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Expanded class it

    broader class

          it       tectonic plates  [plate tectonics]  ↞ hUal 
          it7Cn                      convergent boundaries
          it7Cr                      divergent boundaries
          it7Ct                      transform boundaries; transform faults
          itt            plates of the Earth  ↞ hU the Earth
          ittc                 Columbia; Nuna  
          ittczr                 Rodinia  
          ittd                 Pannotia; Greater Gondwana; Vendian; Pan-African supercontinent  
          itte                 Pangaea; Palaeozoic plate
          ittgWh                 Mesozoic plates
          ittg                 Gondwana  ↞ itte Pangaea
          itth                 Laurasia  ↞ itte Pangaea
          ittiWy                 plates of the contemporary Earth
          itti                 African plate  ↞ ittg Gondwana
          ittk                 Eurasian plate  ↞ ittk Eurasian plate
          ittm                 Arabic plate  ↞ ittg Gondwana
          ittn                 Indo-Australian plate  ↞ ittg Gondwana
          itto                 Philippine plate
          ittp                 Pacific plate
          ittr                 Nazca plate
          itts                 Cocos plate
          ittu                 Caribbean plate
          ittv                 Northern American plate; Laurentia  ↞ itth Laurasia
          ittw                 Southern American plate  ↞ ittg Gondwana
          itty                 Antarctican plate  ↞ ittg Gondwana
Connected classes:
                 i4      earthquakes; quakes; tremors; temblors  [seismology; seismic]  ↞ it 
                 ittg                Gondwana  ↞ itte 
                 itth                Laurasia  ↞ itte 
                 itti                African plate  ↞ ittg 
                 ittk                Eurasian plate  ↞ ittk 
                 ittm                Arabic plate  ↞ ittg 
                 ittn                Indo-Australian plate  ↞ ittg 
                 ittv                Northern American plate; Laurentia  ↞ itth 
                 ittw                Southern American plate  ↞ ittg 
                 itty                Antarctican plate  ↞ ittg 
                 jji           rift valleys  ↞ it 
                 jsɭb                tectonic lakes  ↞ it 

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