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Expanded class i5ce

    broader class

          i5ce                 eruption
          i5cem                      magmatic eruption
          i5cema                           Hawaiian eruption
          i5cemd                           Strombolian eruption
          i5cemɭ                           Vulcanian eruption
          i5cemp                           Peléan eruption; pyroclastic flow; nuée ardente
          i5cemv                           Plinian eruption; Vesuvian eruprion
          i5cep                      phreatomagmatic eruption
          i5ceph                           Surtseyan eruption; hydrovolcanic eruption
          i5cepm                           submarine eruption
          i5ceps                           subglacial eruption
          i5cer                      phreatic eruption
Connected classes:
                 ig      magma  ↞ i5cem 

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