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Expanded class j5r

    broader class

          j5r            erosion
          j5rc                 rainfall and surface runoff
          j5rcc                      splash erosion
          j5rch                      sheet erosion
          j5rcr                      rill erosion
          j5rcu                      gully erosion
          j5rf                 valley erosion; stream erosion  [fluvial morphology]  ↞ js fresh water systems
          j5rfc                      scour; bed erosion
          j5rfn                      bank erosion
          j5rg                 flood erosion; kolks; vortices
          j5rh                 shoreline erosion; coastal erosion  ↞ jv shores
          j5rhd                      wave pounding
          j5rhh                      shoreline abrasion; corrasion
          j5rho                      shoreline corrosion
          j5rht                      shoreline bioerosion  ↞ m organisms
          j5rk                 chemical erosion  ↞ fae 
          j5rɭ                 glacial erosion  [glacial morphology]  ↞ jr glaciers
          j5rɭc                      glacial abrasion; scouring
          j5rɭq                      plucking; quarrying
          j5rɭt                      ice thrusting
          j5rn                 wind erosion  [aeolian morphology]  ↞ j3n winds
          j5rnd                      wind deflation
          j5rndc                           surface creep; downhill creep
          j5rndɭ                           saltation
          j5rndu                           wind suspension
          j5rnh                      wind abrasion
          j5rs                 slope movement; mass movement; mass wasting  ↞ d3g 
          j5rsc                      surface creep
          j5rsm                      slumping
          j5rss                      landslides
          j5rssb                           debris flow
          j5rssc                           mud flow
          j5rsse                           earthflows
          j5rssɭ                           debris landslides
          j5rssr                           sturzstroms
          j5rsss                           shallow landslides
          j5rssw                           deep-seated landslides
Connected classes:
                 jsɭɭ                landslide lakes  ↞ j5rss 

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