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Expanded class j

    broader class

          j  landforms; regions; geographical features  [physical geography; topography; geomorphology]  ↞ i rocks   ≈ DDC 551 910
          j09w                 global warming theory
          j1       on month-day
          j13   [i1]           formed in era
          j159                 on week day
          j159b                      Sunday
          j159c                      Monday
          j159d                      Tuesday
          j159e                      Wednesday
          j159f                      Thursday
          j159g                      Friday
          j159h                      Saturday
          j169                 at lunar phase
          j169b                      new moon
          j169d                      waxing crescent
          j169f                      first quarter
          j169g                      waxing gibbous
          j169m                      full moon
          j169q                      waning gibbous
          j169t                      third quarter; last quarter
          j169w                      waning crescent
          j179                 at day time
          j179c                      sunrise; sun up
          j179d                      dawn
          j179m                      morning
          j179n                      noon
          j179o                      afternoon
          j179q                      evening
          j179s                      sunset; sundown
          j179t                      twilight; nightfall; crepuscle
          j179u                      dusk
          j179x                      night
          j189                 at time
          j189X                      minutes
          j189XX   [j189X]                          seconds
          j189XXb                                0 sec
          j189XXbzm                                1 sec
          j189XXc                                2 sec
          j189XXczi                                3 sec
          j189XXczq                                4 sec
          j189XXd                                5 sec
          j189XXdzm                                6 sec
          j189XXe                                7 sec
          j189XXezi                                8 sec
          j189XXezq                                9 sec
          j189XXf                                10 sec
          j189XXh                                15 sec
          j189XXj                                20 sec
          j189XXɭ                                25 sec
          j189XXn                                30 sec
          j189XXp                                35 sec
          j189XXr                                40 sec
          j189XXt                                45 sec
          j189XXv                                50 sec
          j189XXx                                55 sec
          j189Xb                           0 min
          j189Xbzm                           1 min
          j189Xc                           2 min
          j189Xczi                           3 min
          j189Xczq                           4 min
          j189Xd                           5 min
          j189Xdzm                           6 min
          j189Xe                           7 min
          j189Xezi                           8 min
          j189Xezq                           9 min
          j189Xf                           10 min
          j189Xfzm                           11 min
          j189Xg                           12 min
          j189Xgzi                           13 min
          j189Xgzq                           14 min
          j189Xh                           15 min; a quarter
          j189Xhzm                           16 min
          j189Xi                           17 min
          j189Xizi                           18 min
          j189Xizq                           19 min
          j189Xj                           20 min
          j189Xjzm                           21 min
          j189Xk                           22 min
          j189Xkzi                           23 min
          j189Xkzq                           24 min
          j189Xɭ                           25 min
          j189Xɭzm                           26 min
          j189Xm                           27 min
          j189Xmzi                           28 min
          j189Xmzq                           29 min
          j189Xn                           30 min; a half
          j189Xnzm                           31 min
          j189Xo                           32 min
          j189Xozi                           33 min
          j189Xozq                           34 min
          j189Xp                           35 min
          j189Xpzm                           36 min
          j189Xq                           37 min
          j189Xqzi                           38 min
          j189Xqzq                           39 min
          j189Xr                           40 min
          j189Xrzm                           41 min
          j189Xs                           42 min
          j189Xszi                           43 min
          j189Xszq                           44 min
          j189Xt                           45 min; three quarters
          j189Xtzm                           46 min
          j189Xu                           47 min
          j189Xuzi                           48 min
          j189Xuzq                           49 min
          j189Xv                           50 min
          j189Xvzm                           51 min
          j189Xw                           52 min
          j189Xwzi                           53 min
          j189Xwzq                           54 min
          j189Xx                           55 min
          j189Xxzm                           56 min
          j189Xy                           57 min
          j189Xyzi                           58 min
          j189Xyzq                           59 min
          j189b                      0 AM; midnight
          j189c                      1 AM
          j189d                      2 AM
          j189e                      3 AM
          j189f                      4 AM
          j189g                      5 AM
          j189h                      6 AM
          j189i                      7 AM
          j189j                      8 AM
          j189jɭzmf   ⋄                               8:26:10 AM
          j189k                      9 AM
          j189ɭ                      10 AM
          j189m                      11 AM
          j189n                      12 AM; noon
          j189o                      1 PM; 13
          j189p                      2 PM; 14
          j189q                      3 PM; 15
          j189r                      4 PM; 16
          j189s                      5 PM; 17
          j189t                      6 PM; 18
          j189u                      7 PM; 19
          j189v                      8 PM; 20
          j189w                      9 PM; 21
          j189x                      10 PM; 22
          j189y                      11 PM; 23
          j19            in season
          j19i                 spring
          j19m                 summer
          j19t                 fall; autumn
          j19w                 winter
          j1X            dates; days  ↞ an quantities
          j1Xb                 1st day; 1; 16
          j1Xc                 2nd day; 2; 17
          j1Xd                 3rd day; 3; 18
          j1Xe                 4th day; 4; 19
          j1Xf                 5th day; 5; 20
          j1Xg                 6th day; 6; 21
          j1Xh                 7th day; 7; 22
          j1Xi                 8th day; 8; 23
          j1Xj                 9th day; 9; 24
          j1Xk                 10th day; 10; 25
          j1Xɭ                 11th day; 11; 26
          j1Xm                 12th day; 12; 27
          j1Xn                 13th day; 13; 28
          j1Xo                 14th day; 14; 29
          j1Xp                 15th day; 15; 30
          j1Xq                 16th day; 31
          j1bWc            January
          j1b            January 1 to 15
          j1bb                 January 1st; New Year's Day
          j1bc                 January 2
          j1bd                 January 3
          j1be                 January 4
          j1bf                 January 5
          j1bg                 January 6
          j1bh                 January 7
          j1bi                 January 8
          j1bj                 January 9
          j1bk                 January 10
          j1bɭ                 January 11
          j1bm                 January 12
          j1bn                 January 13
          j1bo                 January 14
          j1bp                 January 15
          j1c            January 16 to 31
          j1cb                 January 16
          j1cc                 January 17; Saint Anthony Day
          j1cd                 January 18
          j1ce                 January 19
          j1cf                 January 20
          j1cg                 January 21
          j1ch                 January 22
          j1ci                 January 23
          j1cj                 January 24
          j1ck                 January 25
          j1cɭ                 January 26
          j1cm                 January 27
          j1cn                 January 28
          j1co                 January 29
          j1cp                 January 30
          j1cq                 January 31
          j1dWe            February
          j1d            February 1 to 15
          j1db                 February 1
          j1dc                 February 2; Candlemass
          j1dd                 February 3
          j1de                 February 4
          j1df                 February 5
          j1dg                 February 6
          j1dh                 February 7
          j1di                 February 8
          j1dj                 February 9
          j1dk                 February 10
          j1dɭ                 February 11
          j1dm                 February 12
          j1dn                 February 13
          j1do                 February 14; Valentine's Day
          j1dp                 February 15
          j1e            February 16 to 29
          j1eo                 February 29
          j1fWg            March
          j1f            March 1 to 15
          j1fi                 March 8; International Women's Day; IWD
          j1g            March 16 to 31
          j1gf                 March 20; March; Northward; vernal; autumnal equinox; Nowruz
          j1hWi            April
          j1h            April 1 to 15
          j1hb                 April 1; April Fools' Day
          j1i            April 16 to 30
          j1ip                 April 30; May Eve
          j1jWk            May
          j1j            May 1 to 15
          j1jb                 May 1
          j1k            May 16 to 31
          j1ɭWm            June
          j1ɭ            June 1 to 15
          j1m            June 16 to 30
          j1mg                 June 21; June; summer; winter solstice; midsummer; midwinter
          j1mi                 June 23; St. John's Eve
          j1mj                 June 24
          j1nWo            July
          j1n            July 1 to 15
          j1no                 July 14; Bastille Day
          j1o            July 16 to 31
          j1pWq            August
          j1p            August 1 to 15
          j1pp                 August 15; Assumption of Mary
          j1q            August 16 to 31
          j1rWs            September
          j1r            September 1 to 15
          j1s            September 16 to 30
          j1si                 September 23; September; Southward; automnal; vernal equinox
          j1tWu            October
          j1t            October 1 to 15
          j1u            October 16 to 31
          j1uq                 October 31
          j1vWw            November
          j1v            November 1 to 15
          j1vb                 November 1
          j1vc                 November 2; All Souls' Day
          j1w            November 16 to 30
          j1xWy            December
          j1x            December 1 to 15
          j1y            December 16 to 31
          j1yg                 December 21; Southern; winter solstice
          j1yj                 December 24; Christmas Eve
          j1yk                 December 25; Christmas
          j1yq                 December 31; New Year's Eve
          j28   [hp]           on planet
          j3       weather  [meteorology]  ↞ hUap 
          j37   [j7]           from cardinal direction
          j383   [an]                mm/year average precipitations  ↞ j3i precipitation
          j384   [an]                K average temperature  ↞ g784 
          j39            climates  [climatology]  ↞ j3 weather   
          j39b                 climate of ice-caps
          j39c                 tundra climate
          j39d                 oceanic subarctic climate
          j39e                 continental subarctic climate
          j39f                 wet continental climate
          j39g                 medium-latitude desert and steppe climate
          j39m                 mediterranean climate
          j39n                 oceanic temperate climate
          j39p                 wet subtropical climate
          j39q                 dry-wet tropical climate
          j39qad                           dry season
          j39qae                           wet season
          j39s                 desert and western coast climate
          j39t                 desert and tropical steppe climate
          j39w                 trade-wind coastal climate
          j39y                 equatorial climate
          j3d            clouds
          j3dd                 stratiform clouds
          j3dde                      nimbostratus clouds
          j3ddh                      stratus clouds
          j3ddɭ                      altostratus clouds
          j3ddr                      cirrostratus clouds
          j3di                 cirriform clouds
          j3dir                      cirrus clouds
          j3dit                      polar stratospheric clouds
          j3diw                      noctilucent clouds; polar mesospheric clouds
          j3ds                 stratocumuliform clouds
          j3dsh                      stratocumulus clouds
          j3dsɭ                      altocumulus clouds
          j3dsr                      cirrocumulus clouds
          j3du                 cumuliform clouds
          j3duc                      cumulus congestus clouds
          j3due                      cumulus mediocris clouds
          j3duh                      cumulus humilis clouds
          j3dx                 cumulonimbiform clouds
          j3dxc                      cumulonimbus clouds
          j3e            haze; mist
          j3f            fog
          j3i            precipitation
          j3id                 drizzle; DZ
          j3if                 freezing drizzle; FZDZ
          j3ii                 rain; RA
          j3ik                 freezing rain; FZRA
          j3iɭ                 slush; rain and snow mixed; RASN
          j3in                 snow; SN
          j3io                 snow grains; SG
          j3ip                 ice pellets; sleet; PL
          j3iu                 graupel; soft hail; snow pellets; GS
          j3iw                 hail; hailstones; GR
          j3ix                 diamond dust; ice crystals; IC
          j3n            winds
          j3n37b   ⋄                          North wind; tramontana
          j3nb                 calm Beaufort scale 0
          j3nc                 light air B. 1
          j3nd                 light breeze B. 2
          j3ne                 gentle breeze B. 3
          j3nf                 moderate breeze B. 4
          j3ng                 fresh breeze B. 5
          j3nh                 strong breeze B. 6
          j3ni                 high wind; moderate gale; near gale B. 7
          j3nj                 gale; fresh gale B. 8
          j3nk                 strong gale; severe gale B. 9
          j3nɭ                 shole gale; storm B. 10
          j3nm                 violent storm B. 11
          j3nn                 hurricane-force wind B. 12
          j3s            storms
          j3t            cyclones; atmospheric disturbances
          j3taf                      cold front
          j3tah                      warm front
          j3tf                 frontal; extratropical cyclones
          j3th                 tropical cyclones; hurricanes; typhoons
          j3to                 tornadoes
          j3tr                 marine tornadoes
          j5        modelling process; physiographic process
          j5b            impact events  ↞ hqf asteroids
          j5n            weathering
          j5nd                 physical weathering; mechanical weathering; disaggregation
          j5ndc                      thermal stress weathering; insolation weathering
          j5ndf                      frost weathering; frost wedging; ice wedging; cryofracturing
          j5ndp                      pressure release weathering; unloading
          j5nds                      haloclasty; salt-crystal growth
          j5nh                 chemical weathering
          j5nhd                      dissolution; karst; tsingy
          j5r            erosion
          j5rc                 rainfall and surface runoff
          j5rcc                      splash erosion
          j5rch                      sheet erosion
          j5rcr                      rill erosion
          j5rcu                      gully erosion
          j5rf                 valley erosion; stream erosion  [fluvial morphology]  ↞ js fresh water systems
          j5rfc                      scour; bed erosion
          j5rfn                      bank erosion
          j5rg                 flood erosion; kolks; vortices
          j5rh                 shoreline erosion; coastal erosion  ↞ jv shores
          j5rhd                      wave pounding
          j5rhh                      shoreline abrasion; corrasion
          j5rho                      shoreline corrosion
          j5rht                      shoreline bioerosion  ↞ m organisms
          j5rk                 chemical erosion  ↞ fae 
          j5rɭ                 glacial erosion  [glacial morphology]  ↞ jr glaciers
          j5rɭc                      glacial abrasion; scouring
          j5rɭq                      plucking; quarrying
          j5rɭt                      ice thrusting
          j5rn                 wind erosion  [aeolian morphology]  ↞ j3n winds
          j5rnd                      wind deflation
          j5rndc                           surface creep; downhill creep
          j5rndɭ                           saltation
          j5rndu                           wind suspension
          j5rnh                      wind abrasion
          j5rs                 slope movement; mass movement; mass wasting  ↞ d3g 
          j5rsc                      surface creep
          j5rsm                      slumping
          j5rss                      landslides
          j5rssb                           debris flow
          j5rssc                           mud flow
          j5rsse                           earthflows
          j5rssɭ                           debris landslides
          j5rssr                           sturzstroms
          j5rsss                           shallow landslides
          j5rssw                           deep-seated landslides
          j5t            sediment transport
          j5tf                 fluvial transport  ↞ jsr rivers
          j5th                 coastal sediment transport  ↞ jv shores
          j5tɭ                 glacial sediment transport  ↞ jr glaciers
          j5tn                 aeolian transport  ↞ j3n winds
          j5ts                 hillslope sediment transport
          j5v            deposition
          j5vf                 flooding
          j60nyw   ⋄                          rural areas
          j7       cardinal directions; cardinal points; points of the compass
          j79             basin part
          j79g                 springs
          j79h                 high basin
          j79m                 medium basin
          j79o                 low basin
          j79u                 mouth
          j7b            north; N; tramontana
          j7c            north-northeast; NNE
          j7e            north-eastern; NE; greco; bora
          j7f            east-northeast ; ENE
          j7h            east; E; levante; oriente
          j7i            east-southeast; ESE
          j7k            south-eastern; SE; scirocco; exaloc
          j7ɭ            south-southeast; SSE
          j7n            south; S; ostro; mezzogiorno
          j7o            south-southwest; SSW
          j7q            south-western; SW; libeccio; garbino; eissalot
          j7r            west-southwest; WSW
          j7t            west; W; ponente; zephyrus
          j7u            west-northwest; WNW
          j7w            north-western; NW; maestro; mistral
          j7x            north-northwest; NNW
          j8       latitude degrees; primes  ↞ ccdyau spherical surfaces
          j82   [an]  ⋄           of Km2 surface; area
          j83   [an8]           at altitude Km a.s.l.; terrain; relief
          j830anrm                                     - 10 thousand m
          j830anrmneej                                     - 10 994 m
          j836   [an8]                sloping tens degrees
          j836st   ⋄                          45 degrees
          j83e                 - 9 thousand m
          j83f                 - 8 thousand m
          j83g                 - 7 thousand m
          j83h                 - 6 thousand m
          j83i                 - 5 thousand m
          j83j                 - 4 thousand m
          j83k                 - 3 thousand m
          j83ɭ                 - 2 thousand m
          j83m                 - 1 thousand m
          j83n                 -0 thousand m
          j83nm                      - 2 hundred m
          j83nn                      - 1 hundred m
          j83o                 0 thousand m
          j83oo                      0 hundred m
          j83ooo                           0 ten m
          j83oooo                                sea level; 0 m
          j83ooop                                1 m
          j83oooq                                2 m
          j83ooor                                3 m
          j83ooos                                4 m
          j83ooot                                5 m
          j83ooou                                6 m
          j83ooov                                7 m
          j83ooow                                8 m
          j83ooox                                9 m
          j83oop                           1 ten m
          j83ooq                           2 ten m
          j83oor                           3 ten m
          j83oos                           4 ten m
          j83oot                           5 ten m
          j83oou                           6 ten m
          j83oov                           7 ten m
          j83oow                           8 ten m
          j83oox                           9 ten m
          j83op                      1 hundred m
          j83opo                           1 hundred 0 ten m
          j83opoo   ⋄                               100 m
          j83opp                           1 hundred 1 ten m
          j83opq                           1 hundred 2 ten m
          j83opr                           1 hundred 3 ten m
          j83ops                           1 hundred 4 ten m
          j83opt                           1 hundred 5 ten m
          j83opu                           1 hundred 6 ten m
          j83opv                           1 hundred 7 ten m
          j83opw                           1 hundred 8 ten m
          j83opx                           1 hundred 9 ten m
          j83oq                      2 hundred m
          j83or                      3 hundred m
          j83os                      4 hundred m
          j83ot                      5 hundred m
          j83ou                      6 hundred m
          j83ov                      7 hundred m
          j83ow                      8 hundred m
          j83ox                      9 hundred m
          j83p                 1 thousand m
          j83q                 2 thousand m
          j83r                 3 thousand m
          j83s                 4 thousand m
          j83t                 5 thousand m
          j83u                 6 thousand m
          j83v                 7 thousand m
          j83w                 8 thousand m
          j83wwsw   ⋄                               8848 m
          j83x                 9 thousand m
          j89            longitude degrees; primes  ↞ ccdyau spherical surfaces
          j89b                 180 W to 160 W
          j89c                 160 W to 140 W
          j89d                 140 W to 120 W
          j89e                 120 W to 100 W
          j89f                 100 W to 80 W
          j89g                 80 W to 60 W
          j89h                 60 W to 40 W
          j89i                 40 W to 20 W
          j89j                 20 W to 0
          j89k                 0 to 20 E
          j89kb                      0 to 1 E
          j89kc                      1 to 2 E
          j89kd                      2 to 3 E
          j89ke                      3 to 4 E
          j89kf                      4 to 5 E
          j89kg                      5 to 6 E
          j89kh                      6 to 7 E
          j89ki                      7 to 8 E
          j89kj                      8 to 9 E
          j89kk                      9 to 10 E
          j89kɭ                      10 to 11 E
          j89km                      11 to 12 E
          j89kn                      12 to 13 E
          j89ko                      13 to 14 E
          j89kp                      14 to 15 E
          j89kq                      15 to 16 E
          j89kr                      16 to 17 E
          j89ks                      17 to 18 E
          j89kt                      18 to 19 E
          j89ku                      19 to 20 E
          j89ɭ                 20 E to 40 E
          j89m                 40 E to 60 E
          j89n                 60 E to 80 E
          j89o                 80 E to 100 E
          j89p                 100 E to 120 E
          j89q                 120 E to 140 E
          j89r                 140 E to 160 E
          j89s                 160 E to 180
          j8U   [j8bbb]           North Pole
          j8X             subdivisions of 10° stripes  
          j8XX                  subdivisions of 30' stripes
          j8Xb                 30'
          j8Xc                 29'
          j8Xy                 6'
          j8Xyzb                 5'
          j8Xyzc                 4'
          j8Xyzd                 3'
          j8Xyze                 2'
          j8Xyzf                 1'
          j8bWj            in northern hemisphere; boreal
          j8b            90 to 80 degrees north
          j8c            80 to 70 degrees north
          j8d            70 to 60 degrees north
          j8dU                 Arctic Circle; 66°33' N
          j8e            60 to 50 degrees north
          j8f            50 to 40 degrees north
          j8fb                 50 00' to 49 30' N
          j8fc                 49 30' to 49 00' N
          j8fd                 49 00' to 48 30' N
          j8fe                 48 30' to 48 00' N
          j8ff                 48 00' to 47 30' N
          j8fg                 47 30' to 47 00' N
          j8fh                 47 00' to 46 30' N
          j8fi                 46 30' to 46 00' N
          j8fj                 46 00' to 45 30' N
          j8fk                 45 30' to 45 00' N
          j8fɭ                 45 00' to 44 30' N
          j8fm                 44 30' to 44 00' N
          j8fn                 44 00' to 43 30' N
          j8fo                 43 30' to 43 00' N
          j8fp                 43 00' to 42 30' N
          j8fq                 42 30' to 42 00' N
          j8fr                 42 00' to 41 30' N
          j8fs                 41 30' to 41 00' N
          j8ft                 41 00' to 40 30' N
          j8fu                 40 30' to 40 00' N
          j8g            40 to 30 degrees north
          j8h            30 to 20 degrees north
          j8hU   [j8hol]                Tropic of Cancer; Northern Tropic
          j8i            20 to 10 degrees north
          j8j            10 to 0 degrees north
          j8ju                 Equator
          j8kWt            in southern hemisphere; austral
          j8k            0 to 10 degrees south
          j8ɭ            10 to 20 degrees south
          j8m            20 to 30 degrees south
          j8mU   [j8mhn]                Tropic of Capricorn; Southern Tropic
          j8n            30 to 40 degrees south
          j8o            40 to 50 degrees south
          j8p            50 to 60 degrees south
          j8q            60 to 70 degrees south
          j8qU                 Antarctic Circle; 66°33' S
          j8r            70 to 80 degrees south
          j8s            80 to 90 degrees south
          j8su                 89 30' to 90 00 S
          j8suy                      South Pole
          j92   [uU]           of region
          jU       landmasses of the contemporary Earth; continents, microcontinents  ↞ js fresh water systems hU the Earth   
          jUb            Antarctica  ≈ DDC 919
          jUbzc            Chiloé Island Chile
          jUbzd            Magdalena Island Chile
          jUbzf            Campana Island Chile
          jUbzg            Wellington Island Chile
          jUbzi            Riesco Island Chile
          jUbzj            Desolación Island Chile
          jUbzk            Santa Inés Island Chile
          jUbzɭ            Dawson Island Chile
          jUbzm            Aracena Island Chile
          jUbzn            Navarino Island Chile
          jUbzo            Hoste Island Chile
          jUbzq            South Georgia
          jUbzrWs            Falkland archipelago
          jUbzr            East Falkland; Soledad
          jUbzs            West Falkland; Gran Malvina
          jUbzt            Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Argentina
          jUbzu            São Luís Island Brazil
          jUbzv            Ilha Grande de Gurupá Brazil
          jUbzx            Marajó Brazil
          jUbzy            Caviana Brazil
          jUc            South America  ≈ DDC 918  
          jUcb                 Lake Titicaca basin Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile
          jUcc                 Chubut basin Argentina, Chile
          jUcd                 Negro basin Argentina, Chile
          jUce                 Colorado basin Argentina, Chile
          jUcf                 Salado basin Argentina
          jUcg                 Rio Salado basin Argentina
          jUch                 Parana basin Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina
          jUci                 Negro basin Brazil, Uruguay
          jUcj                 Lagoon Mirim basin Brazil, Uruguay
          jUck                 Rio Jacui basin Brazil
          jUcɭ                 Uruguay basin Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina
          jUcm                 Paraiba do Sul basin Brasil
          jUcn                 Rio Doce basin Brazil
          jUco                 Jequitinhonha basin Brazil
          jUcp                 Sao Francisco basin Brazil
          jUcq                 Rio Jaguaribe basin Brazil
          jUcr                 Rio Parnaiba basin Brazil
          jUcs                 Tocantins basin Brazil
          jUct                 Maroni Suriname, Brazil
          jUcu                 Corantijn basin Guyana, Suriname, Brazil
          jUcv                 Cuyuni-Essequibo basin Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil
          jUcw                 Orinoco basin Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana
          jUcx                 Magdalena basin Colombia, Venezuela, Bogota, Medellin
          jUczd            Trinidad
          jUcze            Tobago
          jUczg            Grenada
          jUczh            Barbados
          jUczj            Saint Vincent
          jUczɭ            Saint Lucia
          jUczm            Martinique
          jUczn            Dominica
          jUczp            Guadalupe
          jUczq            Antigua
          jUczy            Puerto Rico
          jUd            Hispaniola Dominican Republic, Haiti
          jUdzj            Jamaica
          jUdzr            Grand Cayman
          jUe            Cuba
          jUezt            Grand Bahama
          jUezu            Nassau
          jUf            North America  ≈ DDC 917  
          jUfb                 Great Salt Lake endorheic basin USA
          jUfc                 Colorado Pacific basin Mexico, USA
          jUfd                 Santiago basin Mexico, Guadalajara
          jUfe                 Grisalva basin Mexico, Guatemala, Belize
          jUff                 Bravo basin USA, Mexico
          jUfg                 Colorado basin USA
          jUfh                 Brazos basin USA
          jUfi                 Mississippi basin; USA; New Orleans; Baton Rouge
          jUfid                      Red River basin
          jUfif                      Yazoo basin
          jUfig                      Arkansas River basin Oklahoma City
          jUfih                      White River basin
          jUfii                      Ohio River basin; Louisville; Cincinnati; Pittsburgh
          jUfiic                           Tennessee River basin
          jUfiie                           Cumberland basin; Nashville
          jUfiig                           Wabash basin; Indianapolis
          jUfiih                           Green River basin
          jUfiis                           Scioto basin; Columbus
          jUfiiu                           Kanawha basin
          jUfiiy                           Allegheny basin
          jUfik                      Kaskaskia basin
          jUfim                      Missouri basin; Saint Louis; Kansas City; Omaha; Denver
          jUfio                      Illinois River basin
          jUfiq                      Des Moines River basin
          jUfir                      Iowa River basin
          jUfis                      Rock River basin
          jUfiu                      Wisconsin River basin
          jUfiw                      Chippewa basin
          jUfix                      Saint Croix River basin
          jUfiy                      Minnesota River basin
          jUfj                 Alabama-Tombigbee basin USA
          jUfk                 Hudson River basin USA; New York City; Albany
          jUfkm                      Mohawk basin
          jUfɭ                 Saint Lawrence and Great Lakes basin
          jUfɭb                      Saint Lawrence River basin; Saint-Laurent Ontario-Quebec-New York; Montreal; Quebec City
          jUfɭd                      Lake Ontario basin Ontario-New York; Toronto
          jUfɭe                      Lake Erie basin Ontario-Michigan-Ohio-Pennsylvania-New York; Cleveland; Detroit
          jUfɭh                      Lake Huron basin Ontario-Michigan
          jUfɭm                      Lake Michigan basin Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana-Michigan; Chicago; Milwaukee
          jUfɭs                      Lake Superior basin Ontario-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan
          jUfm                 Caniapiscau basin Canada
          jUfn                 Albany basin Canada
          jUfo                 Nelson basin Canada, USA
          jUfp                 Churchill basin Canada
          jUfq                 Thelon basin Canada
          jUfr                 Hayes-Back basin Canada
          jUfs                 Mackenzie basin Canada
          jUft                 Yukon basin Alaska, Canada
          jUfu                 Kuskokwim basin Alaska
          jUfv                 Fraser basin USA, Canada
          jUfw                 Columbia basin USA, Canada
          jUfx                 Sacramento-San Joaquin basin California; San Francisco
          jUfxzg                 Los Angeles River basin California; Los Angeles
          jUfzb            Isabela Island Galápagos (Ecuador)
          jUfzcWbzg            Hawai'i  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUfzc            Hawai'i Big Island United States
          jUfzd            Vancouver Island Canada
          jUfze            Cape Breton Island Canada
          jUfzf            Newfoundland Canada
          jUfzg            Southampton Island Canada
          jUfzh            Prince Charles Island Canada
          jUfzi            Baffin Island Canada
          jUfzj            Banks Island Canada
          jUfzk            Prince Patrick Island Canada
          jUfzɭ            Melville Island Canada
          jUfzm            Victoria Island Canada
          jUfzn            King William Island Canada
          jUfzo            Prince of Wales Island Canada
          jUfzp            Somerset Island Canada
          jUfzq            Bathurst Island Canada
          jUfzr            Ellef Ringnes Island Canada
          jUfzs            Devon Island Canada
          jUfzt            Axel Heiberg Island Canada
          jUfzu            Ellesmere Island Canada
          jUfzv            Greenland
          jUfzw            Iceland
          jUg            Ireland
          jUgzɭ            Lewis and Harris UK
          jUgzs            Skye UK
          jUh            Great Britain UK
          jUhc                 Spey basin
          jUhd                 Tay basin
          jUhe                 Tweed basin
          jUhg                 Tyne basin England; Newcastle
          jUhi                 Ure-Ouse basin
          jUhk                 Trent basin England; Nottingham; Leicester; Derby; Birmingham
          jUhɭ                 Witham basin
          jUhn                 Nene basin
          jUho                 Great Ouse basin
          jUhp                 Thames basin England; London; Reading; Oxford
          jUhr                 Severn basin England-Wales; Gloucester; Worcester
          jUhs                 Wye basin
          jUht                 Mersey basin NW England; Liverpool; Manchester
          jUhu                 Ribble basin North Yorkshire-Lancashire
          jUhv                 Eden basin
          jUhx                 Clyde basin
          jUhzb            Nordaustlandet Norway  ↞ jw islands
          jUhzc            Edgeøya Norway
          jUhzd            Spitsbergen Norway
          jUhze            Hinnøya Norway
          jUhzf            Senja Norway
          jUhzg            Öland Sweden
          jUhzh            Gotland Sweden
          jUhzi            Saaremaa Estonia
          jUhzj            Zealand Denmark
          jUhzk            Fyn Denmark
          jUhzɭ            Vendsyssel Denmark
          jUhznWo            Balearic Islands Spain  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUhzn            Ibiza
          jUhznzf                      Formentera
          jUhzo            Mallorca Spain
          jUhzoze                      Menorca
          jUhzr            Corsica France
          jUhzs            Sardinia Italy
          jUi            Sicily Italy
          jUizɭ            Malta
          jUizo            Euboea Greece
          jUizr            Crete Greece
          jUizs            Lesbos Greece
          jUizv            Rhodes Greece
          jUjWk            Afro-Eurasia; Afroeurasia; Eurafrasia; World Island
          jUj            Eurasia
          jUjb                 Volga basin Russia, Moscow
          jUjc                 Amu Darya basin Afghanistan, Kirghyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
          jUjczd                 Syr Darya basin Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
          jUjczk                 Balkash basin Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
          jUjczm                 Tarim basin China, Pakistan
          jUjczs                 Dead Sea basin Jordan River
          jUjczv                 Sakarya basin Turkey
          jUjczw                 Kizilirmak basin Turkey
          jUjczwzc                           Kel Kit basin Turkey
          jUjczx                 Coruh basin Turkey
          jUjczy                 Kuban basin Russia, Georgia
          jUjdWm                 Europe  ≈ DDC 914
          jUjd                 Don basin Russia, Ukraine
          jUje                 Dniepr basin; Dneper; Dnapro; Dnipro Russia, Ukraine, Belarus; Minsk, Kiev
          jUjezg                 Southern Bug basin; Southern Buh; Boh Ukraine
          jUjezn                 Dniestr basin Ukraine, Moldova, Poland
          jUjf                 Danube basin; Donau; Dunaj; Dunai; Duna; Dunav; Dunarea CZ, A, f. YU, H, ROM, BG; Buch., Budapest, Wien
          jUjfze                 Veleka basin Bulgaria, Turkey
          jUjfzf                 Rezvaya basin; Bulgaria; Turkey
          jUjfzi                 Maritsa basin; Evros; Meriç Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece
          jUjfzk                 Struma basin Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia
          jUjfzm                 Vardar basin Macedonia, Greece
          jUjfzp                 Vijose basin Greece, Albania
          jUjfzr                 Drin basin Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo
          jUjfzt                 Istinye basin Turkey; Istanbul, Constantinople, Byzantium
          jUjg                 Po basin Italy
          jUjgb                      Panaro basin
          jUjgc                      Secchia basin
          jUjgd                      Mincio basin
          jUjge                      Oglio basin
          jUjgf                      Crostolo basin
          jUjgg                      Enza basin
          jUjgh                      Parma basin
          jUjgi                      Taro basin
          jUjgj                      Arda basin
          jUjgk                      Adda basin
          jUjgɭ                      Nure basin
          jUjgm                      Trebbia basin
          jUjgn                      Lambro basin Milan
          jUjgo                      Tidone basin
          jUjgp                      Ticino basin
          jUjgq                      Staffora basin
          jUjgr                      Curone basin
          jUjgrm                           Museglia basin
          jUjgro                           Arzola basin
          jUjgs                      Scrivia basin
          jUjgsc                           Grue basin
          jUjgsczX                           Scrivia interbasin between Ossona and Grue Tortona
          jUjgsd                           Ossona basin
          jUjgsf                           Borbera basin; Borbera valley
          jUjgsfizX                                Ratti valley
          jUjgsfizp                                Strette di Pertuso
          jUjgsfj                                Besante basin
          jUjgsfɭ                                Sisola basin
          jUjgsfr                                Albirola basin
          jUjgsfs                                Liassa basin
          jUjgsfu                                Cosorella basin
          jUjgsfx                                Agnellasca basin
          jUjgsg                           Spinti basin
          jUjgsi                           Borlasca basin
          jUjgsj                           Vobbia basin
          jUjgsk                           San Rocco basin
          jUjgsɭ                           Traversa basin
          jUjgsm                           Busalletta basin
          jUjgsn                           Seminella basin
          jUjgsp                           Camiasca basin
          jUjgsr                           Brevenna basin
          jUjgst                           Laitona basin
          jUjgsw                           Pentemina basin
          jUjgsx                           Laccio basin
          jUjgt                      Tanaro basin
          jUjgu                      Sesia basin
          jUjgv                      Dora Baltea basin
          jUjgw                      Dora Riparia basin
          jUjgx                      Maira basin
          jUjgy                      Varaita basin
          jUjgzc                 Reno basin
          jUjgzd                 Marecchia basin
          jUjgze                 Metauro basin
          jUjgzf                 Aterno-Pescara basin
          jUjgzg                 Crati basin
          jUjgzh                 Neto basin
          jUjgzi                 Noce basin
          jUjgzj                 Sele basin
          jUjgzk                 Sarno basin
          jUjgzɭ                 Volturno basin
          jUjgzm                 Liri-Garigliano basin
          jUjgzn                 Tevere basin Rome
          jUjgzo                 Albegna basin
          jUjgzp                 Ombrone basin
          jUjgzq                 Arno basin
          jUjgzr                 Serchio basin
          jUjgzs                 Magra basin
          jUjgzt                 Entella basin; Fontanabuona; Lavagna
          jUjgzu                 Roia basin Italy, France
          jUjh                 Rhone basin Switzerland; France; Lyon
          jUjhb                      Gardon basin
          jUjhc                      Durance basin
          jUjhd                      Ouvèze basin
          jUjhe                      Eygues basin
          jUjhf                      Cèze basin
          jUjhg                      Ardèche basin
          jUjhh                      Drôme basin
          jUjhi                      Isère basin
          jUjhj                      Saône basin
          jUjhk                      Ain basin
          jUjhɭ                      Guiers basin
          jUjhm                      basin of Savière channel including Bourget lake, Leysse
          jUjhn                      Fier basin
          jUjho                      Dranse basin; Dranse d'Abondance
          jUjhp                      Arve basin
          jUjhq                      Venoge basin
          jUjhr                      Grande Eau basin
          jUjhs                      Drance basin; Dranse
          jUjht                      Borgne basin
          jUjhu                      Lizerne basin
          jUjhv                      Navizence basin
          jUjhw                      Lonza basin
          jUjhx                      Vispa basin
          jUjhy                      Saltina basin
          jUjhzm                 Muga basin France, Spain
          jUji                 Ebro basin Spain
          jUjizɭ                 Guadalquivir basin Spain
          jUjizu                 Guadiana basin Spain, Portugal
          jUjj                 Tejo basin; Tajo; Tago Spain, Portugal; Madrid
          jUjjzd                 Douro basin; Duero Spain, Portugal; Porto
          jUjjzɭ                 Lima basin Portugal
          jUjjzm                 Mino basin Portugal, Spain
          jUjjzu                 Garonne basin France
          jUjk                 Loire basin France
          jUjɭ                 Seine basin France; Paris
          jUjɭzx                 Meuse basin; Maas Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
          jUjm                 Rhine basin; Rhein Switzerl., Germany, Netherl.; Frankfurt, Stuttgart
          jUjmzs                 Weser basin Germany
          jUjn                 Elbe basin Czech Republic, Poland, Germany
          jUjnv                      Vltava basin; Moldau Czech Republic
          jUjnzbzk                           Skjern A basin Denmark
          jUjnzbzu                           Gudena basin Denmark
          jUjnzc                 Oder basin; Odra Germany, Poland
          jUjnzd                 Wisla basin; Vistula Poland; Warsaw, Katowice
          jUjnze                 Neman basin; Nemunas; Niemen Belarus, Lithuania
          jUjnzf                 Western Dvina basin; Zahodniaja Dzvina; Zapadnaya Dvina; Daugava Belarus, Latvia
          jUjnzg                 Narva basin Russia, Estonia
          jUjnzh                 Vuoksi-Neva basin; Svir; Suna Russia, Finland; St. Petersburg
          jUjnzhzk                           Kymijoki basin Finland
          jUjnzhzm                           Kokemaenjoki Finland
          jUjnzhzo                           Oulujoki basin Finland
          jUjnzhzq                           Ijoki Finland
          jUjnzi                 Kemijoki basin Finland
          jUjnzizm                           Muonio basin Finland, Sweden
          jUjnzj                 Kalix basin Sweden
          jUjnzɭ                 Lule basin Sweden
          jUjnzm                 Dalalven basin Sweden
          jUjnzmzn                           Angerman basin Norway, Sweden
          jUjnzn                 Lake Vattern basin Sweden
          jUjnzo                 Vaenern-Goeta basin Sweden
          jUjnzp                 Gloma basin Norway
          jUjnzq                 Dramselv basin Norway
          jUjnzr                 Northern Dvina basin Russia
          jUjnzrzn                           Tana basin Norway, Finland
          jUjnzrzo                           Tuloma basin Finland, Russia
          jUjnzrzp                           Ponoy basin Russia
          jUjnzrzv                           Varzuga basin
          jUjnzrzw                           Kovda basin Russia
          jUjnzrzx                           Kem basin Russia
          jUjnzrzy                           Nizhny Vyg basin; Soroka Russia
          jUjnzs                 Pechora basin Russia
          jUjnzt                 Ob basin Russia
          jUjnzu                 Yenisei basin Russia, Mongolia
          jUjnzv                 Lena basin Russia
          jUjnzw                 Khatanga basin Russia
          jUjnzx                 Indigirka basin Russia
          jUjnzy                 Kolyma basin Russia
          jUjoWy                 Asia  ≈ DDC 915
          jUjo                 Amur basin Russia, Mongolia, China
          jUjozh                 Hai River basin; Peiho; Pei He; Pei Ho China; Beijing, Peking
          jUjp                 Huang He basin; Yellow River China
          jUjq                 Yangtze basin China, Wuhan, Nanjing
          jUjr                 Xi Jiang basin
          jUjs                 Pearl River basin
          jUjt                 Mekong basin China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand
          jUju                 Irrawaddy basin Myanmar
          jUjv                 Ganges-Brahmaputra basin Nepal, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Delhi
          jUjw                 Godavari basin India
          jUjx                 Indus basin Nepal, India, Pakistan
          jUjy                 Tigris & Euphrate basin Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran; Babylon, Baghdad
          jUk            Africa  ≈ DDC 916  
          jUkb                 Lake Chad endorheic basin Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Cameroon
          jUkc                 Nile basin Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya; Cairo
          jUkd                 Awash endorheic basin Ethiopia, Somaliland, Djibouti
          jUke                 Lake Turkana endorheic basin Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya
          jUkf                 Shebelle basin; Uebi Scebeli Ethiopia, Somalia
          jUkg                 Tana basin Kenya
          jUkh                 Rufiji basin Tanzania
          jUki                 Rowuma basin Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique
          jUkj                 Zambezi basin Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique
          jUkk                 Save basin Zimbabwe, Mozambique
          jUkɭ                 Limpopo basin Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana
          jUkm                 Okavango endorheic basin Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia
          jUkn                 Cunene basin Namibia, Angola
          jUko                 Cuanza basin Angola
          jUkp                 Congo basin Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Gabon, Cameroon
          jUkq                 Ogooué basin Gabon
          jUkr                 Sanaga basin Cameroon
          jUks                 Niger basin Nigeria, Niger, Mali
          jUkt                 Volta basin Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast
          jUku                 Comoe basin Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast
          jUkv                 Bandama basin Ivory Coast, Mali
          jUkw                 Senegal basin Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea
          jUkx                 Dra basin Morocco, Algeria
          jUkzbWc            Azores
          jUkzd            Madeira
          jUkzf            Tenerife
          jUkzn            Gran Canaria
          jUkzo            Fuerteventura
          jUkzq            Bioko Equatorial Guinea
          jUkzs            Sao Tome and Principe
          jUɭ            Madagascar
          jUɭzc            Mauritius
          jUɭze            Reunion
          jUɭzm            Grande Comore; Ngazidja
          jUɭzn            Zanzibar; Unguja Tanzania
          jUɭzp            Pemba Tanzania
          jUɭzs            Socotra Yemen
          jUm            Sri Lanka; Ceylon
          jUnWq            Indonesian archipelago  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUn            Sumatra Indonesia
          jUo            Java Indonesia
          jUoze            Sumbawa Indonesia
          jUozf            Flores Indonesia
          jUozm            Timor Indonesia, East Timor
          jUozs            Seram Island Indonesia
          jUozu            Halmahera Indonesia
          jUozw            Sulawesi; Celebes Indonesia
          jUp            Borneo Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei
          jUpzh            Hainan China
          jUq            Taiwan; Formosa
          jUrWs            Philippines  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUr            Luzon Philippines
          jUs            Mindanao Philippines
          jUtWw            Oceania  ≈ DDC 919
          jUt            New Guinea Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
          jUtzc            Manus Papua New Guinea
          jUtzd            New Britain Papua New Guinea
          jUtze            New Ireland Papua New Guinea
          jUtzfWk            Solomon Islands
          jUtzf            Bougainville Island Papua New Guinea
          jUtzg            Choiseul Island Solomon Islands
          jUtzh            New Georgia Solomon Islands
          jUtzi            Santa Isabel Solomon Islands
          jUtzj            Guadalcanal Solomon Islands
          jUtzk            Malaita Solomon Islands
          jUtzɭ            Makira; San Cristobal Solomon Islands
          jUtzm            Espiritu Santo Vanuatu
          jUtzn            Malakula Vanuatu
          jUtzo            Viti Levu Fiji
          jUtzp            Vanua Levu Fiji
          jUtzq            New Caledonia; Grande Terre
          jUtzr            Fraser Island Australia
          jUtzu            Stewart Island; Rakiura New Zealand
          jUtzv            Tasmania Australia
          jUtzw            Kangaroo Island Australia
          jUtzx            Melville Island Australia
          jUtzy            Groote Eylandt Australia
          jUu            Australia
          jUub                 Eyre Lake endorheic basin
          jUuc                 Mitchell basin
          jUud                 Burdekin basin
          jUue                 Fitzroy basin
          jUuf                 Murray-Darling basin
          jUuh                 Blackwood basin
          jUui                 Murchison basin
          jUuj                 Gascoyne basin
          jUuk                 Ashburton basin
          jUuɭ                 Fortescue basin
          jUum                 De Grey basin
          jUuo                 Fitzroy River basin
          jUuq                 Ord basin
          jUur                 Victoria River basin
          jUut                 Daly basin
          jUuv                 Roper basin
          jUux                 Macarthur basin
          jUvWw            New Zealand archipelago  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUv            South Island New Zealand
          jUw            North Island New Zealand
          jUxWy            Japanese archipelago  ↞ jx archipelagos
          jUx            Kyushu Japan
          jUxzs            Shikoku Japan
          jUy            Honshu Japan; Tokyo
          jUyzd            Hokkaido Japan
          jUyzh            Sakhalin Russia
          jUyzk            Kotelny Island Russia
          jUyzo            October Revolution Island Russia
          jUyzs            Severny Island; Novaya Zemlya; north Russia
          jUyzu            Yuzhny Island; Novaya Zemlya; south Russia
          jb       morphological elements
          jbd            pits
          jbf            pools
          jbh            channels
          jbɭ            local plains
          jbp            passes; gaps
          jbr            ridges
          jbx            peaks
          jd       mountains; hills; ridges; ranges  [orography]  ↞ isax 
          jd92   [jU]                at the springs of basin  
          jdU            mountain ranges of contemporary Earth  ↞ hU the Earth
          jdUb                 Balkan Mountains  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUc                 Alps  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUe                 Pyrenees  ↞ jUe Cuba
          jdUg                 Caucasus  ↞ jUe Cuba jUg Ireland
          jdUh                 Urals  ↞ jUe Cuba jUg Ireland
          jdUi                 Karakoram
          jdUj                 Himalaya  ↞ jdUg Caucasus
          jdUju                      Mahalangur Himal
          jdUjw                      Kanchenjunga
          jdUɭ                 Atlas  ↞ jUi Sicily
          jdUp                 Appalachians  ↞ jUn Sumatra
          jdUr                 North American Cordillera  ↞ jUn Sumatra
          jdUrr                      Rocky Mountains
          jdUs                 Andes  ↞ jUq Taiwan
          jdc            volcanic mountains  ↞ iac 
          jdcc                 composite cones; stratovolcanoes
          jdcs                 shield volcanoes
          jdf            fold mountains
          jdk            fault-block mountains
          jdkg                 grabens
          jdkh                 horsts
          jdm            uplifted passive margins
          jdr            residual mountains
          jdri                 inselbergs; monadnocks; tors; castle koppies; kopjes e.g. Ayers Rock
          jdro                 bornhardts
          jdu            dunes  ↞ j5v deposition
          jdw            moraines  ↞ jr glaciers
          jdwe                 lateral moraines
          jdwg                 ground moraines
          jdwn                 end moraines; terminal moraines
          jdwr                 recessional moraines
          jdwt                 medial moraine
          jdwu                 supraglacial moraines
          jdww                 washboard moraines
          jdwy                 veiki moraines
          jf       stone runs; stone rivers; stone streams; stone seas
          jj       valleys; dales
          jjf            river valleys; vales; V-shaped valleys  ↞ jsr rivers
          jji            rift valleys  ↞ it tectonic plates
          jjɭ            glacial valleys  ↞ jr glaciers
          jjɭo                 trough valleys; U-shaped valleys
          jjɭt                 tunnel valleys
          jjɭw                 meltwater valleys
          jjo            box valleys
          jɭh            high plains; highlands; uplands; plateaus; tablelands; mesas
          jɭhae                      escarpments; scarps
          jɭhag                      canyons; gorges
          jɭo            lowlands
          jɭt            coastal plains
          jqWy       water reservoirs
          jq       aquifers; ground water; water-bearing strata  [hydrogeology]  ↞ fU water
          jqah                 saturated zone; phreatic zone
          jqahq                      aquitard
          jqahqc                           aquiclude; aquifuge
          jqav                 unsaturated zone; vadose zone