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Expanded class iis

    broader class

          iis            sedimentary rocks  ↞ ian 
          iisbWc                 rudites
          iisbWm                 clastic rocks
          iisb                 breccias
          iisc                 conglomerates
          iisd                 sandstones; arenites  
          iisdar                           arenites
          iisdaw                           wackes
          iisdb                      quartz sandstones
          iisdf                      feldspathic sandstones
          iisdɭ                      lithic sandstones
          iish                 mudrocks; lutites; shales
          iishi                      siltstones
          iishm                      mudstones
          iishy                      claystones
          iisɭWn                 carbonate rocks  ↞ ibm carbonate minerals
          iisɭWs                 biochemical sedimentary rocks
          iisɭ                 limestones  
          iisɭb                      boundstones
          iisɭf                      framestones
          iisɭi                      binstones
          iisɭk                      bafflestones
          iisɭm                      rudstones
          iisɭo                      floatstones
          iisɭq                      grainstones
          iisɭt                      packstones
          iisɭw                      wackestones
          iisɭy                      carbonate mudstones
          iism                 dolostones; dolomite rocks
          iiso                 coal
          iisoe                      peat
          iisog                      lignite
          iisok                      sub-bituminous coal
          iisom                      bituminous coal
          iisos                      steam coal
          iisot                      anthracite
          iisr                 chert
          iistWv                 chemical sedimentary rocks
          iist                 oolitic limestones
          iisv                 evaporite rocks
Connected classes:
                 imy           flysches  ↞ iis 
                 r9f           nonmetallic mineral product  ↞ iis 
                 r9pc                coal  ↞ iiso 
                 rtcg                ceramics and glass crafts  ↞ iis 

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