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Expanded class jd

    broader class

          jd       mountains; hills; ridges; ranges  [orography]  ↞ isax 
          jd92   [jU]                at the springs of basin  
          jdU            mountain ranges of contemporary Earth  ↞ hU the Earth
          jdUb                 Balkan Mountains  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUc                 Alps  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUe                 Pyrenees  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUg                 Caucasus  ↞ jUe Cuba jUg Ireland
          jdUh                 Urals  ↞ jUe Cuba jUg Ireland
          jdUi                 Karakoram
          jdUj                 Himalaya  ↞ jdUg Caucasus
          jdUju                      Mahalangur Himal
          jdUjw                      Kanchenjunga
          jdUɭ                 Atlas  ↞ jUi Sicily
          jdUp                 Appalachians  ↞ jUn Sumatra
          jdUr                 North American Cordillera  ↞ jUn Sumatra
          jdUrr                      Rocky Mountains
          jdUs                 Andes  ↞ jUq Taiwan
          jdc            volcanic mountains  ↞ iac 
          jdcc                 composite cones; stratovolcanoes
          jdcs                 shield volcanoes
          jdf            fold mountains
          jdk            fault-block mountains
          jdkg                 grabens
          jdkh                 horsts
          jdm            uplifted passive margins
          jdr            residual mountains
          jdri                 inselbergs; monadnocks; tors; castle koppies; kopjes e.g. Ayers Rock
          jdro                 bornhardts
          jdu            dunes  ↞ j5v deposition
          jdw            moraines  ↞ jr glaciers
          jdwe                 lateral moraines
          jdwg                 ground moraines
          jdwn                 end moraines; terminal moraines
          jdwr                 recessional moraines
          jdwt                 medial moraine
          jdwu                 supraglacial moraines
          jdww                 washboard moraines
          jdwy                 veiki moraines
Connected classes:
                 jdUj                Himalaya  ↞ jdUg 
                 js923  [jd]                     flowing from mountains
                 wgoɭ                alpinism; mountain climbing  ↞ jd 

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