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Expanded class jUfi

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          jUfi                 Mississippi basin; USA; New Orleans; Baton Rouge
          jUfid                      Red River basin
          jUfif                      Yazoo basin
          jUfig                      Arkansas River basin Oklahoma City
          jUfih                      White River basin
          jUfii                      Ohio River basin; Louisville; Cincinnati; Pittsburgh
          jUfiic                           Tennessee River basin
          jUfiie                           Cumberland basin; Nashville
          jUfiig                           Wabash basin; Indianapolis
          jUfiih                           Green River basin
          jUfiis                           Scioto basin; Columbus
          jUfiiu                           Kanawha basin
          jUfiiy                           Allegheny basin
          jUfik                      Kaskaskia basin
          jUfim                      Missouri basin; Saint Louis; Kansas City; Omaha; Denver
          jUfio                      Illinois River basin
          jUfiq                      Des Moines River basin
          jUfir                      Iowa River basin
          jUfis                      Rock River basin
          jUfiu                      Wisconsin River basin
          jUfiw                      Chippewa basin
          jUfix                      Saint Croix River basin
          jUfiy                      Minnesota River basin
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