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Expanded class l5m

    broader class

          ɭ5m            metabolism
          ɭ5mah                      homeostasis
          ɭ5mbWk                 catabolism
          ɭ5md                 cellular digestion
          ɭ5me                 cellular respiration
          ɭ5mf                 fermentation
          ɭ5mi                 carbohydrate catabolism  ↞ fo carbohydrates
          ɭ5mj                 fat catabolism  ↞ fp lipids
          ɭ5mk                 protein catabolism  ↞ ft proteins
          ɭ5mɭWo                 energy transformation
          ɭ5mɭ                 oxidative phosphorylation
          ɭ5mm                 chemolithotrophy
          ɭ5mo                 photophosphorylation
          ɭ5mpWy                 anabolism
          ɭ5mp                 photosynthesis; carbon fixation; chemosynthesis
          ɭ5mq                 carbohydrate and glycans anabolism; gluconeogenesis; glyoxylate cycle; glycogenesis; glycosylation
          ɭ5ms                 fatty acid, isoprenoid and steroid synthesis
          ɭ5mt                 protein biosynthesis
          ɭ5mu                 nucleotide synthesis and salvage
          ɭ5mx                 xenobiotics and redox metabolism
Connected classes:
                 sfe           wears; cloths; dresses; garments; attires; apparels  ↞ l5m 

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