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Expanded class j3

    broader class

          j3       weather  [meteorology]  ↞ hUap 
          j37   [j7]           from cardinal direction
          j383   [an]                mm/year average precipitations  ↞ j3i precipitation
          j384   [an]                K average temperature  ↞ g784 
          j39            climates  [climatology]  ↞ j3 weather   
          j39b                 climate of ice-caps
          j39c                 tundra climate
          j39d                 oceanic subarctic climate
          j39e                 continental subarctic climate
          j39f                 wet continental climate
          j39g                 medium-latitude desert and steppe climate
          j39m                 mediterranean climate
          j39n                 oceanic temperate climate
          j39p                 wet subtropical climate
          j39q                 dry-wet tropical climate
          j39qad                           dry season
          j39qae                           wet season
          j39s                 desert and western coast climate
          j39t                 desert and tropical steppe climate
          j39w                 trade-wind coastal climate
          j39y                 equatorial climate
          j3d            clouds
          j3dd                 stratiform clouds
          j3dde                      nimbostratus clouds
          j3ddh                      stratus clouds
          j3ddɭ                      altostratus clouds
          j3ddr                      cirrostratus clouds
          j3di                 cirriform clouds
          j3dir                      cirrus clouds
          j3dit                      polar stratospheric clouds
          j3diw                      noctilucent clouds; polar mesospheric clouds
          j3ds                 stratocumuliform clouds
          j3dsh                      stratocumulus clouds
          j3dsɭ                      altocumulus clouds
          j3dsr                      cirrocumulus clouds
          j3du                 cumuliform clouds
          j3duc                      cumulus congestus clouds
          j3due                      cumulus mediocris clouds
          j3duh                      cumulus humilis clouds
          j3dx                 cumulonimbiform clouds
          j3dxc                      cumulonimbus clouds
          j3e            haze; mist
          j3f            fog
          j3i            precipitation
          j3id                 drizzle; DZ
          j3if                 freezing drizzle; FZDZ
          j3ii                 rain; RA
          j3ik                 freezing rain; FZRA
          j3iɭ                 slush; rain and snow mixed; RASN
          j3in                 snow; SN
          j3io                 snow grains; SG
          j3ip                 ice pellets; sleet; PL
          j3iu                 graupel; soft hail; snow pellets; GS
          j3iw                 hail; hailstones; GR
          j3ix                 diamond dust; ice crystals; IC
          j3n            winds
          j3n37b   ⋄                          North wind; tramontana
          j3nb                 calm Beaufort scale 0
          j3nc                 light air B. 1
          j3nd                 light breeze B. 2
          j3ne                 gentle breeze B. 3
          j3nf                 moderate breeze B. 4
          j3ng                 fresh breeze B. 5
          j3nh                 strong breeze B. 6
          j3ni                 high wind; moderate gale; near gale B. 7
          j3nj                 gale; fresh gale B. 8
          j3nk                 strong gale; severe gale B. 9
          j3nɭ                 shole gale; storm B. 10
          j3nm                 violent storm B. 11
          j3nn                 hurricane-force wind B. 12
          j3s            storms
          j3t            cyclones; atmospheric disturbances
          j3taf                      cold front
          j3tah                      warm front
          j3tf                 frontal; extratropical cyclones
          j3th                 tropical cyclones; hurricanes; typhoons
          j3to                 tornadoes
          j3tr                 marine tornadoes
Connected classes:
                 256  [j39]           in regime; climate
                 j383  [an]                mm/year average precipitations  ↞ j3i 
                 j39           climates  [climatology]  ↞ j3 
                 j5rn                wind erosion  [aeolian morphology]  ↞ j3n 
                 j5tn                aeolian transport  ↞ j3n 
                 jsɭo                aeolian lakes  ↞ j3n 
                 r253  [j3]                with weather factor
                 r256  [j39]                in climate
                 r5mi                wind technology  ↞ j3n 
                 yssi                meteorology  ↞ j19 j3 
                 yssit                     climatology  ↞ j39 

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