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Expanded class ibs

    broader class

          ibs            silicates  ↞ edo silicon
          ibsb                 nesosilicates  
          ibsbc                      zircon group
          ibsbci                           zircon; ZrSiO4
          ibsbd                      olivine group
          ibsbdo                           olivine; (Mg;Fe2+)2[SiO4]  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          ibsbe                      phenakite group
          ibsbg                      Al2(SiO4)O
          ibsbgɭ                           sillimanite; Al[6]Al[4]OSiO4
          ibsbgn                           andalusite; Al[6]Al[5]OSiO4
          ibsbgy                           kyanite; Al[6]Al[6]OSiO4
          ibsbi                      titanite group
          ibsbk                      cerite group
          ibsbɭ                      silicate apatites
          ibsbr                      uranophane group
          ibsbt                      datolite group
          ibsbu                      hellandite group
          ibsbv                      vicanite group
          ibsbx                      garnets; "garnet" supergroup
          ibsbxb                           pyralspite series
          ibsbxbb                                pyrope
          ibsbxbɭ                                almandine
          ibsbxbs                                spessartine
          ibsbxg                           ugrandite series
          ibsbxgd                                andradite
          ibsbxgg                                grossular
          ibsbxgu                                uvarovite
          ibsbxh                           schorlomite-kimzeyite series
          ibsbxr                           hydrogarnet
          ibsbxt                           tetragonal hydrogarnet
          ibsby                      "humite" supergroup
          ibsbyb                           topaz group
          ibsbybt                                topaz; Al2SiO4(F;OH)2
          ibsbyc                           chondrodite series
          ibsbyh                           humite series
          ibsbyɭ                           clinohumite series
          ibsbyn                           norbergite
          ibsbyr                           chloritoid group
          ibsd                 sorosilicates  
          ibsde                      epidote group
          ibsdee                           epidote; {Ca2}{Al2Fe3+}[O|OH|SiO4|Si2O7]
          ibsdɭ                      allanite group
          ibsdo                      dollaseite group
          ibsf                 cyclosilicates  
          ibsfd                      tourmaline group
          ibsfu                      eudialyte group
          ibsi                 inosilicates  
          ibsib                      astrophyllite group
          ibsic                      sapphirine supergroup
          ibsie                      pyroxene supergroup  
          ibsiebWe                           orthopyroxene group
          ibsiee                           enstatite-orthoferrosilite series
          ibsiefWy                           clinopyroxene group
          ibsieg                           pigeonite
          ibsieh                           diopside-hedenbergite series
          ibsim                      amphiboles; multiple chain inosilicates  
          ibsimb                           anthophyllite
          ibsimc                           cummingtonite series
          ibsime                           tremolite series
          ibsimh                           hornblende
          ibsims                           sodium amphibole group
          ibsio                      sodium pyroxene series
          ibsis                      spodumene group
          ibsj                 pyroxenoid group
          ibsp                 phyllosilicates  
          ibspc                      clay minerals group
          ibspd                      medicinal clay
          ibspm                      mica group
          ibspo                      kaolinite-serpentine group  ↞ edc magnesium eei iron
          ibsps                      smectite/montmorillonite group
          ibspt                      pyrophyllite-talc group
          ibsptc                           talc  ↞ edc magnesium
          ibspx                      chlorite group
          ibst                 tectosilicates  
          ibstb                      quartz; SiO2  ↞ feic silicon dioxide
          ibstd                      feldspars
          ibstf                      feldspatoids
          ibsto                      zeolites
Connected classes:
                 i83v                7; quartz hardness  ↞ ibstb 
                 ibU  [ibsta]           quartz
                 iimu                quartzites  ↞ ibstb 
                 qbit                asbestos fiber  ↞ ibs 

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