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Expanded class jUf

    broader class

          jUf            North America  ≈ DDC 917  
          jUfb                 Great Salt Lake endorheic basin USA
          jUfc                 Colorado Pacific basin Mexico, USA
          jUfd                 Santiago basin Mexico, Guadalajara
          jUfe                 Grisalva basin Mexico, Guatemala, Belize
          jUff                 Bravo basin USA, Mexico
          jUfg                 Colorado basin USA
          jUfh                 Brazos basin USA
          jUfi                 Mississippi basin; USA; New Orleans; Baton Rouge
          jUfid                      Red River basin
          jUfif                      Yazoo basin
          jUfig                      Arkansas River basin Oklahoma City
          jUfih                      White River basin
          jUfii                      Ohio River basin; Louisville; Cincinnati; Pittsburgh
          jUfiic                           Tennessee River basin
          jUfiie                           Cumberland basin; Nashville
          jUfiig                           Wabash basin; Indianapolis
          jUfiih                           Green River basin
          jUfiis                           Scioto basin; Columbus
          jUfiiu                           Kanawha basin
          jUfiiy                           Allegheny basin
          jUfik                      Kaskaskia basin
          jUfim                      Missouri basin; Saint Louis; Kansas City; Omaha; Denver
          jUfio                      Illinois River basin
          jUfiq                      Des Moines River basin
          jUfir                      Iowa River basin
          jUfis                      Rock River basin
          jUfiu                      Wisconsin River basin
          jUfiw                      Chippewa basin
          jUfix                      Saint Croix River basin
          jUfiy                      Minnesota River basin
          jUfj                 Alabama-Tombigbee basin USA
          jUfk                 Hudson River basin USA; New York City; Albany
          jUfkm                      Mohawk basin
          jUfɭ                 Saint Lawrence and Great Lakes basin
          jUfɭb                      Saint Lawrence River basin; Saint-Laurent Ontario-Quebec-New York; Montreal; Quebec City
          jUfɭd                      Lake Ontario basin Ontario-New York; Toronto
          jUfɭe                      Lake Erie basin Ontario-Michigan-Ohio-Pennsylvania-New York; Cleveland; Detroit
          jUfɭh                      Lake Huron basin Ontario-Michigan
          jUfɭm                      Lake Michigan basin Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana-Michigan; Chicago; Milwaukee
          jUfɭs                      Lake Superior basin Ontario-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan
          jUfm                 Caniapiscau basin Canada
          jUfn                 Albany basin Canada
          jUfo                 Nelson basin Canada, USA
          jUfp                 Churchill basin Canada
          jUfq                 Thelon basin Canada
          jUfr                 Hayes-Back basin Canada
          jUfs                 Mackenzie basin Canada
          jUft                 Yukon basin Alaska, Canada
          jUfu                 Kuskokwim basin Alaska
          jUfv                 Fraser basin USA, Canada
          jUfw                 Columbia basin USA, Canada
          jUfx                 Sacramento-San Joaquin basin California; San Francisco
          jUfxzg                 Los Angeles River basin California; Los Angeles
          jUfzb            Isabela Island Galápagos (Ecuador)
          jUfzcWbzg            Hawai'i  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUfzc            Hawai'i Big Island United States
          jUfzd            Vancouver Island Canada
          jUfze            Cape Breton Island Canada
          jUfzf            Newfoundland Canada
          jUfzg            Southampton Island Canada
          jUfzh            Prince Charles Island Canada
          jUfzi            Baffin Island Canada
          jUfzj            Banks Island Canada
          jUfzk            Prince Patrick Island Canada
          jUfzɭ            Melville Island Canada
          jUfzm            Victoria Island Canada
          jUfzn            King William Island Canada
          jUfzo            Prince of Wales Island Canada
          jUfzp            Somerset Island Canada
          jUfzq            Bathurst Island Canada
          jUfzr            Ellef Ringnes Island Canada
          jUfzs            Devon Island Canada
          jUfzt            Axel Heiberg Island Canada
          jUfzu            Ellesmere Island Canada
          jUfzv            Greenland
          jUfzw            Iceland
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