnde                           dipterocarpaceae
          mpwndf                           caryocaraceae
          mpwndh                           theaceae
          mpwndhc                                Camellia
          mpwndhcs                                     tea plant; Camellia sinensis
          mpwndi                           actinidiaceae
          mpwndj                           scytopetalaceae
          mpwndk                           pentaphylacaceae
          mpwndɭ                           tetrameristaceae
          mpwndm                           pellicieraceae
          mpwndo                           oncothecaceae
          mpwndp                           marcgraviaceae
          mpwndq                           quiinaceae
          mpwndr                           elatinaceae
          mpwnds                           paracryphiaceae
          mpwndt                           medusagynaceae
          mpwndu                           clusiaceae
          mpwnf                      malvales
          mpwnfe                           elaeocarpaceae
          mpwnfi                           tiliaceae
          mpwnfk                           sterculiaceae
          mpwnfkk                                kola nuts; Cola
          mpwnfkt                                Theobroma
          mpwnfktc                                     cacao; cocoa plants; Theobroma cacao
          mpwnfo                           bombacaceae
          mpwnfv                           malvaceae including mallow
          mpwnfvb                                baobabs; Adansonia
          mpwnfvc                                cotton plants; Gossypium
          mpwnfvh                                Hibiscus
          mpwnfvhk                                     kenaf; Hibiscus cannabinus
          mpwnfvo                                Abelmoschus
          mpwnfvok                                     okra; Abelmoschus esculentus
          mpwnfvt                                lime trees; linden; basswood; Tilia
          mpwnh                      lecythidales
          mpwnhɭ                           lecythidaceae
          mpwnj                      nepenthales
          mpwnjc                           sarraceniaceae
          mpwnjn                           nepenthaceae
          mpwnjs                           droseraceae
          mpwnɭ                      violales
          mpwnɭb                           flacourtiaceae
          mpwnɭc                           peridiscaceae
          mpwnɭd                           bixaceae
          mpwnɭe                           cistaceae
          mpwnɭf                           huaceae
          mpwnɭg                           lacistemataceae
          mpwnɭh                           scyphostegiaceae
          mpwnɭi                           stachyuraceae
          mpwnɭj                           violaceae
          mpwnɭjv                                violets; pansies; heartsease; Viola
          mpwnɭk                           tamaricaceae tamarind family
          mpwnɭɭ                           frankeniaceae
          mpwnɭm                           dioncophyllaceae
          mpwnɭn                           ancistrocladaceae
          mpwnɭo                           turneraceae
          mpwnɭp                           malesherbiaceae
          mpwnɭq                           passifloraceae
          mpwnɭr                           achariaceae
          mpwnɭs                           caricaceae
          mpwnɭt                           fouquieriaceae
          mpwnɭu                           hoplestigmataceae
          mpwnɭv                           cucurbitaceae; melons; gourds; cucurbits
          mpwnɭvc                                Cucumis
          mpwnɭvcc                                     cucumbers; Cucumis sativus
          mpwnɭvcm                                     melons; Cucumis melo
          mpwnɭvi                                Citrullus including watermelons
          mpwnɭvs                                squashes; marrows; Cucurbita including pumpkins, zucchini
          mpwnɭw                           datiscaceae
          mpwnɭx                           begoniaceae
          mpwnɭy                           loasaceae
          mpwnn                      salicales
          mpwnns                           salicaceae
          mpwnnsp                                poplars; Populus
          mpwnnsw                                willows; Salix
          mpwnp                      capparales
          mpwnpb                           tovariaceae
          mpwnpc                           capparaceae
          mpwnpi                           brassicaceae; cruciferae; crucifers; mustard family; cabbage family
          mpwnpib                                Brassica
          mpwnpibc                                     cabbages; cauliflowers; Brassica oleracea
          mpwnpibn                                     rapeseeds; Brassica napus
          mpwnpibr                                     turnips; Chinese cabbages; Brassica rapa
          mpwnpir                                radishes; Raphanus
          mpwnpis                                horseradishes; Armoracia
          mpwnpit                                stocks; Matthiola
          mpwnpix                                Arabidopsis
          mpwnpixt                                     thale cress; Arabidopsis thaliana
          mpwnpm                           moringaceae
          mpwnpr                           resedaceae
          mpwnr                      batales
          mpwnrg                           gyrostemonaceae
          mpwnrt                           bataceae
          mpwns                      ericales
          mpwnsc                           cyrillaceae
          mpwnse                           clethraceae
          mpwnsg                           grubbiaceae
          mpwnsi                           empetraceae
          mpwnsk                           epacridaceae
          mpwnsm                           ericaceae
          mpwnsmh                                heaths; heathers; Erica
          mpwnsp                           pyrolaceae
          mpwnst                           monotropaceae
          mpwnt                      diapensiales
          mpwntd                           diapensiaceae
          mpwnv                      ebenales
          mpwnvb                           sapotaceae
          mpwnve                           ebenaceae
          mpwnvep                                persimmons; Diospyros
          mpwnvepk                                     kaki; Diospyros kaki
          mpwnvs                           styracaceae
          mpwnvv                           lissocarpaceae
          mpwnvy                           symplocaceae
          mpwny                      primulales
          mpwnye                           theophrastaceae
          mpwnym                           myrsinaceae
          mpwnyp                           primulaceae
          mpwr                 rosidae
          mpwrb                      rosales
          mpwrbb                           brunelliaceae
          mpwrbc                           connaraceae
          mpwrbd                           eucryphiaceae
          mpwrbe                           cunoniaceae
          mpwrbf                           davidsoniaceae
          mpwrbg                           dialypetalanthaceae
          mpwrbh                           pittosporaceae
          mpwrbi                           byblidaceae
          mpwrbj                           hydrangeaceae
          mpwrbk                           columelliaceae
          mpwrbɭ                           grossulariaceae
          mpwrbɭr                                Ribes including currants, gooseberries
          mpwrbm                           greyiaceae
          mpwrbn                           bruniaceae
          mpwrbo                           anisophylleaceae
          mpwrbp                           alseuosmiaceae
          mpwrbq                           crassulaceae
          mpwrbr                           cephalotaceae
          mpwrbs                           saxifragaceae
          mpwrbt                           rosaceae; rose family
          mpwrbtb                                roses; Rosa
          mpwrbtd                                Rubus including blackberries, raspberries
          mpwrbtf                                strawberries; Fragaria
          mpwrbtm                                apples; Malus including crabapples
          mpwrbtp                                pears; Pyrus
          mpwrbtr                                Prunus
          mpwrbtrb                                     almonds; Prunus dulcis; Prunus amygdalus; Amygdalus communis; Amygdalus dulcis
          mpwrbtrc                                     peaches; Prunus persica
          mpwrbtre                                     apricots; Prunus armeniaca; Armeniaca vulgaris
          mpwrbtrg                                     plums; gages; prunes; Prunus domestica
          mpwrbtrh                                     cherries; Prunus cerasus
          mpwrbu                           neuradaceae
          mpwrbv                           crossosomataceae
          mpwrbw                           chrysobalanaceae
          mpwrbx                           surianaceae
          mpwrby                           rhabdodendraceae
          mpwrc                      fabales
          mpwrcb                           mimosaceae; mimosa family
          mpwrcc                           caesalpiniaceae
          mpwrcf                           fabaceae
          mpwrcfc                                acacias; thorntrees; wattles; Acacia
          mpwrcff                                Glycine
          mpwrcffx                                     soybean; Glycine max
          mpwrcfg                                Glycyrrhiza
          mpwrcfgɭ                                     liquorice plant; licorice; Glycyrrhiza glabra
          mpwrcfp                                beans; Phaseolus
          mpwrcfq                                Pisum
          mpwrcfqp                                     peas; Pisum sativum
          mpwrcfr                                Arachis
          mpwrcfrp                                     peanut; Arachis hypogaea
          mpwrcfs                                Cicer including chick pea
          mpwrd                      proteales
          mpwrdn                           nelumbonaceae
          mpwrdnɭ                                lotus; Nelumbo
          mpwrdp                           plane trees; platanaceae
          mpwrdt                           proteaceae
          mpwre                      podostemales
          mpwrep                           podostemaceae
          mpwrf                      haloragales
          mpwrfh                           haloragaceae
          mpwrfu                           gunneraceae
          mpwrg                      myrtales
          mpwrgb                           sonneratiaceae
          mpwrgc                           lythraceae
          mpwrgd                           penaeaceae
          mpwrge                           crypteroniaceae
          mpwrgg                           thymelaeaceae
          mpwrgh                           trapaceae
          mpwrgj                           myrtaceae
          mpwrgk                           punicaceae
          mpwrgm                           onagraceae
          mpwrgo                           oliniaceae
          mpwrgq                           melastomataceae
          mpwrgs                           combretaceae
          mpwrgu                           alzateaceae
          mpwrgw                           memecylaceae
          mpwrgy                           rhyncocalycaceae
          mpwrh                      rhizophorales
          mpwrhr                           rhizophoraceae
          mpwri                      cornales
          mpwriɭ                           alangiaceae
          mpwrin                           nyssaceae
          mpwrir                           cornaceae
          mpwriy                           garryaceae
          mpwrj                      santalales
          mpwrjb                           medusandraceae
          mpwrjd                           dipentodontaceae
          mpwrjf                           olacaceae
          mpwrji                           opiliaceae
          mpwrjn                           santalaceae
          mpwrjo                           misodendraceae
          mpwrjr                           loranthaceae
          mpwrjv                           viscaceae
          mpwrjw                           eremolepidaceae
          mpwrjy                           balanophoraceae
          mpwrk                      rafflesiales
          mpwrkh                           hydnoraceae
          mpwrkm                           mitrastemonaceae
          mpwrkr                           rafflesiaceae
          mpwrɭ                      celastrales
          mpwrɭb                           geissolomataceae
          mpwrɭc                           celastraceae
          mpwrɭh                           hippocrateaceae
          mpwrɭk                           stackhousiaceae
          mpwrɭɭ                           salvadoraceae
          mpwrɭo                           aquifoliaceae
          mpwrɭq                           icacinaceae
          mpwrɭs                           aextoxicaceae
          mpwrɭt                           cardiopteridaceae
          mpwrɭv                           corynocarpaceae
          mpwrɭw                           dichapetalaceae
          mpwrɭy                           tepuianthaceae
          mpwro                      euphorbiales
          mpwrob                           buxaceae
          mpwrom                           simmondsiaceae
          mpwrop                           pandaceae
          mpwrou                           euphorbiaceae
          mpwrous                                spurges; Euphorbia
          mpwrousm                                     Manihot
          mpwrousms                                     cassava; manioc; yuca; macaxeira; mandioca; aipim; Brazilian arrowroot; Manihot esculenta
          mpwrr                      rhamnales
          mpwrrh                           rhamnaceae
          mpwrrɭ                           leeaceae
          mpwrrv                           vitaceae
          mpwrrvv                                grapes; grapevines; Vitis
          mpwrs                      linales
          mpwrse                           erythroxylaceae
          mpwrsh                           humiriaceae
          mpwrsi                           ixonanthaceae
          mpwrsk                           hugoniaceae
          mpwrsɭ                           linaceae
          mpwrsɭɭ                                Linum
          mpwrsɭɭf                                     flax; linseed; Linum usitatissimum
          mpwrt                      polygalales
          mpwrte                           malpighiaceae
          mpwrth                           vochysiaceae
          mpwrti                           trigoniaceae
          mpwrtm                           tremandraceae
          mpwrtp                           polygalaceae
          mpwrtx                           xanthophyllaceae
          mpwrty                           krameriaceae
          mpwru                      sapindales
          mpwrub                           staphyleaceae
          mpwrud                           melianthaceae
          mpwruf                           bretschneideraceae
          mpwruh                           akaniaceae
          mpwrui                           sapindaceae
          mpwruk                           hippocastanaceae
          mpwrukh                                Aesculus including buckeyes, horse-chestnuts
          mpwrum                           aceraceae
          mpwrumm                                maples; Acer
          mpwruo                           burseraceae
          mpwrup                           anacardiaceae
          mpwrupc                                Anacardium
          mpwrupco                                     cashew; Anacardium occidentale
          mpwrupm                                mango; Mangifera
          mpwrupp                                Pistacia
          mpwruppɭ                                     lentisk; mastic; Pistacia lentiscus
          mpwruppv                                     pistachio; Pistacia vera
          mpwrur                           julianiaceae
          mpwrus                           simaroubaceae
          mpwruu                           cneoraceae
          mpwruv                           meliaceae
          mpwrux                           rutaceae
          mpwruxc                                Citrus
          mpwruxcɭ                                     lemon trees; Citrus limon
          mpwruxcm                                     mandarin orange trees; Citrus reticulata
          mpwruxco                                     sweet orange trees; Citrus x sinensis
          mpwruxcp                                     grapefruit trees; Citrus x paradisi
          mpwruy                           zygophyllaceae
          mpwrw                      geraniales
          mpwrwd                           oxalidaceae
          mpwrwg                           geraniaceae
          mpwrwɭ                           limnanthaceae
          mpwrwo                           tropaeolaceae
          mpwrws                           balsaminaceae
          mpwrx                      apiales
          mpwrxɭ                           araliaceae
          mpwrxɭi                                ivies; Hedera
          mpwrxp                           apiaceae; umbelliferae; umbellifers
          mpwrxpd                                Daucus
          mpwrxpdc                                     carrot; Daucus carota
          mpwt                 asteridae
          mpwtb                      gentianales
          mpwtbc                           loganiaceae
          mpwtbe                           retziaceae
          mpwtbg                           gentianaceae
          mpwtbi                           saccifoliaceae
          mpwtbp                           apocynaceae
          mpwtbs                           asclepiadaceae
          mpwtd                      solanales
          mpwtdd                           duckeodendraceae
          mpwtdf                           nolanaceae
          mpwtdh                           solanaceae
          mpwtdhb                                belladonna; deadly nightshade; Atropa
          mpwtdhp                                peppers; Capsicum
          mpwtdhs                                Solanum including nightshades, horsenettles
          mpwtdhse                                     eggplants; aubergines; brinjals; Solanum melongena
          mpwtdhsp                                     potatoes; Solanum tuberosum
          mpwtdhst                                     tomatoes; Solanum lycopersicum
          mpwtdht                                tobacco plants; Nicotiana
          mpwtdɭ                           convolvulaceae
          mpwtdn                           cuscutaceae
          mpwtdq                           menyanthaceae
          mpwtds                           polemoniaceae
          mpwtdu                           hydrophyllaceae
          mpwtdx                           retziaceae
          mpwtf                      lamiales
          mpwtfɭ                           lennoaceae
          mpwtfo                           boraginaceae
          mpwtfv                           verbenaceae
          mpwtfy                           lamiaceae
          mpwtfys                                Salvia including common sage
          mpwti                      callitrichales
          mpwtih                           hippuridaceae
          mpwtiɭ                           callitrichaceae
          mpwtiy                           hydrostachyaceae
          mpwtɭ                      plantaginales
          mpwtɭp                           plantaginaceae
          mpwto                      scrophulariales
          mpwtob                           buddlejaceae
          mpwtoe                           oleaceae olive family
          mpwtoef                                ashes; Fraxinus
          mpwtoej                                jasmines; Jasminus
          mpwtoeɭ                                lylacs; Syringa
          mpwtoeo                                olive trees; Olea
          mpwtoh                           scrophulariaceae
          mpwtok                           globulariaceae
          mpwtom                           myoporaceae
          mpwtoo                           orobanchaceae
          mpwtoq                           gesneriaceae
          mpwtos                           acanthaceae
          mpwtou                           pedaliaceae
          mpwtov                           bignoniaceae
          mpwtox                           mendonciaceae
          mpwtoy                           lentibulariaceae
          mpwtq                      campanulales
          mpwtqc                           pentaphragmataceae
          mpwtqf                           sphenocleaceae
          mpwtqi                           campanulaceae
          mpwtqɭ                           stylidiaceae
          mpwtqo                           donatiaceae
          mpwtqr                           brunoniaceae
          mpwtqu                           goodeniaceae
          mpwtr                      rubiales
          mpwtrr                           rubiaceae
          mpwtrrc                                coffee plants; Coffea
          mpwtrt                           theligonaceae
          mpwts                      dipsacales
          mpwtsc                           caprifoliaceae
          mpwtso                           adoxaceae
          mpwtsv                           valerianaceae
          mpwtsy                           dipsacaceae
          mpwtu                      calycerales
          mpwtuc                           calyceraceae
          mpwtw                      asterales
          mpwtwc                           asteraceae; compositae
          mpwtwcb                                Ambrosia
          mpwtwcc                                chicory; Cichorium
          mpwtwcd                                Dahlia
          mpwtwce                                Dendranthema
          mpwtwcf                                Argyranthemum
          mpwtwcg                                Gerbera
          mpwtwch                                Helianthus
          mpwtwchf                                     sunflowers; Helianthus annuus
          mpwtwcht                                     Jerusalem artichoke; Helianthus tuberosus
          mpwtwci                                Zinnia
          mpwtwcj                                Artemisia
          mpwtwcjb                                     absinthe; Artemisia absinthium
          mpwtwcjd                                     tarragon; Artemisia dracunculus
          mpwtwck                                knapweed; Centaurea
          mpwtwcɭ                                Lactuca
          mpwtwcɭs                                     lettuce; Lactuca sativa
          mpwtwcm                                Smallanthus
          mpwtwcms                                     yacón; Smallanthus sonchifolius
          mpwtwcn                                Senecio
          mpwtwcnv                                     groundsel; Senecio vulgaris
          mpwtwco                                goldenrod; Solidago
          mpwtwcp                                Calendula
          mpwtwcq                                safflower; Carthamus tinctorius
          mpwtwcr                                Chrysanthemum
          mpwtwcs                                ragwort; Senecio jacobaea
          mpwtwct                                dandelion; araxacum
          mpwtwcu                                tagetes
          mpwtwcy                                globe artichoke; Cynara scolymus
          mq       animals; metazoa  [zoology]  ↞ lus differentiated animal cells   ≈ DDC 590  
          mq076                        [applied zoology]
          mq30vi                           bred animals
          mq4             animal disease; illness; disability; disorder; syndrome  [animal pathology; nosology; epidemiology; medical ]  ≈ DDC 616
          mq430                      acquired from pathogen
          mq433   [sb]                     sensitive to food pathogen
          mq433ib   ⋄                               milk
          mq45                  pathogenesis; pathological mechanism
          mq46   [p4]                implying mental consequence; life quality
          mq46n   ⋄                     anxiety