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Expanded class jsr

    broader class

          jsr            rivers; streams; watercourses; flowing water  [potamology]
          jsr52   [an]                     of m3/s; cubic meters per second; cumec discharge, rate of volumetric flow, water flow
          jsr7Dc                           sources
          jsr7Dn                           channel
          jsr7Dnb                                stream bed
          jsr7Dnn                                banks; embankments
          jsr7Dnt                                terraces
          jsr7Du                           mouth
          jsr7Duc                                confluence
          jsr7Dud                                delta
          jsr7Dudɭ                                     liman; guba
          jsr7Due                                estuary
          jsr9Dv                           brooks
          jsr9Dw                           creeks
          jsr9Dx                           intermittent rivers; ephemeral rivers
          jsrb                 bedrock rivers
          jsrb860jsrɭ                                     bedrock-alluvial rivers
          jsrɭ                 alluvial rivers
          jsrɭc                      straight-channel rivers
          jsrɭi                      braided-channel rivers
          jsrɭm                      meandering rivers
          jsrɭs                      anastomosed rivers
Connected classes:
                 j5tf                fluvial transport  ↞ jsr 
                 jjf           river valleys; vales; V-shaped valleys  ↞ jsr 
                 jsɭi                fluvial lakes  ↞ jsr 
                 jwf           fluvial islands; alluvial islands  ↞ jsr 
                 nye           estuary ecosystems  ↞ jsrau 
                 nyɭ           streams; becks; bournes; brooks; burns; lotic ecosystems; rapidly-moving water  ↞ jsr 

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