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Expanded class jUc

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          jUc            South America  ≈ DDC 918  
          jUcb                 Lake Titicaca basin Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile
          jUcc                 Chubut basin Argentina, Chile
          jUcd                 Negro basin Argentina, Chile
          jUce                 Colorado basin Argentina, Chile
          jUcf                 Salado basin Argentina
          jUcg                 Rio Salado basin Argentina
          jUch                 Parana basin Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina
          jUci                 Negro basin Brazil, Uruguay
          jUcj                 Lagoon Mirim basin Brazil, Uruguay
          jUck                 Rio Jacui basin Brazil
          jUcɭ                 Uruguay basin Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina
          jUcm                 Paraiba do Sul basin Brasil
          jUcn                 Rio Doce basin Brazil
          jUco                 Jequitinhonha basin Brazil
          jUcp                 Sao Francisco basin Brazil
          jUcq                 Rio Jaguaribe basin Brazil
          jUcr                 Rio Parnaiba basin Brazil
          jUcs                 Tocantins basin Brazil
          jUct                 Maroni Suriname, Brazil
          jUcu                 Corantijn basin Guyana, Suriname, Brazil
          jUcv                 Cuyuni-Essequibo basin Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil
          jUcw                 Orinoco basin Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana
          jUcx                 Magdalena basin Colombia, Venezuela, Bogota, Medellin
          jUczd            Trinidad
          jUcze            Tobago
          jUczg            Grenada
          jUczh            Barbados
          jUczj            Saint Vincent
          jUczɭ            Saint Lucia
          jUczm            Martinique
          jUczn            Dominica
          jUczp            Guadalupe
          jUczq            Antigua
          jUczy            Puerto Rico
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