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Expanded class jUhz

          jUhzb            Nordaustlandet Norway  ↞ jw islands
          jUhzc            Edgeøya Norway
          jUhzd            Spitsbergen Norway
          jUhze            Hinnøya Norway
          jUhzf            Senja Norway
          jUhzg            Öland Sweden
          jUhzh            Gotland Sweden
          jUhzi            Saaremaa Estonia
          jUhzj            Zealand Denmark
          jUhzk            Fyn Denmark
          jUhzɭ            Vendsyssel Denmark
          jUhznWo            Balearic Islands Spain  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUhzn            Ibiza
          jUhznzf                      Formentera
          jUhzo            Mallorca Spain
          jUhzoze                      Menorca
          jUhzr            Corsica France
          jUhzs            Sardinia Italy
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